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Americans and their guns

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Another massacre and this time 20 primary school kids were gunned down  :'(. When will the Yanks ever learn it ain't 1776 anymore, abolish their 2nd amendment and get some strict gun laws!

So sad what happened in the States once again,But no Govt would have the balls to change their constitutional right to bare arms.

Obama says it is "So sad" but he like all those before him hasn't got the guts to change things

But the really sad part is that it would seem the majority of Americans believe the only way to stop this sort of carnage is not changing to strict gun laws but to just arm every single citizen and train them to shot and ask question later  :help

If the US government ever tried disarming the citizens, the paranoid rednecks would put up one hell of a fight. A 'nation' that is nothing more than than a union of mercenary states is always doomed to imploding.

Horrible. So close to Christmas as well.


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