Author Topic: Scrimshaw trade means Richmond ended up getting Prestia for nothing (Foxsports)  (Read 138 times)

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WHEN the Gold Coast Suns traded Dion Prestia to the Tigers at the end of 2016, they would’ve banked on drafting a top prospect that could help improve their club dramatically.

Now, the compensation player the Suns picked up has walked out two years later.

And, essentially, it all means Richmond paid nothing for Prestia.

The Suns had won three of their first five games in 2016, but won just three more games for the rest of the year to finish in 15th place.

The off-season saw Prestia walk out of the club, with the Tigers sending Pick 6, along with a future second-round pick, to the Suns in exchange for Prestia and Pick 24.

In isolation, Prestia went on to become a premiership player at the Tigers in 2017 — while the Suns got just four games of service out of their direct replacement, Scrimshaw — who now no longer is on their list.

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Sorry but that does not make sense at all. Their logic is very very flawed.

We paid with pick 6. So we didn't get him for nothing. What GCS did with that pick doesn't have anything to do with us.

It's like saying that you paid $1 million for a motor car and then the guy you paid went and burnt the money. It still cost you $1 million.
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The logic should be Gold Coast wasted a first round pick

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just another journo who has nfi. Did these guys actually get through school?

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just another journo who has nfi. Did these guys actually get through school?

They have teachers like me.