Author Topic: Benny Gale on MMM & 3AW 8-8-20  (Read 207 times)

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Benny Gale on MMM & 3AW 8-8-20
« on: August 08, 2020, 03:10:26 PM »
Benny Gale on MMM this arvo:

Barrett introduced him at the "next CEO of the the AFL"

* Benny said it was unacceptable behaviour and a terrible look. A difficult but also the good thing it's a teachable moment. People were sending him photos and videos of athletes around the world doing similar things. We need to acknowledge that those things however are no longer acceptable behaviour.

* It was brought to the attention of the leadership group on Thursday. They told the rest of the group it was not on. We had emails/letters from supporters making us aware of it.

* Not fair on Dimma. The question didn't reflect how Dimma viewed it. He had no knowledge of it ("sexual assault"). It should have gone through the right channels being addressed to club manangement. Benny wasn't notified (by the media) until two hours later.

* Not an assault but can understand why some could see it that way. However, in context, it wasn't an assault.

* We've been at pains with Mabior to get as many people around him to support him and make him feel comfortable to talk openly about it. Let him also know that the club doesn't support this behaviour and won't allow it to happen again. Mabior himself had no issue with it.

* We had the smallest travelling party of 65 initially. Even now it's only 100. Some clubs have 150. We chose a dorm because we were thinking of the code (and costs). There's absolutely no sense of entitlement. Not sure where this is coming from. We are happy and like it up here and are playing good footy as a result.

* We struggled initially with the restart but since the hub concept was ticked off we couldn't wait to get up there fast enough.

* Had a supporter contact him crying and thanking him that there's footy on. It's important to people.

* Currently 99k members. Breathtaking and terrific.
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Re: Benny Gale on MMM & 3AW 8-8-20
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2020, 03:35:34 PM »
Tigers boss claims journo's groping question was 'unfair' on coach

Joey Riordan
8 August 2020 2:42 pm

Richmond chief executive Brendon Gale has defended Damien Hardwick after the Tigers coach refused to answer a question about player groping.

The Tigers boss has criticised Riminton’s questioning, saying the allegations should have instead been put to the administration of the club.

Richmond chief executive Brendon Gale (left) wasn't happy with the groping question. Credit: Getty

“I thought the coach handled himself very well. I don’t think those matters, those questions, should be put to a club coach,” Gale said.

“They should be put to administration, they should be put to me.

“It was a surprise because of the way the matter was put to him. I mean, criminality, assault, indecent assault allegations? He wasn’t aware, the way it was put.”

Despite his protestations, Gale also insisted the actions of the players were unacceptable, declaring they “will stop”.

He also said people within the club had checked on the wellbeing of the 23-year-old.

Tigers coach Damien Hardwick refuses to answer the tough question. Credit: Supplied

“Several people have (spoken to Chol) on our behalf, just to check in and make sure that he’s okay,” Gale told 3AW radio.

“I mean several people, and just to absolutely emphasise that this is not something we accept or will accept and to make sure that he is okay.

“I can understand why people looking at this would feel really confronted. It’s a bad look and it’s got to stop and it will stop.

But I think the opinion that really matters here is Mabior and, yes, he was surprised (by the groping). It was unexpected. But for him it’s a non-issue and we should take that into account.”

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Re: Benny Gale on MMM & 3AW 8-8-20
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Good response from Brendon. Our supporters want
to defend the behaviour but it was is and always will
be unacceptable.