Author Topic: 1993 revisited --- Richmond: Tigers and Tragedy  (Read 2953 times)

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1993 revisited --- Richmond: Tigers and Tragedy
« on: February 19, 2019, 02:09:26 AM »

AUDIO: Episode 7 - Richmond: Tigers and Tragedy

In 1993 the proud Richmond Football Club was at its lowest ebb. A tenth straight year of mediocrity hit Tigerland that year. Cameron Schwab was at the helm, just 29 years of age but already a veteran in the job of General Manager financial crisis and merger talk had been a way of life around the club for a number of years.  Amongst the struggle of breaking the Tigers woeful form cycle, 1993 saw Cameron deal with the saddest time of his life, the death of his father Alan, the number 2 man at AFL HQ a tragic story that was to cast a giant shadow over the AFL season.

But there was light too, a Fosters Cup Grand Final , the appointment of John Northey as coach and the arrival of a young kid from Devonport meant the Tigers would never be this bad again. 

The Greatest Season That Was: 93 documents our contention that in 1993, footy was never better. Hosted by Adam Collins, Dan Brettig and Shannon Gill, this series is an in-depth exploration of one amazing season.

The Greatest Season That Was: 93 is produced by Jay Mueller and edited by Thom Lion. Check out Bad Producer Productions for more podcasts.