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Constitution amendments for 11 December 2017 AGM

Resolution One:

(A)    That existing Clause 6.4.1 is deleted and replaced with new Clauses 6.4.1 to 6.4.3 below and that existing Clause 6.4.2 is re-numbered Clause 6.4.4; and
(B)    That existing Clause 3.3.2(b) and Clause 3.3.2(c) is deleted and replaced with new Clause 3.3.2(b).

(A)    Existing Clause 6.4.1 (to be deleted)

Subject to section 249D of the Act, on a requisition in writing signed by at least one hundred Ordinary Members with their addresses and their Membership Ticket numbers, being delivered to the Company Secretary, the Company Secretary shall within twenty-one days from receiving such requisition call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the members of the Club by giving fourteen days notice of the same by advertisement in a daily newspaper. The requisition must state precisely the objects of the Meeting including any resolution to be proposed and such objects shall appear in the advertisement in the same or a more abbreviated form.

New Clauses 6.4.1 to 6.4.3 (to be inserted) 
6.4.1   The Club must call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the members of the Club as required by the Act.   
6.4.2   The Extraordinary General Meeting must be held within the time limits permitted by the Act.
6.4.3   Notice of the Extraordinary General Meeting must be given to each member entitled to vote at the Meeting and in the form and within the time limits set out in the Act and must be given in a manner authorised by Clause 6.1.3 and the Act.

Before 2015, section 249D of the Corporations Act provided that an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) could be called upon the request of the lesser of (1) 5% of voting members or (2) 100 voting members.  In 2015, section 249D was amended to remove the reference to 100 members.  However, the Club's Constitution still allows 100 members to call an EGM.   

The proposed amendment would bring the Constitution into line with the Corporations Act. The Board also notes that an EGM has never been called in the history of the Club.

Reasons advanced for the change to the Corporations Act were:

• 100 members was too low a threshold; and
• calling an EGM is expensive for the company.   

The removal of the 100 member rule does not diminish the existing right of 100 members to raise concerns about the Club by requesting that a resolution be placed on the agenda for the Club's annual general meeting.   

When the Club has more than 50,000 voting members, allowing 100 members to call an EGM means that a small group can cause Club funds to be spent to hold a meeting even when it is unlikely that any resolution at the meeting will be passed.  On the other hand, 5% of members will more properly represent a fair cross section of the Club's membership and be indicative of the wish of members to have Club funds spent in holding and conducting such a meeting.

The Board is aware that an argument has been advanced that the only way that directors can be removed is through an EGM and that removing the 100 member provision will entrench directors.  That is not correct and a resolution regarding directors can be put by members to the annual general meeting. The only difference is one of timing.  As its name suggests, an 'extraordinary' general meeting should be held only when a matter is so 'extraordinary' that it cannot wait until the annual general meeting.   

(B)    Existing Clauses 3.3.2(b) and (c) (to be deleted)

(b) a VFL/AFL multiple premiership player; or
(c) a single VFL/AFL premiership player who has played a minimum of 100 senior VFL/AFL matches for the Club; or

New Clause 3.3.2(b) (to be inserted) 
(b)    a VFL/AFL premiership player; or
(c)    [deliberately left blank]

Explanation The Board proposes that all premiership players be made Life Members of the Club.  While existing Clause 3.3.2(f) gives the Board wide ranging discretion as to who can be made a Life Member, it is preferable to have premiership players mentioned specifically so that the high esteem in which they are held is properly expressed.
Richmond Rant / Re: 2017 AFL Draft thread
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Gary Buckenara's Top 50: Picks 26-50

26. Ryley Stoddart
27. Nathan Murphy
28. Ed Richards
29. Charlie Ballard
30. James Worpel
31. Jordan Houlahan
32. Jackson Edwards
33. Dylan Moore
34. Zac Baley
35. Liam Ryan
36. Jack Petruccelle
37. Sam Taylor
38. Jackson Ross
39. Charlie Spargo
40. Ben Paton
41. Brent Daniels
42. Callum Coleman-Jones
43. Tom De Koning
44. Tim Kelly
45. Oscar Clavarino
46. Will Walker
47. Brayden Ainsworth
48. Hayden Schloithe
49. Andrew McPherson
50. Toby Wooller
Richmond Rant / Tigers should tap into Bulldogs failings says Choco (SEN)
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Tigers should tap into Bulldogs failings says Choco

20 November 2017

Port Adelaide premiership coach Mark Williams believes Richmond should tap into the Western Bulldogs failings as a key part of its premiership defence.

After the Dogs became the first team since Hawthorn in 2009 to miss finals a year after claiming the premiership, locating the pitfalls, potential issues and shaping a steely mindset to repeat the dose will be a huge challenge for the Tigers.

Richmond’s premiership side became the first in the modern era to win a flag without a player aged over 30.

“You’d like to think they could try and find out what they can and learn from what happened at the Dogs this year,” Williams told SEN Afternoons.

“I’m not sure how much the Dogs would be willing to tell but it’s a good starting point for the Tigers because very few younger sides over the years, including Hawthorn back in 2009, have been able to back up a premiership.

“Picking through the failings of others can be a great learning tool.”

The Bulldogs won 11 games and finished 11th in 2017.
Patrick Naish prepares to live the AFL dream

Star Weekly
20 November 2017

Northern Knights’ Patrick Naish is waiting on the AFL national draft like many other teenagers around the country.

While the fate of many are unknown, Naish knows he’s almost guaranteed to be selected, it’s just a matter of which team he’ll go to.

Richmond has nominated Naish as a father-son pick. And while Naish said going to the Tigers would be a dream come true he knows the move isn’t guaranteed and another club could swoop on him earlier in the draft.

Either way, he’s happy.

If he is picked up by the Tigers, he will be following in the footsteps of his father Chris Naish, who played 143 games for the yellow and black.

“I’ve barracked for them my whole life,” Naish said last week.

“I was chatting to dad the other day about it and we were saying I’ve just about reached my dream of hopefully getting drafted.

“To play at Richmond is a dream, even to play AFL is one.”

Naish, who has spent some time at Richmond over the past year, said his experiences at the club had helped his football.

“I spent a couple of weeks in the pre-season getting to know everyone and getting to know myself in an elite environment,” he said.

“I was with them all day, every day. I spent a lot of time with the backline group and guys like Brandon Ellis were really good helping me out. I went in and did revision sessions throughout the year and got in there whenever I could.”

The 18-year-old this year combined Northern Knights, school football and being part of the AFL academy. He admits it was difficult at times.

“The key thing was to be organised,” he said. “I’m not the most organised bloke and I had to adapt. I got used to it as the year went on.

“I’ve played with a lot of enjoyment this year,” he said. “I was playing with my mates for the last time and I let results take care of themselves.

“Everyone puts pressure on themselves with football, I just wanted to enjoy it.”

Naish, who plays prominently as a midfielder, knows he has work ahead of him before stepping onto the AFL stage.

With school exams out of the way, he said he would try and relax and spend time with family, his girlfriend and friends before the draft.

“I was a midfielder as a kid and enjoy playing on the wing,” he said. “I enjoyed playing a bit forward and I see myself as a versatile player.
Richmond Rant / Re: 2017 AFL Draft thread
« Last post by one-eyed on Yesterday at 11:43:30 PM »
The Tigers could secure sliding swingman Jarrod Brander at pick 17 on Friday night.

Top-five prospect Jaidyn Stephenson might also be available as clubs reassess his heart condition.
Richmond Rant / Re: 2017 AFL Draft thread
« Last post by one-eyed on Yesterday at 11:43:14 PM »
Brett Anderson has us taking the following players in his mock draft out today:

17 Jarrod Brander Bendigo Tall
20 Zac Bailey - Norwood Mid
25 Callum Coleman Jones WA Ruck
27 Patrick Naish F/S Mid
78 Flynn Appelby GWV Rebels Defender (towelled up Kayle Kirby in the VFL late in the year)
Here's the link to his mock draft:

If you told Richmond at the start of the year that they'd be picking this deep in the first round and Brander would still be available, they would have been more shocked than if you told them they'd win the flag. The Tigers are confident that a big on Patrick Naish will come after their third pick (25) and are on the hunt for talls.

Who else? Nathan Murphy, Sam Hayes
Richmond could secure father-son Patrick Naish outside its top three draft picks

Herald Sun
November 21, 2017

RICHMOND is set to be spared a difficult draft call on Patrick Naish with the Tigers likely to secure three top-25 talents before a bid arrives on the father-son prospect.

The Tigers will target tall players at Friday night’s draft and using picks 17, 20 and 25 before matching a bid for Naish would be a dream finale to a premiership year.

Richmond has been nervous that an early bid would come after five clubs visited Naish’s home during the season and then Fremantle also interviewed him at draft combine.

But queries on whether the outside midfielder can win his own ball should help Richmond secure the son of 143-game Tiger Chris Naish at a cheaper price.

Naish’s junior career failed Champion Data’s “Magic Number” rule.

That states that draft prospects who win less than 30 per cent of their possessions contested usually struggle in the AFL.

Naish recorded a contested possession rate of 27 per cent from 32 matches.

He averaged 22 possessions for Vic Metro this year, but only 4.5 contested.

A bunch of high draft picks have failed to kick on after recording similar numbers — James Aish, Billy Hartung, Cale Morton and Jimmy Toumpas.

By contrast, No. 1 favourite Cameron Rayner won an impressive 53 per cent of his junior disposals contested across 29 matches.

Rayner and top-five pick Paddy Dow went at 60 per cent at the national championships.

Naish only cracked 100 SuperCoach points in four of his 32 matches.

But he boasts a beautiful right foot and was the No. 1 metres gained player at the national championships.

Naish’s average of 516m was 105m better than the next player as he impressed some recruiters with his natural dare and offensive run.

Tigers coach Damien Hardwick has also shown the ability to reprogram outside players.

This year Brandon Ellis went from an uncontested player to one who could win his own ball and use it aggressively.

While Naish can sometimes bite off too much by foot, one recruiter said he had a raking kick and would “look good in (our) jumper”.

Naish’s two younger brothers- Xavier, 16 and Charlie, 12 — are also hopeful of playing for Richmond.

The diehard Richmond fan kicked 10.3 in his 100th junior match and has trained at Punt Rd the past two summers.

Naish grew up idolising Brett Deledio. He sat in the MCG stands watching Richmond’s premiership after recording 21 disposals at 90 per cent efficiency in the curtain-raiser.

He would add a lick of class to Richmond’s existing pressure and grunt.
Same revenue but significantly higher profit most likely due to pokie money

You're not alone

Although I've bought all my GF merch via the club (still waiting btw) decided would go elsewhere for my 2018 Puma polo

Picked up a new one yesterday from Rebel

Make no apologies for doing it

I ordered the limited edition premiership jumper for myself from the club about a week after the grandfinal. Still waiting for it.

1 month later, I ordered my son the limited edition premiership jumper from Rebel because the club had run out. Got the Rebel one within 48 hours, and I live in regional Western Australia.
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