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Tigers make it two straight
9:54 PM Sat 30 Apr, 2011

Richmond            4.3    9.6    14.8      18.16 (124)
Brisbane Lions     5.3    5.7    12.12    14.14 (98)

Richmond: Riewoldt 5, Nahas 3, King 3, Nason 2, Vickery 2, White 2, Foley
Brisbane Lions: Power 4, Beams 2, Rich 2, Banfield, Leuenberger, Redden, Rockliff, Polkinghorne, Clark

Richmond: Foley, Martin, King, Cotchin, Houli, Nahas
Brisbane Lions: Black, Rockliff, Adcock, O'Brien, Power, Redden

Richmond: Tuck (ribs)
Brisbane Lions: Nil

Richmond: Shane Tuck (ribs) substituted for Ben Nason at the 15-minute mark of the second quarter
Brisbane Lions: Matt Maguire substituted for Jared Polec at the 20-minute mark of the  third quarter

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Bowen, Meredith, Wenn

Official crowd: 37,438 at the MCG


RICHMOND has recorded its second win for the season, dominating the final quarter to beat Brisbane Lions by 26 points in a topsy-turvy match at the MCG on Saturday night.

The Tigers’ 18.16 (124) to 14.14 (98) win came after the Lions recovered from a goalless second term to kick seven goals and take the lead in the third term. Behind 40 possessions from Nathan Foley and five goals from Jack Riewoldt, the Tigers surged in the final term to notch back-to-back victories and improve to a 2-3-1 record.

The Lions, who were led by Simon Black with 34 possessions and four goals by Luke Power, drop to 0-5 on the season, and are now the only winless club in the competition after North Melbourne’s victory over Port Adelaide earlier on Saturday.
Jake King’s third goal for the match early in the final term made it three consecutive majors for the Tigers, and after Richmond squandered several opportunities to cement the win with six straight behinds, Ben Nason produced the knockout punch with a set shot at the 17-minute mark giving the Tigers an insurmountable 25-point lead.

Power was a major player in the Brisbane Lions’ third quarter turnaround, the veteran snaring three goals for the term and teaming with fellow experienced hand Black to stem the tide for the visitors in the midfield.

The Lions, who trailed by 27 points when Tyrone Vickery kicked the opening goal of the term for Richmond, stormed back to take the lead for the first time since the eight-minute mark of the second quarter when Daniel Rich drilled a shot on the run from 50 metres late in the term.

Richmond bounced back, with a goal to Riewoldt and another by Robin Nahas at the 32-minute mark ensuring the Tigers would take an eight-point lead into the final change.

Earlier, Richmond kicked away in the second term, booting five goals to none to take a 23-point break into the long break.

Richmond looked to push the pace and play on at every opportunity, and was rewarded with two goals each to King and Riewoldt for the quarter, Riewoldt’s second coming on the half-time siren with a set shot from 45 metres.

The only downside for the Tigers in the second quarter was the forced substitution of Shane Tuck with a rib injury midway through the term, with Nason taking his place.

Dustin Martin was outstanding in the first quarter for the Tigers, amassing 14 possessions and kicking a goal, but the visitors established multiple targets up forward and took a six-point lead at the first change when Claye Beams snapped truly in the dying stages of the term.

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Stats: Tigers vs Lions
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Team Stats

Disposals           420 - 344
Efficiency%          78 - 75
Kicks                 226 - 175
Handballs           194 - 169
Con. Marks           13 - 3
Uncon. Marks        81 - 67
Tackles                 70 - 57
Clearances            42 - 40
Clangers               40 - 42
Frees                    21 - 18
Hitouts                  37 - 38  ............ ( Graham 24, Vickery 13 // Leuenberger 17, McCauley 15, Clark 3, Polkinghorne 2, Rockliff )
Con. Possies        163 - 131    
Uncon.Possies      267 - 216        
Inside 50s             67 - 53
Assists                  17 - 17

Individual Stats

                    D     K      H      G     B    SC  SCA   CM   UM    T   CL   C    FF   FA    CP    UP   In50   A   Eff%

N.Foley         40    12    28    0    0    143      87    1      5    4    8    1    0    1    16    24      6    3      83%
D.Martin        35    26      9    1    0    128    112    1      2    2    3    5    0    0    13    23    10    4      66%
B.Houli          30    15    15    0    0    121      74    0      7    5    1    1    3    1      9    21      2    0      83%
B.Deledio      26    19      7    0    1    119    107    1      1    7    2    4    2    2      8    17      7    0      77%
R.Nahas        26    11    15    3    1    149      81    1      8    7    2    1    1    0      9    17      2    1      81%
T.Cotchin      25    17      8    0    3    102      99    0      2    4    8    2    5    2    14    12      3    0      72%
S.Grigg         25    15    10    0    0      70      84    0      3    7    2    3    0    1      8    18      3    0      56%
S.Edwards     23      8    15    0    0      76      57    1      1    3    5    1    0    1      7    15      4    0      87%
R.Conca        22    14      8    0    2      73      60    0      6    2    1    3    0    3      5    17      3    0      77%
A.Rance        20    10    10    0    0      83      81    0    11    1    0    1    0    0      5    16      1    0      90%
M.White        17      9      8    2    0      84      57    0      5    6    2    2    0    1      7    11      5    0      71%
D.Grimes       15      5    10    0    0      49      53    0      5    0    0    5    0    1      4    12      1    0      87%
A.Graham      14      5      9    0    0      79      79    0      2    3    3    2    3    2      7      8      2    0      93%
B.Miller          14      7      7    0    1      58      58    1      4    3    0    1    1    0      4    10      1    2      64%
L.McGuane     14      5      9    0    0      54      54    0      3    1    0    3    0    2      4    11      0    0      93%
C.Newman     14    11      3    0    0      81    103    0      4    5    1    1    1    0      5      9      2    0      79%
J.Riewoldt      13    11      2    5    1    109      83    4      3    0    1    1    2    0      8      5      1    1      77%
B.Nason         12      6      6    2    2      64      50    0      3    1    0    0    1    0      9      5      3    0      83%
T.Vickery       10      6      4    2    3      83      55    2      1    1    0    1    1    1      9      2       2    0      60%
J.Batchelor      9      4      5    0    0      23      48    0      3    0    0    1    0    0      2      7      2    0      67%
J.King             9      8      1    3    0      80      63    1      1    5    0    1    1    0      6      4      5    0      78%
S.Tuck            7      2      5    0    0      35      45    0      1    3    3    0    0    0      4      3      2    0    100%

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Jack Riewoldt leaves Brisbane Lions red faced in 26-point win

    Mark Stevens
    From: Herald Sun
    April 30, 2011 8:39PM

Daniel Merrett, the man who carries the nickname for being the epitome of Big Red, might feel aggrieved about finding himself at the centre of the defining moment.

With about a minute left in the third term, and a resurgent Brisbane leading by five points, Merrett surged around the back flank and unloaded, kicking it out of bounds on the wing.

But he was pinged by the umpire for crossing the line before he kicked. There would be no boundary throw-in, but a free to Richmond's Jack Riewoldt for deliberate out-of-bounds where Merrett connected.

As he tends to do, Riewoldt made the Lions pay in the most painful fashion possible.

The superstar wheeled around on his right foot and curled a low shot through from 35m, as the Lions unbelievably failed to guard the line.

With one contentious blow of a whistle, the momentum had swung.

Richmond, invigorated by Riewoldt's goal and passionate celebration added another through Robin Nahas just 30 seconds before the three-quarter-time siren.

The Tigers, under siege one minute, were up by seven points the next _ with all the energy heading into the last break.

With a home crowd behind and the Lions struggling for belief after five losses to start the season, the Tigers were never going to lose from there.

They never looked under threat in the last, kicking four goals to one to seal what in the finish was a comfortable 26 point win.

Despite the lapses, including allowing the Lions to kick seven in the third before the Merrett incident, there was again a lot to like about the Tigers.

There was no better sight for Richmond fans than Dustin Martin pumping it long to Riewoldt _ and it happened enough to worry the Lions.

Riewoldt is arguably already in the top 10 players in the competition and at this rate Martin will not be too far behind him.

After a week of headlines and glowing articles, Martin could be excused for having a downer as a second-year player.

But any thoughts he was getting ahead of himself were dashed with a devastating 14 disposal first quarter.
Martin, who strangely was not hounded by a single designated tagger, finished with 35 disposals and 10 inside 50 entries.

He kicked one goal and delivered another five score assists, making life hell for nine opponents as Lions coach Michael Voss decided to put his No.1 tagger on Trent Cotchin.

Cotchin himself finished with 21 disposals, and was solid, but Nathan Foley managed to get off the chain and win it 37 times.

Riewoldt finished with five goals and Robin Nahas three in one of the most lively performances of his career.

After starting slowly, Richmond kicked 5.3 to Brisbane's 0.4 in the second term, benefiting from more polished forward entries and a marking target Riewoldt who actually looked like marking everything.

The Lions pumped it in haphazardly, forcing Mitch Clark to fly for mark-of-the-year contenders, and the Tigers too often were allowed to sweep it away.

Riewoldt kicked two goals from the term, one coming from a now trademark chest mark under heavy heat from two Brisbane Lions opponents.

Tyrone Vickery, still prone to the odd silly mistake, continued to find more smarts and loomed as another dangerous tall option near goal.

When Vickery marked and goaled from close range three minutes into the third term, the Tiger had kicked seven unanswered goals and led by 27 points.

A long was from home and seemingly devoid of any x-factor, the Lions looked shot.

But the doubters had underestimated Simon Black, who produced and 11-disposal third term as Brisbane seized control of the clearances.

Daniel Rich's left boot going inside 50 was also destructive and the Lions kicked their seventh of the term to lead by five points when he slotted a goal from 50m on the run.

Then game the Big Red moment. There went the game.


RICHMOND 4.3 9.6 14.8 18.16 (124)
BRISBANE 5.3 5.7 12.12 14.14 (98)

Goals: Richmond: J Riewoldt 5, King 3, Nahas 3, Nason 2, White 2, Vickery 2, Martin. Brisbane: Power 4, Beams 2, Rich 2, Polkinghorne, Redden, Clark, Leuenberger, Banfield, Rockliff.

Best: Richmond: Martin, Foley, Riewoldt, Nahas, Deledio, Houli, Rance. Brisbane: Black, Power, Adcock, Redden, Rockliff, O'Brien, Rockliff.

Injuries: Richmond: Nahas (bruised hip), Tuck (bruised ribs). Brisbane: Nil.
Reports: Nil.

Umpires: Stuart Wenn, Simon Meredith, Corey Bowen.
Official Crowd: 37,438 at the MCG.

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Richmond slugs its way clear of Lions (Age)
« Reply #3 on: May 01, 2011, 03:07:55 AM »
Richmond slugs its way clear of Lions
Martin Boulton
May 1, 2011

Richmond: Martin, Nahas, King, Cotchin, Riewoldt, Grigg.
Brisbane Lions: Black, Rockliff, Rich, Adcock, Power, Hanley, O'Brien.
Richmond: Tuck (bruised ribs), Nahas (bruised hip).

RICHMOND and the Brisbane Lions had just one win between them this season coming into last night's match at the MCG.

Not exactly a recipe for a Saturday night thriller but both sides had players desperate to throw themselves into the contest who lifted the game with their heroics.

The 26-point margin reflected the Tigers' dominance, but the Lions arrived with a strong sense of purpose and the two sides were watched by the biggest crowd to have seen a game between the teams.

But after the match, Lions coach Michael Voss refused to concede that anything other than a win was acceptable, saying he did not get a ''collective effort'' from his side.

The Lions had the first goal on the board inside 30 seconds through Daniel Rich and the Tigers quickly responded with Robin Nahas neatly working the ball off the outside of his right boot, while running into the left-hand forward pocket.

In just his second game of the season, Shane Tuck was on the receiving end of a heavy bump that left him nursing sore ribs and later forced him from the ground. Ben Nason was substituted into the game at Tuck's expense in the second term.

Dustin Martin backed up a superb game last week with another blistering start in the opening term. The silky second-year player had 14 touches in the term, kicked a goal and gave the Tigers enormous composure with his hands on the ball.

Todd Banfield fluffed a close-range set shot at goal for the Lions from a free kick, but a minute later goalled from exactly the same spot after marking.

Richmond, meanwhile, was winning more of the ball, but failing to use it cleanly by foot.

The visitors, through sharing the ball around and looking for the best option inside their 50-metre arc, again snuck away to a six-point lead when Matthew Leuenberger goalled.

The Lions were getting plenty of drive from half-back and looked dangerous in the opening stages whether running through the corridor or pushing wide to the wings.

Richmond forward Jack Riewoldt kicked three first-half goals, his first coming soon after he flew high for a mark over two opponents, but the ball spilled free and he crashed back to ground. The Coleman medallist briefly looked shocked the umpire didn't reward him but, perhaps remembering his recent dressing-down by coach Damien Hardwick, the 22-year-old bounced to his feet and refocused.

Three-time premiership player Luke Power's first goal swung the fourth lead change of the opening term and the Lions continued to look dangerous on the burst with Jack Redden, who continues to impress, and Tom Rockliff making the most of each possession.

Claye Beams came back into the side and threw himself into the contest, kicking a goal and having five handy touches before the first break.

The Lions took a six-point lead into quarter-time, but it would have been more if not for Martin, who took a classy mark in front of the members' wing, wheeled onto his deadly left boot and delivered a perfect kick to Tyson Vickery, who played on and slotted Richmond's fourth major.

After some sloppy ball use before the break the Tigers improved, while Jed Adcock and Ashley McGrath made it easy for Riewoldt, spoiling each other deep in defence and allowing the Tiger forward an easy chest mark and shot at goal.

The 37,000 fans at the ground sounded like 67,000 as the pressure mounted and the scores tightened.

Tiger favourite Jake King's first goal came through a quick handball from Robin Nahas and gave the Tigers a six-point lead 11 minutes into the term.

King again had the parochial crowd on side when he brushed away a McGrath tackle, almost losing his shorts, but kept bursting towards goal and flush into Pearce Hanley, who was also shoved aside in King's desperation to score.

On the half-time siren it was Riewoldt's turn to step up with his third goal, courtesy of another perfectly weighted kick from Martin.

As quickly as the home side seized control in a tightly fought contest the Lions showed in the third term they weren't heading home without a fight. Power led the revival, kicking three majors for the quarter, while veteran Simon Black and young midfielder Jesse O'Brien (in his sixth game) refused to give up.

Two evenly matched teams on paper kept the pressure on each other as the game wore on and there were heroics from players on both sides, but it was the Lions who whittled away a four-goal deficit to lead by five-points deep into the term.

Riewoldt's fourth goal, however, swung another lead change and Nahas, who burrowed in all night, kicked his third to give the Tigers an eight-point lead at the final change.

Having built momentum it was Richmond which skipped away with four goals in the closing stages, posting its second win, while the Lions remain winless despite showing patches of good form over five matches.


It wasn't a snap from the boundary and it wasn't a running, bouncing goal from centre half-back. But for pure entertainment value, let's hope Jake King wins this week's goal of the year nomination. The Tiger tyro started by beating Ash McGrath in a one-on-one battle for the ball, as it slid towards the boundary line, with only a few minutes left in the second term. As he sprinted off, McGrath dacked him, but King kept going with his shorts halfway down his backside. Ten or 15 steps closer, with the goals looming, he was then almost beheaded by Pearce Hanley. But have these sorts of things ever worried Jake King? Never. He slipped underneath Hanley's outstretched arm and slotted his second goal for the term, stretching the Tigers' lead.


Amid all the discussion about Jack Riewoldt's body language, head knocks and various other so-called issues a few weeks back, one thing was almost forgotten - he hadn't exactly been kicking a heap of goals. Quietly, the Richmond full-forward has worked himself back into some good form, with his four goals against Collingwood two weeks ago, five against North Melbourne last week, followed by another five last night. His teammates didn't look for him every time, and didn't need to, with King and Nahas both working hard to offer options of their own, but he read the ball well, held his marks, and handballed off when that was the best thing to do. Jack is back in form. - EMMA QUAYLE

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Tigers beginning to come of age (Age)
« Reply #4 on: May 01, 2011, 03:10:00 AM »
Tigers beginning to come of age
Emma Quayle
May 1, 2011

IT ALL seems so simple, doesn't it? Be really bad. Get some high draft picks. Use them to draft some good young players. Play them. Be really bad for a bit longer. Get better. Get close. Win. Win a lot. Win a flag.

The rise of a talented young team can rarely be represented by one straight, upward-trending, diagonal line, though. More often than not there are setbacks, holes that need filling, and simple bumps in the road. Melbourne's band of high draft picks, of whom so much is now expected, is starting to find that out.

It's what made Richmond's match-up last night, against the Brisbane Lions, possibly the most interesting of its season so far. For once, the Tigers would not be able to play as the plucky youngster, looking to shake things up, hoping to force an upset, able to throw caution to the wind - to just go for it and see what happened.

Instead, they were on their home patch, against an interstate team. They were up against a side sitting in a similar part of the ladder, attempting a similar revival and looking for its own young players to deliver it.

Yes, Jack Riewoldt battled Daniel Merrett's bold, burly attentions. And yes, fifth-gamer Jake Batchelor found out during the third term that 266-gamer Luke Power has not forgotten how to kick goals, or drag his side back into games.

But the Brisbane side featured Tom Rockliff, Jack Redden, Daniel Rich, Todd Banfield, Jesse O'Brien, Pearce Hanley, Broc McCauley, Claye Beams, Jared Polec - have you heard of many of them? Across the ground there were even match-ups, in both age and experience, with neither side able to claim baby-faced status.

It was a match the Tigers were tipped to win, and a game they had every reason to believe they should win. Which made it interesting to see if they would or not. Especially after they started well.

Cotchin, Martin, Shaun Grigg were very, very good - the first pair particularly proactive - but so were Rockliff, Redden and Rich. Angus Graham and Tyrone Vickery were, for the first time in a long time, bigger and more experienced than their young opponent, McCauley.

In defence, the likes of Dylan Grimes, Batchelor and Alex Rance were not playing on monsters. They were able to spoil, to mark, to not look like rag dolls. At the other end, Robbie Nahas, Brad Miller and King had experience aplenty. So did Vickery when he was down there, pitted against Tom Collier.

The Tigers set the initiative, and got a four-goal half-time lead. But what were we just saying about young teams and consistency? Their challenge didn't necessarily come at the start of the third quarter, as the Lions kicked goal, after goal after goal, and got not only back into the game, but into the lead.

It wasn't necessarily there as they began to kick goals of their own again, with the Lions still able to take the ball forward with reasonable ease, and find the players they were looking for. The Tigers started to step up, but they weren't able to shut down, or shrug the challenge completely off.

Instead, the question was how they would play after stopping, taking a deep breath, spending a few minutes huddled together at three-quarter-time and discussing what exactly they had to do to finish this one, to make sure they did what they had looked for most of the night like doing: winning.

A contested mark by King, with players running at him from either direction, got them there. Rance made some thumping spoils, putting some earlier moments of indecision aside. Vickery chased, tackled and set up a Ben Nason goal. There were a few nervous moments deep in defence, but they managed to work the ball out. Martin kept getting the ball, and Nathan Foley did as well. They kicked away from an opponent that kept trying, and that was important too.

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emma quale is a breath of fresh air amongst the modern so called sports journalists. It's not just a case of someone like Carro making her seem good either.
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