Author Topic: Inside Football feature on Brad Ottens  (Read 4693 times)

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Inside Football feature on Brad Ottens
« on: May 09, 2004, 09:32:18 PM »
I have just finished reading this week's “Inside Football”. There is an interesting feature on Brad Ottens written by Ben Casanelia. It raises some interesting points and posed the question whether Ottens faced becoming one of those players who maybe referred to as “overrated”. The type of players the article puts in the overrated category are Ben Graham and Corey McKernan. In the article they speak to 2 people David Parkin and Mal Brown.

Brown basically says that Ottens has the remainder of this season to turn it around or “he might have missed the boat” and that people “aren’t going to let him live on one year of football”.

The other person interviewed for this article is David Parkin. It was Parkin’s comment that I fond the most interesting. Parkin says that Ottens is yet “play this year in full fitness; I’m absolutely certain of that”. The writer Casanelia then says that Parkin is “referring to a knee injury the club has worked hard to keep out of the media”. Casanelia also says that Parkin has “worked with the Tigers this year”. Parkin is of the opinion that the expectations on Ottens since 2001 have “been huge” and “that’s been a bit harsh”

The article concludes with saying that amongst the younger generation Ottens is held in the highest regard and that Parkin believes that he will continue to develop and play “good consistent football in the years ahead”.

I have been critical of Brad’s inability to punch the ball forward at the centre bounces in particular - he always seems to just knock it down to his feet. If there is a knee injury – has this impacted on his ability to jump and therefore “belt” the ball forward?

Is he a viable option as a future Captain? I ask this because a number of people have commented at Brad’s increased “vocalising” around the Club this season, whether it be on the training track or on the field.

Source: Inside Football – Wednesday May 5 2004, Issue No. 1085
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Re: Inside Football feature on Brad Ottens
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2004, 11:48:52 PM »
I would take Parkin's opinion over that of Mal Brown's.

IMO Otto has been judged too harshly by his critics who seem to ignore what has happened to him the past couple of years. Yes in 2002 his impact was less than in 2001 but our big man department was ravaged by injuries that year so Otto had to fill-in in about half a dozen positions at the one time. IMO his form was good without being outstanding. Remember in 2001 we had Benny Gale, Richo and Holland as well as Otto all flying. They made Otto's job easier. Also he wasn't the main guy in the ruck that year, so he kicked more goals playing up forward. In 2002, Benny had retired, Holland did his knee and Richo began to have his hamstring problems. Last year of course Otto fell off a ladder and onto a stake which ended up him needing back surgery. There was no guarantee he would at all last year but he returned by round 11? and I would say by the time of our last few games he was back to his best as a ruckman.

This year I reckon his continued on. He's only had one bad game (against Adelaide). His only flaw in his ruckwork is he does tap the ball too much to his ankles but it might be good for him (and advantageous to us) if we had a real ruck coach instead of hiring retired CHFs to help him  :o  ::) .

I would personally also play Otto at CHF when he's "resting" out of the ruck. IMO that's a natural position for him where he can lead up the ground to provide a target as well as allowing him to become a more damaging player by kicking a couple of goals each week. 
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Re: Inside Football feature on Brad Ottens
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2004, 12:29:44 AM »
The future captain needs to earn that tag.... so far it belongs to Mark Coughlan before Brad Ottens, brad still has alot to prove before I go giving him the mantle as future captain, he might sneak into future Vice Captain if he can start playing consistant footy.
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Re: Inside Football feature on Brad Ottens
« Reply #3 on: May 10, 2004, 09:09:16 AM »
Like most Richmond players Brad suffers from a lack of MENTAL growth.
Dont know what or why it is but for them to get past it they need to be openly honest
with themselves when assessing their own performance.
While Brad undoubtedly has a wealth of talent one cant help but wonder
why it is his mental strength and self-worth have diminished over the last 2 years.
Is it the coach's fault for having no real direction?
Is it the fact he should be a kpp and not played in any other position other than CHF
because he can't take the constant pressure of the ruck.

If it is a knee injury then why not tell us - Is it becasue he will be traded at the end of the year.

BTW,Would anyone be happy with Parkin as coach ?