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With only a few days left of my holidays I headed down to Punt Road Oval to catch some training :thumbsup

I was only there about 50 minutes because I didn't feel like getting booked >:(

The players were in groups doing different drills. After a period of time they would rotate to the next drill.

Dave Wheadon was taking goal kicking practice, Brian Royal was doing a lot of contested marking drills, David King was taking drill that involved players running, stopping, then side stepping an opponent and then kicking to a target, one of the fitness guys was taking a drill that worked on quick reflex marking and handballing.

Tezza was sitting in the in sun taking notes, still recovering from a bad dose of the flu poor bloke.

Interesting points:

David Rodan is moving very well - very free in his turning and baulking, Showing no signs of any knee discomfort

A couple of our younger blokes will probably need another pre-season in the gym. Muscle definition has improved but they still look lean and small across the shoulders (esp. Meyer).

Andy Raines - seemed bigger in the arms and in the thighs  :thumbsup

Pattison seemed taller but certainly hasn't filled out as much as I hoping for. Good news for him was he is still really mobile and sharp below the knees.

Simmonds - is still a big unit but doesn't appear as big as last year - seemed to be moving alot better, looking more agile especially below the knees

That's it for now as I am heading out again

I'll post some pics later this afternoon

Tiger training cont............

Didn't see:

Brown, Deledio or Chaffey - I believe they were inside doing gym stuff.

Things I've since remembered ;D

Richard Tambling is back from Darwin :thumbsup

Young Dean Limbach seems alot stronger in the upper body but like others will need another season in the gym

Greg Stafford was doing a lot of contested marking stuff with Adam Pattison

I thought Ray Hall looked a lot bigger - all that boxing must be paying off  :bow :thumbsup

Richo? well he just looks like Richo  :cheers He did a lot of goal kicking practice and didn't miss too many  ;D

Dave Rodan was very very vocal on the track as was Gas and Chubba Kellaway.

Here's some pics:


Here's an OER exclusive - I hear the dude with nothing on but the AFG sign could be new recruit. Tall and very solid  :thumbsup

Actually the new recruit is so top secret that Dave Rodan was trying to hide him from my camera  ;D

 ;D :rollin ;D


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