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« on: June 26, 2004, 05:05:39 PM »
Alot of talk on 3aw about the Tigers in their mid-season review show as you've probably all guessed by now from my other posts and a number of questions were directed towards Wallace.

He said when he looks at Richmond he sees a lack of a FB, CHB and CHF which is not news to any of us. On that the panel said Otto needed to play in the ruck in of in the forward line as Stafford was nearing the end of his career and Marsh is basically only a back-up. Well since 2002 we've all known we didn't have nowhere near enough tall/KP players on our list but did the coaching/recruiting staff...NUP!  >:(

Fiora needs to played on a wing as he is one left footer who runs in a straight line. Very adament about that.

A caller rang in about us playing guys like Fletcher, Duncan, Hilton ahead of Hartigan and Roach. The panel all agreed it was wrong. Said the caller should be on the match committee.
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