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I have access to microfiche copies of every copy of daily newspapers dating back to their first issues - Herald-Sun, Sun, Age, etc... and was gradually over time going to hunt down various Tiger moments of the past and add them to the site. We already have articles from every premiership year on OER but instead of just picking out stories needle in a haystack style I thought it would better to get your guys thoughts on what you would prefer to reminisce about. It can be past matches, player milestones, SOS, coach sackings...whatever.

So list away your favourite, sad or infamous RFC moments you'd like to read about again and when I have some time I'll gradually hunt them down and post them on here. To help me out if you know the dates roughly that would be a big help also.

Cheers. :cheers


I'll probably post some more articles from the past over summer again, so if any of you guys have any suggestions from past RFC games and incidents that you'd like to see/read again post them here (with a rough date or year if you know it) and I'll see if I can find the original newspaper report(s) on them.

Last year's memorable moments:

#1: Save Our Skins campaign
#2: Jack Dyer's Final Game
#3: KB's 7 goals in the 1980 GF
#4: The Windy Hill Brawl
#5: Every Dog has its Day - Knights/Libba incident

So they don't get lost in the distant ether of the Richmond Rant board as well as it being the club's centenary in the VFL/AFL, we've given all the memorable moment threads their own board. 


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