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« on: May 09, 2004, 11:21:56 PM »
I know he does a couple of nice things, but he's been doing a couple of nice things for about 4 years now.  When is he going to step up to that next level?  I don't think it's gonna happen unless he bulks up a bit so he's not so easily shoved off the ball.  I would like to see his kicking improve.  He wasn't under a great deal of pressure today with some of his kicks, but they were turnovers to Swans players.  I'm far from happy with him, but people seem to think he is a good player.  I don't see it.  Your thoughts.

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Re: Fiora
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I think he has improved this year after delivering a few less than ordinary seasons, but he's still nothing more than an average footballer. As it stands however, I think he has earnt a spot in the team. He is in our best 22.

Definitely needs to add on more weight. He put a couple kilos on this year but he needs to add on a couple more. Maybe then he won't be scared to get crunched in a contest and will go in a bit harder. Noticed today he chickened out of a marking contest in the last quarter as Barry Hall was approaching. 

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Re: Fiora
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2004, 12:05:38 AM »
I reckon Aaron has improved significantly but still has a fair way to go. Compare his form from the last few games when he came back into the side after being dropped to now to that of before that. He is now getting his hands on the footy consistently (although nothing outstanding) and often shutting down a opposition "small-mid" forward (today it was Saddington after Saddington got away from Gas). I agree froars his kicking needs to improve. He hit opponents 3 times in the first quarter and missed teammates twice more. Only good pass in that quarter was to Richo. He doesn't have any obvious flaws in his kicking style (he was talented player at Port Adelaide Magpies) so I would say it's more his decision making that's the problem (footy brains/nouse seems to be sparse at Tigerland). He still needs to learn to pass to the advantage of his teammate.

He'll also always have to carry on his shoulders that he was Pick 3 in the 1999? draft and one ahead of Pavlich. Although that's not his fault that doesn't help him when it comes to being judged by the Tiger faithful.
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Re: Fiora
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Fiora will be alright, has improved alot from his past 2 seasons, just hope he continues too improve, I am noticing he is gaining in confidence each time I see him, hopefully he can cut out his turnovers, definately not one of our worst players.
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