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New Posting Rules: OER'S 3 Strikes Policy

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Hi All,

Back in May 2012 we posted about the number of complaints we had received from long time posters regarding the constant crude and smutty comments being posted on the forum.

As we said at the time regarding the complaints "What is of most significance to us is the fact that the complaints are coming from long term posters who are not prudes and have over the life of this site enjoyed a bit of banter."

In recent months we have tried to re-iterate this issue with no success. We've mentioned that we have lost quality people from this site because of these types of posts

In the last couple of weeks we have again received further complaints from long term posters regarding what can only be described as the "hijacking" of footy discussions with either off-topic personal comments not relevant to the footy discussion, insults directed to other posters, crude comments and baiting of other posters.

People are sick (quite rightly) of wading through all the "crap" to actually find the footy discussions.

The people complaining are posters that we as mods hold in the highest regard & as a result when they talk we must listen as they have contributed to making this site what it is.

As mods we also take full responsibility for not taking stronger action during the last 8 months. But that ends now!

After much discussion and consideration we have decided that commencing immediately a 3 strikes policy regarding the types of posts listed above will apply

This will apply to all posters, there will be no exceptions.

Failure to heed this warning will result in the following:

Strike 1 = 1 week suspension
Strike 2 = 1 months suspension
Strike 3 = permanent ban

All posters start with a clean slate, prior history will not impact on any future suspensions

Also be aware that posting directly on the forum to demand another poster be 'striked' or suspended on the forum will also not be tolerated and posters who try to employ this will face a strike themselves. The 'report to moderator' function or a PM/email to the mods is there and there alone for reporting things to us.

We have no doubt that some people will again complain that these penalties are too extreme/harsh and not fair but seeing our requests continue to be ignored we feel we have been left with very little alternative but take a hard line in the hope that people will finally get the message.

WP & Mr OE


Just a couple of reminders regarding posting on the forum

1. The 3 Strikes Policy This was bought in because of what had become the ever present "hijacking" of footy discussions with either off-topic personal comments not relevant to the footy discussion, insults directed to other posters, crude & sexist comments and baiting of other posters. Over the past few months but in in particular the last 6 weeks that this has again gotten out of hand. So just remind everyone this type of posting is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated. There will be no more warnings!!

Details of the policy is clearly set out above

Report to Moderator Function: In light of the above people need to remember that the site has a "Report to Moderator" function. People are to use this function if they have an issue with another poster or certain types of posts on the forum. People are to use this rather than taking matters into their own hands and posting about it directly on the forum. Posting directly only "fans the flames" and doesn't solve the problem

WP & Mr OE


Suggest posters have another read of this

This policy is still in place

BUMP !!!!!!!!!

 :banghead :banghead

Suggest everyone have another read of the 3 Strikes Policy

Constant trolling, baiting, insulting and abusing of other posters will not be tolerated

Further reminder - constant trolling also includes over the top negativity just for the sake of it, continual & childish homophobic comments etc that hijack threads. Shouldn't have to spell it but clearly people need reminding

We are all for a bit of fun & banter but over the last couple of months things are clearly starting to get out of control again.

There will be no more warnings



Yet again  :banghead :banghead

I've just removed a thread that had degenerated into the sort nonsense that will no longer tolerated. In the past fortnight a number of suspensions have issued.

Based on what I've just removed, the intended message we hoped people would get has CLEARLY not been received or most likely again has just been ignored  :banghead

This is the ABSOLUTE Final warning.

Happens again and strikes will be issued and those on 2 strikes will be permanently banned, no ifs, buts, maybes and "I'm sorry won't happen again"

I am not interested in who started it, not interested in hearing "it's just a bit of fun" the insults are not on.



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