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Who are these Tigers:

1. I was born in June 1969 and played 133 games. I won 2 B&Fs. I was popular with the faithful but right at the minute I am not ;D

2. I was born in Sept 1971 and played 12 games for the Tigers over 3 seasons. The only thing I really had going for me was that I was tall very tall  ;D

3. I was born in Oct 1967 and played 26 games. I am surprised I played that many as were most of the faithful. I am probably more famous now for once being the "Mole" on the TV show "the Mole" and being described on that show as a "former champion footballer" (what they'll do for ratings)  ;D

4. I was born in 1953 and played 17 games for the Tigers which was my 3rd Club. I've been in the news lately in Melb because TJ has come clean and said that he didn't play me in the 1980 Grand Final because I missed an appointment with Rudi Webster in the week leading up to the GF. I chose to take the missus to the flicks instead ;D

5. I was born in 1970 and played 2 games. They gave me number 29 and thought I was gonna be a star, 2 games probably means I wasn't ;D

1 - Tony Free

3 - Laffy

5 - Alistair what's his name


You are correct on 1 & 3 (what gave 'em away  ;D)

And 5 isn't Alistair whats his name  ;D


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