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2014 Draft Combine/Camp
« on: July 29, 2014, 12:08:09 AM »
2014 Draft Combine List
Callum Twomey
July 28, 2014 3:08 PM

A list of 96 players invited to the four-day testing at Etihad Stadium in October was released on Monday, with 19 selected via the Queensland and NSW/ACT Rams squads from the recent under-18 championships.


Logan Austin                Belconnen
Nick Coughlan              Murray Bushrangers
Abe Davis                     UNSW-Easts
Tom Faul                      Ainslie
Jeremy Finlayson         Hills Eagles
Isaac Heeney               Cardiff
Jack Hiscox                  Sydney Uni
Brydan Hodgson          Murray Bushrangers
Dougal Howard            Murray Bushrangers
Michael Mattingly          Corowa-Rutherglen
Tyler Roos                    Sandringham Dragons
Jack Steele                   Belconnen

Nakia Cockatoo            NT Thunder

Harris Andrews            Aspley
Liam Dawson               Aspley
Matt Hammelmann       Morningside
Nick Jackson                Aspley
Braydon Preuss           Mt Gravatt
Matthew Uebergang    Ipswich
Lachie Weller               Broadbeach

Peter Bampton             Norwood
Caleb Daniel                South Adelaide
Sam Durdin                  West Adelaide
Brett Eddy                    South Adelaide
Josh Glenn                   Central Districts
Dean Gore                   Sturt
Cory Gregson               Glenelg
Declan Hamilton           Port Adelaide
Oleg Markov                 North Adelaide
Alex Neal-Bullen           Glenelg
Keenan Ramsey           Port Adelaide
Tom Read                     Sturt
James Rose                 Sturt
Billy Stretch                  Glenelg
Harrison Wigg              North Adelaide

Josh McGuinness          Lauderdale

Daniel Butler                North Ballarat Rebels
Christian Buykx-Smith  Gippsland Power
Daniel Capiron             Gippsland Power
Zaine Cordy                 Geelong Falcons
Jordan Cunico              Gippsland Power
Nathan Drummond       Murray Bushrangers
Hugh Goddard             Geelong Falcons
Daniel Howe                Murray Bushrangers
Tom Lamb                    Dandenong Stingrays
Jack Lonie                    Dandenong Stingrays
Caleb Marchbank         Murray Bushrangers
Rowan Marshall           North Ballarat Rebels
Patrick McCartin           Geelong Falcons
Jaden McGrath             Bendigo Pioneers
Jackson Nelson            Geelong Falcons
Lukas Webb                 Gippsland Power

Paul Ahern                   Calder Cannons
Angus Brayshaw          Sandringham Dragons
Jason Castagna           Northern Knights
Damien Cavka             Calder Cannons
Josh Clayton                Sandringham Dragons
Jordan De Goey          Oakleigh Chargers
Harry Dear                   Sandringham Dragons
Liam Duggan               Western Jets
Corey Ellis                   Western Jets
Matthew Goodyear      Calder Cannons
Billy Gowers                Oakleigh Chargers
Ed Langdon                 Sandringham Dragons
Kyle Langford              Northern Knights
Jayden Laverde           Western Jets
Jake Lever                   Calder Cannons
Brayden Maynard         Sandringham Dragons
Daniel McKenzie          Oakleigh Chargers
Reece McKenzie          Northern Knights
Connor Menadue         Western Jets
Touk Miller                    Calder Cannons
Darcy Moore                Oakleigh Chargers
Daniel Nielson              Eastern Ranges
Brenton Payne            Western Jets
Christian Petracca       Eastern Ranges
Marc Pittonet               Oakleigh Chargers
Ed Vickers-Willis          Sandringham Dragons
Dillon Viojo-Rainbow    Western Jets
Peter Wright                 Calder Cannons

Aidan Anderson           Swan Districts
Connor Blakely             Swan Districts
Jack Cripps                   East Fremantle
Josh Deluca                  Subiaco
Billy Frampton              South Fremantle
Jarrod Garlett               South Fremantle
Tyler Keitel                   East Perth
Mitch McGovern           Claremont
Jermaine Miller-Lewis   South Fremantle
Jarrod Pickett               South Fremantle
Clem Smith                   Perth
Francis Watson            Claremont

Marvin Baynham          USA
Paddy Brophy              Ireland
Evan Bruinsma             USA
Connor McKenna          Ireland

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Re: 2014 Draft Combine/Camp
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2014, 12:52:32 AM »
Only one kid each from NT & Tasmania? Is that usual?
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Re: 2014 Draft Combine/Camp
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2014, 07:18:48 AM »
Yep, they don't usually get more than 1 or 2.  The big increase this year has been in NSW/ACT and Qld invites.

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Re: 2014 Draft Combine/Camp
« Reply #3 on: July 29, 2014, 10:30:28 AM »
Only one kid each from NT & Tasmania? Is that usual?
tassie had 5 last year I think. Both teams have a terrible group this year.

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Re: 2014 Draft Combine/Camp
« Reply #4 on: July 29, 2014, 01:52:55 PM »
Only one kid each from NT & Tasmania? Is that usual?
tassie had 5 last year I think. Both teams have a terrible group this year.

7 from Tassie and 2 from the NT.  I had a perception that Tassie usually didn't get many but 7 wasn't bad from a small state.

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Re: 2014 Draft Combine/Camp
« Reply #5 on: July 29, 2014, 02:15:13 PM »
See Smokey's relative young Mr Dawson has made the cut for the QLD contingent   :clapping
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Re: 2014 Draft Combine/Camp
« Reply #6 on: July 29, 2014, 02:28:16 PM »
Yeah, he was happy with that WP but in all honesty he was always going to get invited from this time last year.  He missed the majority of the recent carnival when he did his shoulder early in Game 1 but luckily he shared the Div 2 medal last year and has been in the AIS squad for 2 years so he has the runs on the board so to speak.  A few clubs have been in contact with him (not us)  :( and Freo flew over to Brisbane for a long talk with him at home.  He can get picked up by Brisbane under their Academy rules but Lachie Weller is rated higher and will most likely be picked up by Brisbane before him.  He has said he doesn't care where he goes, just wants to get drafted but his Mum wasn't exactly enamoured with Fremantle as a destination (distance-wise)!  :)  Personally I just hope he gets drafted, not just because he's family but more because he's a ripping kid who has had his fair share of family battles just to get to where he has.

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2014 State Draft Combine/Camp list
« Reply #7 on: August 04, 2014, 03:03:57 PM »
Callum Twomey
August 4, 2014

Liam Griffiths Ainslie
Jordan Foote UNSW-Easts

Marcus Hamilton Big River Hawks

Robert Blood Southport
Paul Hunter Redlands
Will Kristelly Brisbane Lions Academy

Sam Baulderstone Norwood
Mac Bower Norwood
Henry Carey Sturt
Brad Coulson Port Adelaide
Ben Edwards Glenelg
Adam Gulden South Adelaide
Josh Hone Sturt
Jake Johansen Port Adelaide
Conor McLean Central Districts
Matt Panos Norwood
Zac Richards Norwood
Peter Spurling Glenelg
Brett Turner West Adelaide
Jesse Watchman West Adelaide
Callum Wilkie North Adelaide

Matt Hanson Western Storm
Caleb Hislop Burnie
Tim Jones Western Storm
Mitch Rainbird Glenorchy
Josh Watts Glenorchy

Daniel Coghlan Essendon VFL
Michael Hartley Coburg
Jack Johnstone Williamstown
Adam Marcon Williamstown
Nick Newman Frankston
Jake Owen Williamstown
Adam Saad Coburg
Sam Tagliabue Essendon VFL
Shannon Taylor Frankston

Sam Bennett North Ballarat Rebels
Dale Bailey Dandenong Stingrays
Daniel Davie Bendigo Pioneers
Nick Dixon Geelong Falcons
Billy Evans Bendigo Pioneers
Campbell Floyd Geelong Falcons
Dylan Hodge Geelong Falcons
Harrison Kol Geelong Falcons
Joe Maishman Geelong Falcons
Oscar McDonald North Ballarat Rebels
Nick Mellington Murray Bushrangers
David Mennen Murray Bushrangers
Teia Miles Geelong Falcons
Jesse Palmer North Ballarat Rebels
Tom Templeton North Ballarat Rebels
Aaron Wilson Dandenong Stingrays

Ben Allan Calder Cannons
Hugh Beasley Oakleigh Chargers
Will Fordham Sandringham Dragons
Jayden Foster Calder Cannons
Taylor Grace Sandringham Dragons
Matt Jackson Oakleigh Chargers
Bailey Jordan Northern Knights
Mark Kovacevic Calder Cannons
Michael Manteit Sandringham Dragons
Garrett McDonagh Northern Knights
Sean McLaren Sandringham Dragons
Toby McLean Oakleigh Chargers
Billy Myers Western Jets
Rielly O'Brien Calder Cannons
Fraser Pearce Oakleigh Chargers
Rory Sheridan-Ferrie Eastern Ranges
Jayden Short Northern Knights
Jack Sinclair Oakleigh Chargers
Sam Switkowski Northern Knights
Ryan Tester Northern Knights
Lachlan Waddell Oakleigh Chargers
Tom Wilkinson Sandringham Dragons

Brenden Abbott Claremont
Matthew Ah Siu South Fremantle
Sam Bevan Claremont
Blaine Boekhorst Swan Districts
Darcy Cameron Claremont
Rick Cary Swan Districts
Adam Creeper Subiaco
Jarrod Hardisty Claremont
Alex Howard Swan Districts
Ryan Lim Claremont
Cameron Loersch South Fremantle
Dylan Nelson Swan Districts
Matthew Palfrey Claremont
Haiden Schloithe South Fremantle
Bradley Walsh Claremont
Alec Waterman Claremont
Dylan Winton Peel Thunder
Shane Yarran Subiaco

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Re: 2014 Draft Combine/Camp
« Reply #8 on: August 07, 2014, 08:56:32 PM »
Callum Twomey
August 7, 2014


Western Australia

Jack Cripps               East Fremantle/Northampton
20.1.1996        Height: 196cm                        Weight: 86kg
Versatile tall forward who is a neat and reliable penetrating set shot for goal. Shows the consistent ability to mark strongly on the lead, taking the ball at its highest point, and is at his best when moving towards the kicker. Averaged 9.5 disposals, 3.3 marks and one goal during his four games for Western Australia in the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships.

Tyler Keitel                East Perth/Noranda
7.2.1996          Height: 194cm            Weight: 86kg
Tall forward who provided a strong marking target up forward and has good speed to get space off his opponent. Averaged 6.2 marks and 15.8 disposals as Western Australia's most dangerous forward during the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. Can also transition into defence when called upon with great effect making him an extremely versatile footballer.

Mitchell McGovern               Claremont
11.10.1994      Height: 191cm                        Weight: 84kg
Strong marking tall forward who positions his body very well in the contest. Possesses excellent foot skills on either side of the body. His vertical leap is a real asset, particularly on the lead, making it difficult for opposition defenders to spoil. Has averaged 10.7 disposals and 4.3 marks in his seven games of league football for Claremont this season.


Abaina Davis             UNSW-Easts
27.1.1996        Height: 193cm            Weight: 86kg
Mobile and powerful tall forward with strong hands overhead. Averaged 13.3 disposals and five marks in the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. Showed good mobility and is very creative inside 50. Hard to stop once he gets front position and is a reliable set shot for goal. Averaged 13.3 disposals and five marks during the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. Is a Sydney Swans Academy player.

Jeremy Finlayson      Hills Eagles
9.2.1996          Height: 195cm                        Weight: 84kg
Athletic and beautifully balanced tall forward who possesses a penetrating left foot. Can play as a deep leading forward who is difficult to stop and also shows excellent mobility playing further up the ground. Marks strongly on the lead. Averaged 12 disposals and 3.7 marks during the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. Is a GWS Giants Academy player.

Nicholas Coughlan    Murray Bushrangers/Albury
12.9.1996        Height: 193cm                        Weight: 84kg
Tall Forward with good athletic ability and strong overhead. Agile and presents well on the lead. A reliable set shot for goal as well as an excellent field kick on his preferred right foot. Averaged 10 disposals (four contested possessions) and a goal in three matches during the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. A member of NAB AFL National Academy in 2014.

Dougal Howard         Murray Bushrangers/Albury
25.3.1996        Height: 195cm                        Weight: 88kg
Tall developing forward that provides an excellent target inside 50.  His overhead marking is a strength and once he takes front position it's difficult for defenders to spoil.  Possesses an excellent vertical leap while also showing elite leg speed for a player of his size (2.92secs 20m Sprint).  Played senior footy with the Wagga Tigers in 2013.  Averaged four marks and one goal per game during the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships.  GWS Giants Academy player.

South Australia

Brett Eddy                 South Adelaide
26.8.1989        Height: 194cm                        Weight: 89kg
Strong and powerful tall forward with an excellent set of hands. Shows the ability to not only mark on the lead but also to use his body to great effect in a one on one contest. His set shot goal kicking is a real feature of his game, rarely missing an opportunity to convert. Has kicked 54 goals in his 15 matches for South Adelaide at senior level this season.


Matthew Hammelmann        Morningside
8.3.1996          Height: 197cm                        Weight: 88kg
Tall forward with strong hands in front, on the lead and overhead. Has good pace off the mark to get separation on his opponent. Can also play in defence. Showed promise in the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships, averaging 10.3 disposals, 7.3 marks and 2.3 goals in his three matches. A member of the NAB AFL Academy as well as the Brisbane Lions Academy.

Matthew Uebergang             Ipswich
6.1.1995          Height: 193cm                        Weight: 87kg
Tall forward with good speed off the mark and strong hands on the lead. A very good reader of the play who shows good composure with the ball in hand. Possesses excellent athletic traits and competitive instincts. Has also played in defence to good effect. Averaged 11.7 disposals and 5.5 marks during this year's NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. A Brisbane Lions Academy player.


Tom Lamb                 Dandenong Stingrays/Edithvale-Aspendale
19.10.1996      Height: 193cm                        Weight 84kg
Tall forward/midfielder with elite endurance, rare goal sense and footy nous. His versatility makes him a very difficult match-up for opposition teams. Strong overhead, he averaged 14.8 disposals with 50 percent contested in five matches during the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. Member of the NAB AFL Academy. His father Wayne played with Melbourne and Fitzroy.

Patrick McCartin      Geelong Falcons/St Joseph's FC
19.10.1996      Height: 193cm                        Weight: 84kg
Tall forward who times his leads well, is a one-grab player and strong overhead mark. Imposes himself on games and is dangerous around goals with accurate snaps or with his sound technique for set shots. Averaged four marks and 2.3 goals in the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. A NAB AFL Academy member.

Darcy Moore             Oakleigh Chargers/ Kew Comets JFC
25.1.1996        Height: 199cm                        Weight: 93kg
Tall forward or defender with excellent closing speed and natural leap. Strong overhead mark and smart around goals, kicking four goals against Western Australia at Simonds Stadium in round five. Averaged 9.2 disposals and three marks in roles both forward and back during the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. Son of dual Brownlow medallist Peter Moore.

Brenton Payne           Western Jets/Bacchus Marsh
3.9.1996          Height: 193cm                        Weight: 76cm
Leading goal-kicker at the Jets. Attends St Patrick's in Ballarat and is also a very talented cricketer. Applies very good defensive pressure for a key forward. Shows good top end speed allowing him to create separation from his opponent. Averaged 9.2 disposals and 2.4 marks for Vic Metro during this year’s NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. Endurance is a real strength for a player of his size. The grandson of Essendon forward Charlie Payne (194 games).


Ben Edwards
Glenelg/South Australia         
15.3.1995  Height: 192cm    Weight: 73kg

Matt Panos
Norwood/South Australia
25.1.1991  Height: 192cm    Weight: 81kg                                   

Jesse Watchman
West Adelaide/South Australia
28.1.1996  Height: 196cm    Weight: 90kg                                 

Callum Wilkie
North Adelaide/South Australia
10.3.1996  Height: 192cm    Weight: 84kg         

Jake Owen   
11.11.1994         Height: 191cm    Weight: 82kg           

Jayden Foster
Calder Cannons/Victoria
1.6.1995    Height:194cm    Weight: 91kg

Lachlan Waddell
Oakleigh Chargers/Victoria
12.5.1995  Height: 200cm    Weight: 96kg

Matthew Ah Siu
South Fremantle/Western Australia
20.7.1996  Height: 194cm    Weight: 78kg

Sam Bevan
Claremont/Western Australia     
12.6.1996  Height: 193cm    Weight: 79kg

Rick Cary     
Swan Districts/Western Australia                     
12.10.1991         Height: 196cm    Weight: 88kg

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Re: 2014 Draft Combine/Camp
« Reply #9 on: October 01, 2014, 01:16:40 PM »

Standing Vertical Jump (cm)
1. Marvin Baynham 88
2. Jarrod Garlett 76
2. Nathan Drummond 76
4. Christian Petracca 74
5. Nakia Cockatoo 73
5. James Rose 73
7. Dean Gore 72
7. Nicholas Coughlan 72
7. Evan Bruinsma 72
7. Reece McKenzie 72
7. Tom Read 72
Running vertical jump (cm)
1. Evan Bruinsma 97
2. Marvin Baynham 95
3. Daniel McKenzie 94
4. Billy Gowers 93
5. Nathan Drummond 90
6. Nakia Cockatoo 89
7. Matthew Uebergang 87
7. Mitch McGovern 87
7. James Rose 87
7. Matthew Hammelmann 87


AMERICAN Marvin Baynham has set a new benchmark with a record-breaking standing vertical jump at the first day of the NAB AFL Draft Combine.

The 22-year-old from Florida jumped 88cm on Monday to overtake the previous best test, which was set by athletic Sydney Swans' utility Dean Towers (85cm) in 2012.

Baynham first impressed at April's Los Angeles combine, where his athleticism and speed piqued the interest of clubs who attended.

Since arriving in Australia almost two weeks ago, he has trialled at a handful of clubs as he transitions to a new sport, having grown up playing basketball and American football.

West Australian Jarrod Garlett and Nathan Drummond also competed well, recording jumps of 76cm, while likely top-three draft pick Christian Petracca's basketball background came to the fore with a 74cm leap.

Fellow American Evan Bruinsma, who is also trialling to win a position as an international rookie, was a standout in the running vertical jump.

Bruinsma recorded a 97cm running jump – equalling the second-best jump of all time behind Nic Naitanui's 102cm leap in 2008.

Baynham's 95cm jump was the third-best of all time, while Daniel McKenzie showed the explosiveness in his game with a 94cm jump – the fourth-best ever recorded.

McKenzie has had some injury interruptions this season but finished the year strongly with the Oakleigh Chargers in their TAC Cup premiership.

A number of likely early draft selections are not testing at this week's combine due to injury. Paddy McCartin (groin), Lachie Weller (leg), Isaac Heeney (knee), Angus Brayshaw (ankle) and Peter Wright (knee) are among the batch who are unavailable.

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Re: 2014 Draft Combine/Camp
« Reply #10 on: October 02, 2014, 03:11:49 AM »

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Re: 2014 Draft Combine/Camp
« Reply #11 on: October 02, 2014, 02:05:40 PM »

20 metre sprint results
Marvin Baynham 2.81secs
Oleg Markov 2.87
Jarrod Pickett 2.87
Reece McKenzie 2.87
Connor Menadue 2.88
Nakia Cockatoo 2.90
Ed Langdon 2.92
Paddy Brophy 2.93
Conor McKenna 2.93
Nathan Drummond 2.93

Agility results
Clem Smith 8.09secs
Daniel McKenzie 8.10
Conor McKenna 8.12
Jarrod Pickett 8.13
Teia Miles 8.27
Lukas Webb 8.28
Josh McGuinness 8.33
Billy Stretch 8.33
Kyle Langford 8.36
Jack Lonie 8.37

Repeat sprint results
Nakia Cockatoo 23.93secs
Nathan Drummond 23.95
Daniel Nielson 23.99
Daniel McKenzie 24.02
Ed Langdon 24.06
Oleg Markov 24.14
Connor Menadue 24.14
Conor McKenna 24.16
Matthew Goodyear 24.49
Jack Hiscox 24.36

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Re: 2014 Draft Combine/Camp
« Reply #12 on: October 02, 2014, 02:20:31 PM »
Im pretty sure Nathan Drummond is the kid who played at least a couple of games for us in the VFL

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Re: 2014 Draft Combine/Camp
« Reply #13 on: October 03, 2014, 12:56:12 AM »
Draft Combine wrap - Day Three:



Full South Australian results for the 20m sprint...

Oleg Markov (North) 186cm - 2.87 seconds
Dean Gore (Sturt) 183cm - 2.94 seconds
Jake Johansen (Port) 171cm - 2.95 seconds
James Rose (Sturt) 186cm - 2.97 seconds
Billy Stretch (Glenelg) 181cm - 2.99 seconds
Caleb Daniel (South) 168cm - 3.00 seconds
Sam Durdin (West) 197cm - 3.01 seconds
Tom Read (Sturt) 201cm - 3.02 seconds
Keenan Ramsey (Port) 192cm - 3.02 seconds
Cory Gregson (Glenelg) 175cm - 3.02 seconds
Declan Hamilton (Port) 183cm - 3.06 seconds
Brett Eddy (South) 194cm - 3.10 seconds
Alex Neal-Bullen (Glenelg) 182cm - 3.12 seconds
Josh Glenn (Central) 179cm - 3.13 seconds

Beep test results for the South Australians...

Caleb Daniel (South) 168cm - 16.1
Alex Neal-Bullen (Glenelg) 182cm - 15.1
Cory Gregson (Glenelg) 175cm - 14.9
Declan Hamilton (Port) 183cm - 14.7
James Rose (Sturt) 186cm - 14.6
Josh Glenn (Central) 179cm - 14.4
Jake Johansen (Port) 171cm - 14.4
Dean Gore (Sturt) 183cm - 14.1
Keenan Ramsey (Port) 192cm - 13.12
Oleg Markov (North) 186cm - 13.11
Sam Durdin (West) 197cm - 13.10
Tom Read (Sturt) 201cm - 13.10
Brett Eddy (South) 194cm - 12.5

Caleb Daniel was equal first with Jack Hiscox from NSW.

Also, Dean Gore and Keenan Ramsay topped the goal kicking with a perfect 5 out of 5.

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Re: 2014 Draft Combine/Camp
« Reply #14 on: October 03, 2014, 12:57:24 AM »
Im pretty sure Nathan Drummond is the kid who played at least a couple of games for us in the VFL
Yes he is, taz.

Here's the stats for the 3 games he played with our VFL side: