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NFL 16/17

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2-0 G-Men

bengals now 1-1

Lost to the Steelers today 16 -24

Seriously, Marvin Lewis makes Dimma look like a genius

OVer 10 years in the job and hasn't won anything in the post season.... if you want to see a bloke that should be sacked but never gets close to it have a look at Marvin the Magician Lewis 

Don't worry Billy, I'm still waiting for the Lions to have a decent offense despite year after year saying it is being addressed. Our head coach was QB coach at Colts during Peyton's years and the OC at Baltimore when they won it FFS. Classy defense but already I can tell it will be another pooty season of low scoring. Yet again we were on top at half time only to add a FG for the rest of the game and lost by a point.

Baltimore won it in large because it had one of the best D's in living memory

RayRay and Suggs plus plenty more

Yep. Was just alluding to the fact that we can appoint decent people to address a deficiency and it still doesn't change anything. I guess that's why it's hockey town and not football town. Basketball and NFL should just pack up from D town, not going anywhere. Best thing from there is Tim the Toolman  ;D


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