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Fluffy Tiger:
I would like to know some of the fan site for other teams that I could visit to get a idea on injuries and news. I know some of you have quoted some others sites over the years but it would be nice to have a tread with them all listed.

Please post any other teams fan sites may know of.

NB: We don't need any other Tiger sites, this site has all anybody would ever need.

Adelaide: As the Crows Fly

Brisbane: Lionised


Collingwood: Nick's bulletin board

Essendon: Bomber Blitz

Fremantle: Dockerland

Geelong: Cats Claw (members only)

Hawthorn: Mighty Hawks

Kangaroos: Searching Kangaroo

Melbourne: Demonology

Port Adelaide: The Power from Port

St Kilda: Saintsational

Sydney: Red and White Online

West Coast: Eagles Flying High

Western Bulldogs: Woof

Fluffy Tiger:
Thanks one-eyed   :clapping

Another if you like to see them suffer  ;D


--- Quote from: CUB on June 27, 2009, 01:50:15 AM ---
Another if you like to see them suffer  ;D

--- End quote ---
Some very funny stuff on the Blues forums. Some calling their season over and wanting Ratten sacked  :rollin.


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