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The NEW forum version 2.0 is here!!!

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After much anticipation and testing over the past month or two, the new and latest software version of the forum is finally up and going as you can see :).

We're hopeful everything is working perfectly but as this is the first time we've uploaded the latest software to the actual forum there may be some slight glitches or teething problems that need ironing out. If you notice any please let us know in this thread. Any other thoughts are most welcome as well.

Cheers  :cheers,

   Mr OE/MT and WP.

ps. We still need to upgrade the non-forum pages around the site so we're aware the pages the top links connect to are also in need of an upgrade and update which is our next task.




Looks much cleaner and easier to read from this end.


Dubstep Dookie:
Looks good  :thumbsup

Very nice.  Agree with 1965 alot easier to read now with the cleaner set up.


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