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Just popped in and saw this article.
so its based on position age and performance over the duration.

These rankings are based on fantasy pigs, the Tom Mitchells, the Sam Dochertys who rack up huge numbers of possessions.

Apart from Dusty, we hardly had any guys racking up huge possessions, it was quality, not quantity.
Richmond Rant / Re: Favourite player game
« Last post by YellowandBlackBlood on Today at 08:06:06 AM »
18 all.  :lol
Richmond Rant / Re: Favourite player game
« Last post by Damo on Today at 07:27:19 AM »
Cotch 17 -
Rance 19+
Richmond Rant / Re: Favourite player game
« Last post by WilliamPowell on Today at 06:57:39 AM »
Cotch 18 -
Rance 18 +

 :winner :dancingpickle :yo
Richmond Rant / Re: Favourite player game
« Last post by cub on Today at 06:56:36 AM »
Cotch 19
Rancey 17
Richmond Rant / Re: Favourite player game
« Last post by 1965 on Today at 05:08:12 AM »

18 all
Richmond Rant / Re: Shane Edwards [merged]
« Last post by mightytiges on Today at 01:38:17 AM »
Edwards doesn't get 20 plus possessions every week but have a look at what he does when he gets it
Very very good in the GF and so was Lambert
But then again hard to say anyone wasn't doing his job throughout the Finals series
Those handballs of Sheds out of traffic in the GF were lethal. The whole field ahead of the contest would continually just open up for us as he always hit a free receiving teammate who didn't have to change stride.
Our list is still quite young for a premiership team. Our Grand Final team had 7 players with less than 50 games experience plus another two with just over 50. That would knock us down in the Champion Data rankings.

If you listen to the alternative radio coverages of the Grand Final, Malthouse makes the point during the game about Graham now seeming to be a surprise packet by kicking 3 goals and not being rated now because he's so young but that in a decade's time he may turn out to be a champion of the game.

While on Champion Data and their focus on certain stats, one thing they clearly don't differentiate is finals performances vs the average H/A game. Based on the old way of judging a player by how they perform in finals then Cotch is elite. The more you watch those games the more you notice him smashing into contests and onto loose 50/50 balls. He might not win the footy himself doing this but his actions would result in possession for a teammate and the team. It's that selflessness across the team that won us the flag but it doesn't show up in individual stats.

He is average in every single category you can name. The only part of his game you could call elite is his hands in tight.

As a mid he doesnt get enough ball, has few clearances, but does get a bit of c/b for himself and he continues to shirk real contact.
As a fwd he does not kick goals and lays few tackles and as a mid/fwd  he has few i/50's.

anyway as i said might see yas around.


You know what's really funny? You're already back after saying you won't be posting here anymore & like that the rest of your post is complete BS.
Richmond Rant / Re: Favourite player game
« Last post by mightytiges on Today at 01:00:02 AM »
Cotch 19 +
Rance 18
Dusty 17 -
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