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Teenage schoolgirl on facebook vs St Kilda stars

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Teenager claims she is pregnant after sex with St Kilda stars

    * Mark Robinson, Michael Warner
    * From: Herald Sun
    * May 26, 2010

A TEENAGE schoolgirl claims she is pregnant after having sex with AFL players she first met at a high school football clinic.

Two St Kilda stars linked to the girl held crisis talks with club officials after her school principal was told of the pregnancy.

The AFL has launched an investigation and will meet the two Saints players at AFL House on Wednesday morning.

what? thats crazy.


--- Quote from: tiger101 on May 25, 2010, 11:24:10 PM ---what? thats crazy.

--- End quote ---
Definitely. It's also statutory rape if she is/was underage.

That depends on their age MT. If she was 17 and they 19 then I'm pretty sure that is OK in the eyes of the law.
maybe clubs will have to start providing condoms for players conducting high school clinics  :P

They were talking about this on SEN this morning.

It is interesting how the events are being portrayed in that at first glance it would appear the "deed" took place at the school - this is not the case as the story finally gets around to mentioning near the end of the article.  ::)

This happened in Sydney when the girl was up there for the weekend; independant of the school

Tim Watson mentioned the girl is either 16 or 17

And just a reminder - please don't go speculating on who it might be.... we cannot under any circumstances name or link players to this story


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