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I'm watching this movie on dogs at the moment  - can't remember name - Best in Show I think.  

I think i might see myself reflected in this movie lol - love dogs - got 3 myself who drive me nuts, but love them to death.

Anyone as silly as me - i've got 3 Tibetan Spaniels - and for those who don't know what they look like - look like little gremlins lol.

But very smart, totally disobedient like they're owner but they're the best.

Is Randy Jackson on it?

I have 2 dogs.

Who we affectionately call either:

"Stupid is and Stupid Does"


"Dumb & Dumber"

The youngest copies the oldest one all the time.

But like Froars - just love 'em to death.

 ;) :)

Female Rottweiler who is the biggest sooky softy and lovable creature l have known.
If a crook broke in she would only be offended if she didn't get a pat on their way out.

That dog show was utter crap too!
The only funny part was that uncooth judges gags.

That movie was done by Michael McKeen and Harry Shearer
who also did spinal tap and Mighty Wind.
Harry Sheare is on the Panel sometimes and does the voices
of Monty Burns and Smithers on the Simpsons.
If its the one im thinking about I rekkon it was pretty funny.

Is it the one where the 2 Queens have that little rat dog?


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