Author Topic: Richmond makes $5 million profit / Aiming for 90,000 members (Herald-Sun)  (Read 1624 times)

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Re: Richmond makes $5 million profit / Aiming for 90,000 members (Herald-Sun)
« Reply #30 on: October 27, 2017, 12:35:48 PM »
I think that's right. The club would have done it with the redevelopment unfortunately what we have is what is allowed. That's
why we need a pub as close to punt road as possible.

Correct, Melb City Council are our Landlord and we can do anything at Punt Road unless they sign off

But the idea of some sort of club owned venue is great idea

Though, I'd question if it is feasible long term with so many AFL clubs looking at exiting the pokie business over the next few years

Need a 2017 cutting edge pub including traditional high quality grub to be built next to punt rd. Maybe even extend at the Apparel shop end to around behind the goals.

Build it for 1200-1500 drinkers with sportsbar facilities, and an adaptable footprint. rent it our for functions in the off season.

Consult the members and community about what they'd like to see included. bring alot of the museum memorabilia across. use stadium and local sourced heritage related materials for the entrance and internally.

have a presentation before each game by a relevant coach or player

invest the money from merchandise sales ($5-6 million)

id stuffing live there

Name suggestions?

Richmond Central

Just inform the MCC and MFC they're out of the MCG during footy season. It's ours