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Anyone ever follow the whereabouts of footballers who’ve played for the Tiges.  A few go on to coaching, a la Knigher, Bondy etc, but I’d like to know what happens to the others.  I rarely see ex players at Richmond games.  Guys like Freeza – who you would think would still have a great interest - hardly ever.  They may be there, and you just don’t see them, but you’d think you’d see a couple over the years – but I haven’t seen many.

And luv to know if they still play footy straight after they finish, or if the toll of AFL – injuries, discipline, fans etc – has turned them off the game.

I would luv to know how they feel about the clubs they played for 10 years after retirement.  Do they luv the club, show mild interest in how they’re going, or nothing at all.

Tony Free is now coaching the Yarraville Tigers in the FDL (or whatever they call it these days). They have won 3 games so far this season.

Freezer was at the first Tommy Hafey Club luncheon celebrating "Captains Courageous" but unlike a lot of the old players that go to these functions he didn't stay on after it finished

Barry Young is a  MMM commentator and Scotty Turner is coach at Warrnambool (dual premiership one at that). Daffy runs his pub/club business. Leon Cameron is assistant coach back at the Dogs. Of course Knighter coaches the Port Adelaide Magpies. Don't think any of them played again after they finished AFL.

I don't know but doubt Freezer would've played again anywhere. His knee was shot  :'(.

There were a few 90s blokes at the game on Saturday night - Turner, Young, Daffy, Stuart Edwards, David Bourke (still a beanpole  ;D), Robert Schaeffer? and a few others I've forgotten. 

Hey Mightytiges, you forgot Chris Naish, he is working for the AFL. Good fella Naishy.
Tony Free was coaching Prahan in the Amatuers before he went to Yarraville.
I do beleive he got his self into a tiny bit of trouble yelling abuse from thre boundary.
Justin Pickering is coaching Old Melburnians in A- grade amatuers.
Jeff Hogg, Justin Paul and Allan McKellar played at St.Kilda City last year(southern league) I beleive Justin Paul is now coaching Bentleigh in the D-Grade Amatuers with Hoggy and  Macca  retired.

Trent Nichols went back to Tassie and now reads the sports reports on the news!


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