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We have had a lot of complaints about the constant negativity, trolling, baiting and abuse of fellow posters.

We have lost quality people over the last 6-8 months simply because they refuse to post on here anymore because the hi-jacking of threads and the abuse they have copped

We have posted numerous warnings to no avail. We've re-iterated the 3 strikes policy but it to has fallen on deaf ears

Over the past 3 weeks we have issued a number of suspensions (more than a dozen) but clearly based on the last 24-48 hours that message clearly didn't get through to the majority.

Just today I have had to edit posts where people have abused others (told them to "f off"), used crass language to try and make a point that is clearly offensive (using the term being "raped"), created a thread that in the end did nothing but took swipes at other posters for no other reason than they disagreed with people. This is the sort of stuff we are trying to put an end to.

The swamping of threads with childish/mindless, same-old same-old negativity for negative sake where virtually every player, club official and the club itself is bagged incessantly for all past sins, just kills any proper discussion and interesting debate and that has turned people off from reading and contributing.

We have absolutely no problem with people being critical of things. We want discussion, solid debate and differing opinions. And let's be honest after yesterday's effort people have the right to be critical. But to turn on other posters and abuse solely because they have a differing opinion is not on. It actually says more about the person resorting to that rather than those who are prepared to discuss and debate the issues.

We've always believed one of OER's strengths over the years was the intelligence and respect of most debates even the critical ones and that people on both sides felt comfortable in expressing their views. Unfortunately, the way things stand at the moment we appear to losing that balance

So now we as mods find ourselves in a no win situation

We issue suspensions and the majority suspended complain that we are (a) being too harsh, (b) over reacting to a few posters, (c) claim provocation into abusing others or (d) simply deny or refuse to acknowledge responsibility for their actions

Then on the other side we have people complaining that we are doing nothing or not enough despite the suspensions.

So we've decided to ask you what it is you want? OERites will determine the next move

The question is straight forward:

Does the Forum require tougher penalties for the baiting, trolling and abuse towards fellow posters


We are prepared to leave the thread open if people want to post comments

But let me make clear, any comment left that directly abuses or baits another poster will result in a strike under the 3 strikes policy, no ifs, buts, maybes or "I was just kidding". Everyone is entitled to their opinion and no one will be disadvantaged by what they post but turning on others will not be tolerated.

We are taking this very seriously and we urge all posters even those out there who haven't posted for ages but still read to vote so we can get as much data and feedback as we can. We want people to be honest. Currently we've decided you will not be able to see the poll results until after it is closed.

The poll will remain open until Wednesday when it will be locked and we will the review everything and let everyone know the outcome

This is a chance for everyone to have their say, we suggest you take it
WP & Mr OE

Go Richo 12:
It poos me that we all barrack for the same club, want the same results and wish for long term off field success yet we turn on each other like you wouldn't believe. I often wonder if us fans have created the culture we we complain about at the club.

The Big Richo:
Personally I think censorship is never a good thing.

No More:
I think the swear filters should come off for 24 hours after a loss so everyone can get what they want out of their systems. They should say what they want without it being censored ... then the censorship should come back until after the next match.

the claw:
im one who has been suspended. rightly so i may add.  my excuse was retaliation and its here where it gets gray. i know posters troll  me and i also have been abused in subtle ways tht dont quite cross the line its constant and its subtle and its still abuse.
 in the main i have been inclined to just let it go,  if i think its warranted  i have returned fire.

i actually think that is wrong and it does detract from threads, id rather we  debate the topic at hand id rather people be allowed to be as positive as they like or as negative as they like about the topic without  the resorting to trolling and  abuse.

im all for making it tougher to troll and be abusive. im also against stopping people from having their views regardless of how negative or positive people percieve them to be.


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