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Typing from iphone LOL

Sorry was just testing out my new phone  :rollin :thumbsup


--- Quote from: Moi on July 22, 2008, 06:32:03 PM ---Sorry was just testing out my new phone  :rollin :thumbsup

--- End quote ---

Hang on then

*takes deep breath*

Hey Moisy,did u get a new ifone ?

What's it like?


Is great.  MT will have to get one to post on the internet from training lol
Don't worry about the enormous bill, as long as we get the goss.

You'll have to excuse me being excited, is my first phone in about 10 years.  As some will attest to, my old one was so crummy they couldn't hear me  ;)  Some thought that was a blessing lol

Wasn't changing it until the iPhone came out, and I didn't think it would be so good surfing the net, but  you can post and everything.

If people have been doing this for years on other phones, you'll have to excuse me.

Modern technology ain't my forte to say the least  :rollin

Darling,u can post online with a motorola V3 @ 150 bux. :wallywink


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