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Votes for Round 21, 2017 - Tigers vs Cats

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Place your 3-2-1 votes here after today's game  :gotigers.

3. Lambert
2. Prestia
1. Dusty


--- Quote from: mightytiges on August 12, 2017, 05:33:24 PM ---3. Lambert
2. Prestia
1. Dusty

--- End quote ---


The golden turnip - Houli

3. Martin
2- Grimes
1 - Prestia

Hons: Lambert,  Cotchin

Enigma award: McIntosh, Rioli, Rance, Vlastuin (Tie)

Hamspud-Elton award: Houli

Dishons: Soldo, BEliis, CEllis. Grigg, Soldo, Butler, Castagna.

3 - Vlastuin

2 - Prestia

1 - Grimes

Golden Turnup: a tie this week. Castagna was terrible, half way through the last quater had 3, yep 3 touches. Congrats George, 2 noms in a row. Ivan Soldo, hate doing this but in the last, not knowing what to do at boundary contest cost us a goal, it was the final of 4 that his lack of footy nous cost us yesterday

Gotta say Houli was very lucky not to win ot this week


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