Author Topic: Richmond’s premiership win was ‘terribly uninteresting’ - Kennett (Herald-Sun)  (Read 646 times)

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Kennet is a first class POS on many levels.  The fact he still gets press and people speak to him as if he were some sort of human being still befuddles me.  The arrogant prick sorely needs filling in.
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Our win is so uninteresting he had to comment on it.

Well let me say it was very interesting to me.

He is the face of Beyond Blue so is Kennett denigrating all RFC members, players and supporters, ther families et al.

Jeff, you are very bad making a derogatory comment like that.

I thought he was all about positivity.

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Bring back all those schools you sold Jeff we need them now. Such a short sighted old turd, lives for the headline. Hasn't had a smart thought in his life.

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I found it plenty interesting.

And the HS made record paper sales as well, so obviously lots of people found it interesting.

He's probably just salty because we poisoned the well with Vickery.

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Quite honestly, with Kennett back as President at Hawthorn, it is  sign that they are in turmoil.

Can't see how he and Clarkson are going to get along. After all, Jeff believes that an AFL coach only has a 10 year life in that role, regardless of success.

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Our win was so uninteresting that I have watched the replay a dozen times.
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Hawthorn was uninteresting back in round 20 . Game was over at quarter time.
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If we are so "terribly uninteresting" Jeff, then tell me why we are getting so much of YOUR attention.

Jeff, why don't you ring the Herald Sun and ask them about there sales figures the week leading up to and the week proceeding the GF, because you will find the interest to be unprecedented, they recorded record sales daily for their rag the biggest number in history Jeff, the highest interest in history Jeff and your club can't even muster that after winning 4 in 9 years. The Hawks are boring Jeff. your a scared man Jeff and so you should be Jeff, the beast has awoken.
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I think he's confusing it with - was it the 2015 Grand Final snooze against West Coast?  Most boring GF ever!!!