Author Topic: Changes for the Carlton game?  (Read 1255 times)

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Re: Changes for the Carlton game?
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lmao you regularly write off kids after 5 minutes...hell you've even been known to write 'em off on draft night... :shh

Nope just not the case. Unlike your good self. See the above lmfao.
 prefering other players on draft night to the ones we took is not writing them off thats a simple preference for another player or another type. Most ten year olds can make that distinction but not all it seems. ;)

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Re: Changes for the Carlton game?
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188cm still putting on size.

Goes hard,always competes and actually gets a lot of hbg. Lays tackles that stick is strong in the contest and is very good over head.
He has good pace and covers the ground real well.
Last he is very good at what all defenders should be that is he defends real well.

The only knock i can see is his kicking can be a bit scratchy at times, in saying that he plays with composure with ball in hand.

His debut game was fantastic and his second game was very servicable until he was injured in March.. Tough assignment as well playing on Ports Marshall and doing okay giving away so much height. Marshall got off the chain after Trezise went off.

He did not play another game until May and has mostly been given run with or specific stopping roles since.

He is a player we really need to look at imo of course. People have goes at me for supposedly writing players off too quickly which is  a falsehood.  im not writing anyone off after just two games in which he showed plenty and coming from a country league such a short time ago.  Because of injury hes basically been playing for us just over a season.  Seems others are but somehow manage to back in blokes who have been there for years and still struggle.

Spot on Claw. Trezies has a bright future and is trending in the right direction.