Having sold 2 home games interstate for season 2011 the Tigers find themselves having to travel 6 times during the season. While I enjoy interstate trips; sadly I wont be able to fly off and catch to all of them this season.

So which games are on my hit list for season 2011? So far flights are booked for a total of 4 trips. Here's my trip list for 2011

Round 10 Darwin: -v- Port Adelaide TIO Stadium

A definite YES.

I will admit this trip was the proverbial "no brainer" for me. I have never been to Darwin so this is an opportunity to good to pass up. Unfortutnately it will only be a weekend trip but hey it's better than nothing

The first of 2 home games the club has sold in 2011. It is the first of 3 consecutive road trips only broken up with the bye in round 11. Not exactly great scheduling by our learend friends down at Docklands

Round 12: Sydney -v- Sydney S.C.G.

An extremely easy call. You can fly in aand out on the same day no matter your choice of airline, pick up a car at the airport and be at the SCG within 20 minutes. Another YEP!

Round 13: Brisbane -v- Brisbane The Gabba

Back in 2006 I wrote "I love going to the Gabba. If there's one interstate trip a season that I am going to make it's always going to be the Gabba." Simply nothing has changed I will be heading to Brisbane again in June

Round 17: Cairns -v- Gold Coast Cazaly Stadium

My first NO to an interstate trip in 2011 and my first no in a number of years. I haven't missed an interstate game since 2008 but I've decided to give this one a miss; more so because of it's timing and my work commitments. If the game was on Saturday evening instead of Saturday arvo I would have likely gone. But on the flip side there's always 2012 weeing we're contracted to play there over 3 seasons.

This is the 2nd of the home games the Club has sold in 2011.

Round 20: Perth -v- WCE Pattersons Stadium

At this stage this one looks like being a NOPE. I haven't completely shut the door on it but right at the minute it is looking doubtful. Which is a pity because I have some great friends over in Perth that I was really looking forward to catching up. As they say in the classics "thems the breaks"

And by the way what's with the name chage? It's always been Subi to me and always will be. A bit like how most of us still call Docklands "Telstra Dome"

Round 23: Adelaide -v- Adelaide Crows

Like a trip to Sydney you can fly in and out on the same day and that's what I will doing. I enjoy trips to Adelaide. The ground is easy to get to from the airport. I would estimate a 20 minute drive it that and parking is cheaper than the MCG & Etihad


Just a reminder that the Club has launched the "Fighting Tiger Fund" with the goal being to raise $6 million in the next 12 months. Bold & Ambitious? Absolutely. Achievable? Well as always that's going too depend on us the passionate tiger faithful. But seeing it does depend on the Tiger faithful then I reckon it's achievable

Details about the FTF can be found via the Official RFC web-site

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