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Are there any around ? and if so, who do you go for ?

Am a fan. I follow Kwame. Things haven't been good lately

Pistons. I'm a masochist.

I was into NBA massively during the mid 90's when basketball cards were the hottest thing going around.

NBA Action was a staple every Saturday lunchtime.

I still follow it a little bit now, like the Warriors because of the big Bogey man, also like the Bulls from the Jordan days and now with D. Rose.

Will take an interest now that Brett Brown is head coach at Phillie

He was the last coach of the my old team now departed North Melbourne Giants who played back in the days when the NBL was a decent competition  ;D

Disgraceful what they did to the Giants all those years ago with that "merger" that created the Titans - haven't been to a basketball game since the Giants disappeared  :'(


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