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30 something(very early 30s ;D....actually much closer to late twentys' than 30s'.....honest!! :P)
Alphha Male
Likes - Music,sport, dogs and horses,the beach life
Hates - George Bush,Colon Powell,Dick Cheney
Fave movie - atm,:"Standing in the Shadows of Mowtown.
Hate movie - Sound of Music,any "CHICK" orientated film
Favorite players - Royce Hart,Jack Dyer,Roy Wright,Kevin Sheedy,Flea.Michael Mitchell,Mark Lee,
Strawbs' O'dwyer,Knighter,Richo.
Hate Players - Richo,Bowden,Pettifer,Gasper

Fave drink - Red(@least 4 years old),Jack Daniels and SODA -NOT COKE.
Fave bands/artists - Steely Dan,Stevie Wonder,Defotnes,Miles Davis,Chet Baker,AC/DC (Bon Scot years)
ALL Motown artists(nearly),Foo Fighters,Incubus.
Music Hates - WHITE STRIPES (LMAO@Inbred rock),Kylie,Kurt Kockbrain(had drinks at my place when he died),
Fave drug - Asprin.

FAVE GAME - 1980 Granny, 1995 Semi Final v Essendon

Knew it wouldn't be long before we had one of these lol

Name - Froars
Age – mature
Sex – we live in hope lol
Favourite Food – Steak - carnivore and luv it
Favourite Drink – A red
Favourite Colour – Blue
Favourite Read – Forsakenbunch III
Favourite Website – One-Eyed Richmond lol – here’s me ingratiating myself into the good books of the hosts – now where have I seen that before hahaha!!
Favourite Music – ‘70s, Blues, R&R, Soul, heavy
Favourite Artists – Johnny Adams, Solomon Burke, Keb Mo, Faith No More, Simply Red; Rolling Stones, Beatles, Verve, David Gray, Richard Ashcroft, Gary Moore; Coldplay; Eric Clapton; BB King – anything middle of the road – yes, boring lol
Hate Music – Hip-Hop crap
Favourite Movie – Guess Whose Coming To Dinner
Hate Movie:  Passion of the Christ
Favourite Players:  ‘60s Billy Barrot; 70s Kevin Sheedy; 80s Maurice Rioli; ‘90s Richo; 21st century Timmy Fleming lol
Favourite Game:  1973 Grand Final v Carlscum – had everything
MCG Seat - Section N10
Coronial - L2 28

Come on Ox, more info - don't be shy lol

Name: JohnF
Age: Mid 20-ish
Like: collecting toe-nail clippings, used carboard boxes, used pieces of tin-foil, lmfaooo, na seriously: interested in philosophy, reading novels, watching movies, listening to the type of music that gets the girls shaking their butts on the dancefloor, and also some more melancholy type stuff, love most sports, especially boxing, weightligting, tennis and of course footy.         
Dislike: Incompetent dictatorships, assignment deadlines at university, richmond losing   
Favourite Movie : North Pole (starring Peter North)
Favourite saying: LMFAOOO!!!
Favourite website:    lmfaooooo@Forsaken Bunch III - go there if you are twisted or want to be.
Favourite players: Dale Weightman - first idol in footy, Matthew Richardson - LMFAOOO@everything he does, Matthew Knights - played like a ninja, untouchable in his prime, Wayne Campbell - the best in the last 20 years.


Name - Fwoy
Age – twentysomething
Sex – Male
Favourite Food – Chicken or anything with chicken added
Favourite Drink – Scotch and coke/dry
Favourite Colour – Green
Favourite Read – BigFooty
Favourite Website – Bang Bus ;D
Favourite Music – Alternative (to what?), punk, lo-fi
Favourite Artists – Butthole Surfers, Flaming Lips, Dandy Warhols, Muse, Radiohead, Pixies, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, at the drive-in, Descendents, Propagandhi, Rancid, Get Up Kids, Nada Surf, Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional, The White Stripes, The Von Bondies, The Wannadies, The Mars Volta, Sparta, Beastie Boys, Garageland, Rival Schools, Ween, Superchunk, Weezer, Foo Fighters, Magic Dirt, Badly Drawn Boy, Michael Franti, House of Pain, Stone Temple Pilots, Beck, Ben Folds, Outkast, Spiderbait, Unwritten Law and many many more
Hate Music – Commercial Radio folly
Favourite Movie – Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Hate Movie:  Guest House Paradiso
Favourite Players:  '80s - Michael Roach, Dale Weightman, Michael Pickering  '90s - Jeff Hogg, Benny Gale, Michael Gale, Paul Broderick, Matthew Knights, Tony Free  '00s - Mark Coughlan, Nathan Brown, Kane Johnson, Wayne Campbell, Brad Ottens, Matthew Richardson, Andy Krakouer
Favourite Game:  1995 Semi Final v Essendon - 1st taste of success for me

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