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Richmond Rant / Re: 2017 AFL Draft thread
« Last post by one-eyed on Yesterday at 11:46:43 PM »
Sam Landsberger from the Herald-Sun has us Brander at 17 and Ballard at 20 in his phantom draft.

He also has Stephenson linked to the Eagles at 13 in a separate article as well.

ps. Brett Anderson's late word is Ballard going to the Dogs at 16.

1. Bris - Rayner
2. Freo - Cerra
3. Carl - Dow
4. North - Davis-Uniacke
5. Freo - Brayshaw
6. Coll - Darcy Fogarty
7. St.K - Clark
8. St.K - Coffield
9. Dogs - Naughton
10. Carl - Edwards
11. GWS - Higgins
12. Adel - Bonar
13. WCE - Stephenson
14. Sydney - Lachlan Fogarty
15. Bris - Allen
16. Dogs - Murphy

(Bendigo Pioneers)

194cm swingman

The Tigers started the year looking at Josh Schache and should instead get Brander, who began the year a No.1 prospect and is still heavily rated at Punt Rd. Richmond targeting talls and Brander the ideal result.

THE TWIST: Have the Tigers’ medical team cleared Jaidyn Stephenson? If so he would be irresistible, although they probably still take Brander.

18. Bris - O'Brien
19. GC - Powell


195cm midfielder

Late developer who has grown 20m in the past year and played as a rangy wingman. Bolter who has come from nowhere as 195cm midfielders are hard to find.

THE TWIST: Has a bid come for Patrick Naish? Landing a second top-20 talent before securing their classy father-son would be a splendid result for the premiers.
Richmond Rant / Re: 2017 AFL Draft thread
« Last post by one-eyed on Yesterday at 11:38:14 PM »
From Brett Anderson's twitter:

@Sinbadf4w: if the tigers end up with all of stephenson/brander/hayes or coleman jones + naish do you think thats enough to keep there flag window open long term?

@BAndersonSEN: Will be doing cartwheels.

@Sinbadf4w: chances stephenson gets through to 17?

@BAndersonSEN: Might do. Might not. On talent he's top 5 comfortably.

@Sinbadf4w: yeah agree hoping for a miracle would be a big boost if richmond land him a premiership and a top 5 talent for 17 also with 3 decent picks and naish as a father son can afford a punt on his heart issue
Richmond set to take Patrick Naish as a father-son selection

Herald Sun
November 24, 2017

CHRIS Naish has received a positive indication of Richmond’s intent, and only a dramatic development will keep his son Patrick from landing at Punt Rd.

The Tigers seem certain to take the line-breaking, long-kicking utility in Friday night’s draft, an unexpected top-10 bid from a rival the only potential curve ball.

Richmond has the best draft hand of a reigning premier in more than a decade — picks 17, 20 and 25.

No reigning premier since Port Adelaide had four picks within 35 in 2004 has had as many high picks.

Chris Naish said he and wife Leah would be thrilled to see their son follow in his footsteps but also excited Richmond seems on the brink of long-term success.

They met the Tigers again several weeks ago after years of contact and every indication pointed to the Tigers taking him.

Richmond has warned it will not necessarily match an early bid but a pick swap handing them another top-25 selection in the trade period saw them covering their bases.

“Richmond came around a few weeks ago and we signed the father-son forms,” Chris Naish said.

“Even then they were saying they would love to commit.

“We will wait until the day but everything looks positive. They said, ‘We love the kid, we think he has a lot of upside’.

“But, again, they can’t pre-empt what another club will do. They will assess it on the day but the discussions we have had have been very positive.”

Talented swingman Jarrod Brander is regarded as a good chance to slip through to pick 17 as the Tigers go on the hunt for tall players.

To take Brander and two more talls, then match a deal for Naish afterwards, would be a dream draft for the Tigers.

Chris Naish played 143 of his 161 AFL games with Richmond between (190-97).

The stocky, clever 173cm forward kicked 212 goals for the Tigers before crossing to Port Adelaide, where he played 18 games and kicked 16 goals in 1998-99.

Some recruiters are concerned Patrick, a lovely kick who has played half-back and half- forward, wins fewer than 30 per cent of his possessions in the contest.

His father agrees with AFL talent boss Kevin Sheehan, who believes his massive upside combats any worries about contested possessions.

“He has got good endurance, he has got good athleticism, the opposite to his dad,” Naish said.

“The other thing is that he’s not too developed yet. He has already got attributes you could say are good for the AFL but he has a lot of development. So he will put on size and weight.”

Naish would be Richmond’s first father-son pick since Tom Roach in 2003.

“No doubt I would be proud,” Chris Naish said.

“He would be joining a club that is on the rise and in a really strong position.

“They have got their backyard in order, and I can’t see why they wouldn’t have sustained success for a period of time.

“As a former player it’s only a good thing to know your club is in good hands.”
Richmond Rant / Re: 2017 AFL Draft thread
« Last post by Slipper on Yesterday at 09:14:36 PM »
Q. Where does Higgins end up? Looks a gem

Cal Twomey: Anywhere from the Giant at 11 to the Eagles at 21 I reckon. Most clubs inside that bracket will have a good look at him. If he got to the Tigers I think they should grab him.

I get he is a good player, but does anyone think we would grab another small forward so high in the draft?
Richmond Rant / Re: 2017 AFL Draft thread
« Last post by The Machine on Yesterday at 09:10:45 PM »
Don't mind Murphy, Great mitts, ballsy contested marks, good kick, looks really good all round.

Yep agree
Richmond Rant / Re: 2017 AFL Draft thread
« Last post by Owl on Yesterday at 09:03:05 PM »
Don't mind Murphy, Great mitts, ballsy contested marks, good kick, looks really good all round.
Is that WAT in his saving Africa gig?

Is probably the beneficiary of WATS benevolence
Richmond Rant / Re: 2017 AFL Draft thread
« Last post by one-eyed on Yesterday at 08:20:43 PM »
Twomey's "late mail" has us taking

Nathan Murphy at 17,
Brander at 20,
Hayes at 25
Naish at 27 (after GWS's bid).


Cal Twomey's late mail: Top five shake-up
November 23, 2017 6:50 PM

ALL EYES will be on Fremantle's No.2 pick at Friday night's NAB AFL Draft, with midfielder Adam Cerra looming as a possible surprise selection.

The Dockers have been strongly linked to Dandenong Stingrays midfielder Luke Davies-Uniacke and he could still land there at the prized spot.

However, Cerra has been all the late rage as the top end takes shape and the Dockers work out their best combination of players with their two top-five selections.

With the Lions expected to take Victorian Cam Rayner at pick No.1, if the Dockers grab Cerra at No.2, Carlton would then be forced to choose between midfield jets Paddy Dow and Davies-Uniacke at No.3.

The Blues have long been linked to Dow, which would leave North to grab Davies-Uniacke and bolster its midfield.

Despite its interest in South Australian Darcy Fogarty, North Melbourne appears more likely to select one of midfield duo Davies-Uniacke or Cerra with its No.4 choice.

Freo's decision at No.2 will significantly shape how the rest of the top 10 plays out, in what has been described by recruiters as the most open and difficult draft to predict in memory.

Collingwood continues to be linked to Fogarty at its No.6 choice, but another player the Magpies are considering is Jaidyn Stephenson, whose place in the draft order has been difficult to ascertain after the teenager's heart condition came to light for clubs at last month's NAB AFL Draft Combine.

The Magpies were one of the clubs who were part of extra medical assessments on Stephenson last week, while St Kilda has also done extensive work on the exciting half-forward/midfielder. Collingwood is still waiting on medical clearances before weighing up whether to draft the high-marking and speedy player.

If neither of those clubs grab Stephenson, West Coast will strongly consider him at pick No.13, while Sydney could also be a chance at No.14.

Richmond is also considering its decision with Stephenson and whether it will pounce on him should he be available at its one of its three top-25 choices. Few would have expected that Stephenson could reach the club.

Geelong has also emerged as a possible home for the Eastern Ranges product, with Stephenson seen as being a good chance to head to the Cats if he's available at their picks (No.22 and 24 overall).

The news of Stephenson's condition has seen clubs contact the League for extra information and testing, and thrown his draft position into a spin just a day out from names being called.

Carlton could have to make the call between Lochie O'Brien and Ed Richards at No.10, which would then likely have an impact on the Giants (No.11) and Adelaide (No.12) selections with a group of players in both the mix for both clubs. Aiden Bonar is a strong chance to head to GWS or Adelaide. 

Tom McCartin, the younger brother of St Kilda's Paddy, has been linked to North's second choice at No.23, while small forward Jack Higgins could land at the Western Bulldogs or Richmond.


Pick 1 – Brisbane Lions – Cameron Rayner
Pick 2 – Fremantle – Adam Cerra
Pick 3 – Carlton – Paddy Dow
Pick 4 – North Melbourne – Luke Davies-Uniacke
Pick 5 – Fremantle – Andrew Brayshaw
Pick 6 – Collingwood – Darcy Fogarty
Pick 7 – St Kilda – Hunter Clark
Pick 8 – St Kilda – Nick Coffield
Pick 9 – Western Bulldogs – Aaron Naughton
Pick 10 – Carlton – Lochie O'Brien
Pick 11 – Greater Western Sydney – Aiden Bonar
Pick 12 – Adelaide – Ed Richards
Pick 13 – West Coast – Jaidyn Stephenson
Pick 14 – Sydney – Oscar Allen
Pick 15 – Brisbane Lions – Lachie Fogarty
Pick 16 – Western Bulldogs – Jack Higgins
Pick 17 – Richmond – Nathan Murphy
Pick 18 – Brisbane Lions – Zac Bailey
Pick 19 – Gold Coast – Charlie Ballard
Pick 20 – Richmond – Jarrod Brander
Pick 21 – West Coast – Ryley Stoddart
Pick 22 – Geelong – Sam Taylor
Pick 23 – North Melbourne – Tom McCartin
Pick 24 – Geelong – Brent Daniels
Pick 25 – Richmond – Sam Hayes
Pick 26 – West Coast – Callum Coleman-Jones
Pick 27 – Richmond (matching GWS bid) – Patrick Naish
Pick 28 – Greater Western Sydney – Harrison Petty
Pick 29 – Greater Western Sydney – Jack Petruccelle
Pick 30 – Melbourne – Matt Ling
Richmond Rant / Re: Memberships Season 2018
« Last post by Chuck17 on Yesterday at 08:17:51 PM »
Haven't heard anyone whingeing about the auto payments this year
Is that WAT in his saving Africa gig?
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