Good news for David Rodan who told a member's function pre-match that he was slightly ahead of schedule in his recovery from a knew reconstruction. One of the main parts of his rehabilitation at the moment is building up the strength in the muscles around the knee. Although admitting to being ahead in his rehab David was firm in saying was that the final decision regarding when he gets back to playing would come from the medical people. It's interesting this reminded me of Libba all those years ago coming back after 15 odd weeks from a knee reconstruction. My personal view is to take the conservative approach and take the full 12 months to ensure the graft can be "take" and be as strong as possible.

Good news also for Jay Schulz who made it through the Coburg game at Punt Road on Saturday after rolling his ankle against Box Hill on ANZAC day

It was terrible news for youngster Brent Hartigan who re-injured his hamstring in the opening couple of minutes of the Burgers game against the Bullants at Punt Road Oval on Saturday morning. Hookey was returning after 3 weeks on the sidelines for a hamstring tear. Best case scenario at this stage is a another minimum 3 week stay on the sidelines.

AND FINALLY..........


The answers to the last trivia question were 1. Harry Alessio and 2. John Mrakov

1. Who am I? and 2. Who said this?

1. I was born in 1933. I played 1 game in 1954 and kicked 0 goals. My playig weight was 89.5kgs

2. "Everybody's really pleased that I've got this far. I'll be taking it as it comes but hopefully I can play about 10 games."

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My Soap Box....

I was wondering how long it would take and unfortuantely my soap box makes a return this week for its first appearance of season 2005. And what gem it is.

The media never cease to amaze me. First up in 2005 is radio 3AW for its "breaking football story involving Richmond". Sounds like a good headline doesn't it?

It tossed up more questions than answers and left all Tiger fans wondering what the hell was going on. At quarter time in the game form Tasmania we were told that "that the Police were investigating an allegation of assault and there were a number Richmond players at the nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morning". Doesn't sound good does it?

As the afternoon progressed Tiger Director of Football Greg Miller was interviewed on 3AW and explained that the Tiger players were there and yes the Club knew they were there and the players were like every other patron at the nightclub and had given their names and details to the police but were not involved.

Just another example of players being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Probably but it is extremely disappointing how this "story" got the air time it did so early without all the facts being available. In a word - POOR

And my final word...

The Tigers travel interstate for the first time on May 21st when they take on the Lions at the Gabba. OER will hit the road with the Tigers so keep an eye out for OER's match report.

Keep prowling


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