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Morton rescues draw for Tigers
By Murray Belkin 5:11 PM Sun 19 July, 2009

RICHMOND and North Melbourne have played out a thrilling draw – the first for season 2009 – in the second annual Eureka game at the MCG in front of 30,604 fans.

After Richmond held a 42-point lead at half time, the Tigers let North Melbourne back into the game, conceding nine goals to two in the second half. Scores finished deadlocked 12.13 (85) apiece.

The Tigers hit the post twice in the last quarter, but a late goal to Mitch Morton was enough for the draw after the Kangaroos got out to a six-point lead with 90 seconds remaining.

With the late withdrawals of midfield star Ben Cousins and young gun Trent Cotchin – replaced by Mark Coughlan and Jordan McMahon – due to illness, it was the youngsters that led the yellow and black.

Richard Tambling continued his rich vein of form, starring with 27 possessions and four clearances.

Jack Riewoldt proved to be an excellent target up forward, taking eight marks – three of them contested – and kicking three goals, while Shane Edwards provided dash and stability deep in defence.

At the other end of the ground, Jarrod Silvester did a sensational job in just his third game for the season, restricting Roos tall forward David Hale.

Midfielder Brett Deledio celebrated his 100th game by restricting North defender Leigh Harding to just 17 possessions.

Dean Polo, Matt White and Daniel Jackson could not stop Brent Harvey, with the Kangaroo captain finishing with 31 possessions.

Robin Nahas began the game on fire, giving North Melbourne tagger Brady Rawlings a torrid time.

He had the Tiger faithful roaring when, after receiving a free-kick 50m from goal, he took Rawlings on, weaving around the Roo and kicking a memorable goal to give Richmond a 20-point quarter-time lead.

But the Tigers continued to build on their lead with a six-goal-to-two second-quarter to go into the main break with a commanding 42-point lead.

The Tigers’ leg-speed through the middle proved too much for North Melbourne side, with Morton slotting home an excellent goal from a chain of handballs through the centre corridor.

The Tigers’ ferocity at the contest and defensive pressure was also on show, with Jake King laying two bruising tackles on his young opponent Liam Anthony and veteran Adam Simpson, resulting in the ball spilling free on the half-forward flank and eventually leading to a Tom Hislop goal.

After an early goal to Edwards after an excellent smother by Hislop on Daniel Pratt’s relieving kick in the third term, the Tigers let North Melbourne back into the game.

The Kangaroos kicked five goals to one in the third quarter, reducing the deficit to just 16 points.

The last quarter was a see-saw affair, but Morton was the saviour, his late goal with 45 seconds remaining levelling the scores after Hale had given the Kangaroos the lead.

A holding free-kick paid against Hale to Silvester– after he took a mark in the forward line with 20 seconds remaining – was the last action for the day.

The Tigers will look to record their fourth win of the season against Essendon at the MCG next Sunday afternoon.

Richmond              4.5  10.6  11.9    12.13 (85)
North Melbourne    1.3    3.6    8.11  12.13 (85)

Richmond: Riewoldt 3, Nahas 2, Morton 2, Polo, Coughlan, Hislop, White, Edwards
North Melbourne: Harding 3, Harvey 2, Hale 2, Hansen, McIntosh, Greenwood, Jones, Swallow

Richmond: Newman, Tambling, Edwards, Morton, Tuck, Deledio, Coughlan
North Melbourne: Harvey, McIntosh, Harding, Power, Thompson, Swallow, Gibson

Richmond: Cousins (ill), Cotchin (ill), replaced in selected side by McMahon, Coughlan
North Melbourne: -

Reports: Nil

Umpires: James, Margetts, Sully

Official crowd: 30,604 at the MCG

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Re: Media articles & Stats: Morton rescues draw for Tigers with Roos
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Umpires: James, Margetts, Sully

Here are the 3 biggest tankers in today's game.  They surely don't want another senior game if that was their best effort.  Worst one-sided umpiring I have seen all year - and yes, it did affect the outcome of the game.  Disgraceful.

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Stats: Tigers -v- Roos
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Team Stats

Disposals:        356 - 362
Efficiency%:       70 - 78
Kicks:              187 - 187
Handballs:        169 - 175
Con. Marks:       14 - 9
Uncon. Marks:    71 - 80
Tackles:             64 - 91
Clearances:        32 - 33
Clangers:           41 - 32
Hitouts:             28 - 51   ( Graham 13, Vickery 11 // McIntosh 31, Goldstein 16 )
Frees:               14 - 18  ::)
Con. Possies:   130 - 111
Uncon.Possies: 218 - 248 
Inside 50s:        58 - 47
Assists:            17 - 13

Individual Stats

player            D EFF% K H G B CM UM T CL C
Tambling, R    27 74 14 13 0 2 2 4 3 4 1
McMahon, J     26 65 13 13 0 0 0 6 1 0 0
Newman, C     25 72 19   6 0 1 0 7 7 0 1 
Tuck, S          24 54 11 13 0 0 0 2 2 2 3
Deledio, B      23 65   9 14 0 0 2 0 2 5 2
Jackson, D     23 70 11 12 0 0 0 7 4 2 1
Morton, M      20 65 12   8 2 1 1 5 6 1 0 
Coughlan, M   17 76   9   8 1 0 0 4 4 4 3 
Nahas, R        17 71 11   6 2 1 0 6 4 3 3 
Edwards, S    16 81 12   4 1 0 2 1 1 2 1 
Riewoldt, J     16 63 13   3 3 1 3 5 3 0 2 
Polo, D          15 80   4 11 1 0 0 3 3 1 3 
Vickery, T      15 93   3 12 0 0 1 1 1 5 1
Thursfield, W 13 69   5   8 0 0 1 1 3 0 0 
Hislop, T        12 75   5   7 1 1 0 6 2 0 3 
King, J           12 92   4   8 0 0 0 2 5 2 2 
Silvester, J     12 92   5   7 0 0 0 1 3 0 2
Post, J           10 40   9   1 0 3 2 1 1 0 2 
Rance, A        10 60   5   5 0 0 0 3 1 0 2 
White, M        10 70   9   1 1 0 0 4 2 1 3 
McGuane, L      8 50   3   5 0 0 0 2 1 0 4   
Graham, A       5 60   1   4 0 0 0 0 5 0 2 

player          FF FA CP UP I50 A   
Tambling, R    1 0  9 18 3 1       
McMahon, J    0 0   4 21 5 0     
Newman, C    1 0   5 17 8 3     
Tuck, S         0 0 12 12 1 0       
Deledio, B     0 0 12   9 7 3     
Jackson, D    0 0   5 19 3 0       
Morton, M     0 0   6 14 4 0       
Coughlan, M  0 2   5 13 2 0     
Nahas, R       1 1   3 13 3 1       
Edwards, S    0 1   9   7 2 1     
Riewoldt, J     0 0   7   7 5 2       
Polo, D          0 2   7   8 0 2       
Vickery, T      1 1   8   7 0 0       
Thursfield, W 1 0   9   4 1 0       
Hislop, T       0 2   4   8 3 0       
King, J          3 2   5   8 2 0       
Silvester, J    3 1   8   3 0 0     
Post, J          0 0   5   6 4 1       
Rance, A       0 0   2   6 0 1       
White, M       0 2   0   9 3 1       
McGuane, L   1 3   2   7 2 0     
Graham, A    2 1   3   2 0 1

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Toss-up between Tigers and Roos (Age)
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Toss-up between Tigers and Roos
July 20, 2009

Dear Nathan Buckley,

IT'S hard to split North and Richmond, based purely on the playing lists, as the scores suggest. This was a meaningless game in which the Tigers were much more intense for the first hour, but ran out of steam. North finished well and had the greater poise.

You wouldn't have guessed this was a dead rubber. North had 90 tackles, Richmond won the contested ball by 19.

I know the North job is yours if you want it, and I guess you could compare North to a girl who is willing to put out. Richmond is offering you only a date, which may or may not lead to something. I won't take that into account in my report, which hopefully will give a better idea of where these clubs are placed.

First, the absentees. Ben Cousins and Trent Cotchin withdrew from the Richmond 22, replaced by Jordan McMahon and Mark Coughlan, two players who mightn't survive the cull, and they did pretty well (McMahon didn't butcher the ball much). The Tigers also were without Nathan Foley, who is bloody quick, and Richo.

From a 2010 perspective, you'd have Cotchin, Foley, Richo and Cousins to bring into that side — the latter pair are definite keepers from the oldies. I know you were dubious about anyone picking up Cuz, but he has to play on.

North didn't have Jack Ziebell, who shapes as its best kid, or Daniel Wells. Ben Warren is injured. Matty Campbell was missed, too, because overall, the Roos were a touch slow yesterday and relied hugely on Boomer Harvey, who can play for at least two more years.

Wells is probably your biggest upside and major test of the next coach. While Laidley didn't get the best out of him, I'm not sure anyone can.

Richmond blew them away early with pace and won heaps of contested ball — it was 42 to 24 at quarter-time. Richard Tambling was explosive, best on ground for a half. He must be the most improved player in the comp since he went to that hypnotist - even hits targets now. Maybe you could refer Wells to the same hypnotist if you take the North job.

The Tigers played Chris Newman upfield, on the wing, and he was terrific — a good move by Jade to get him kicking to the forwards, rather than all those blokes who can't hit the side of a barn. Crocker played Brady Rawlings on Robin Nahas — a move that didn't last long.

Nahas was too slippery early, Rawlings (yes, confusing when his brother is coaching) went back into the midfield and was solid. Nahas is a real player — light but quick and clever.

North went in with two ruckman — McIntosh and Goldstein — plus Hale, who's been awful this year, and Petrie. That's one ruck-sized player too many — I'd trade one.

Laidley was on the right track. The forward structure was filled with statues early on, when the Tigers ran it out. Jarrod Silvester played on David Hale. He was out-sized, but the smaller defence worked well at first. Hale came into it late and was stiff to have that free paid against him with 20 seconds left. Mind you, the Tiges were fleeced with holding the ball calls all day.

Jayden Post and Tyrone Vickery showed plenty. Post can really pluck it, and runs around like an unbroken colt.

When he went on a three-bounce run in the first quarter and missed badly, he reminded me of Richo. Post played forward — not sure which end suits. Vickery is like a young Ottens — he'll play forward/ruck initially, then if he fills out, ruck/forward.

Riewoldt is a smart player, but was unwilling to take money shots on goal yesterday — a worrying sign (Cam Mooney-like). He also dropped a critical mark in time-on that might have sealed the game.

He needs a better foil than Mitch Morton, who is mercurial and athletic, but without Jack's footy brain. Cross them and you'd have a champion. They're both No. 2 or 3 forwards in a good team.

Liam Anthony, a great find for North, was quieter yesterday, with Daniel Jackson tagging him early. Swallow hurt his ankle. I like Scott Thompson down back, although he had Riewoldt for a fair while. Grima is very solid. Firrito is being used as a Mr Fixit everywhere — even went forward.

He's one you can count on. Not sure what you think of Leigh Harding, but he's become pretty handy — and a key to the comeback.

I guess there's not much between them. Don't make a call based on the lists.


Jake Niall

Richmond: Newman, Tambling, Deledio, Edwards, Morton, McMahon.
North Melbourne: Harvey, McIintosh, Harding, Thompson, Grima, Power.

Richmond: Cousins (illness) replaced in selected side by McMahon, Cotchins (illness) replaced in selected side by Coughlan.
North Melbourne: Swallow (corked knee), Hale (leg), Firrito (corked buttock).

In a game of ebbs, flows, flourishes and cameos, only Brent Harvey played all four quarters. His pair of last-quarter goals should have proved matchwinning. Tiger captain Chris Newman was the closest Richmond had to an all-day player. Otherwise, it was a day of purple patches: Nahas' in the first quarter, Harding's in the third, Morton at the seeming death, then Jarrod Silvester in a marking duel with David Hale when all was on the line. As Tiger coach Jade Rawlings observed, whether or not a free kick was warranted, Silvester was in front.

There were two. Richmond, 43 points ahead in the third quarter, was staving off North when Silvester was harshly penalised for holding the ball, yielding a goal to Corey Jones, and the undertow became a tide. Hale's mark with seconds to play looked to guarantee North at least a score, which would be enough, until umpire Sully ruled that Hale had tugged at Silvester's jumper.

For both teams, the result was symptomatic of their seasons: a lot of blood and sweat, producing only tears. Neither will evaluate the rest of its season in terms of wins and losses, but on what sort of state it will be in for the next coach.

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A timely reminder of whether there is anything of greater value than victory
Greg Baum | July 20, 2009

ON HIS way into the MCG yesterday, North Melbourne chairman James Brayshaw met Ben Cousins, in civvies. Clearly, the Richmond star was not playing.

Soon, Brayshaw also learned that Trent Cotchin was out. A meaner-minded man than Brayshaw might have wondered if the Tigers were in earnest about winning this day. Others might have asked if it was worth it even for North to try to win.

It is a question that arises about this time every year, a hardy annual, a conundrum: for those teams with nothing left to win, is it not a more prudent option to lose? Yesterday's clash was a test case. North and Richmond lay 13th and 14th on the ladder, neither had won for more than a month and both were in the care of temporary coaches under short-term contracts and no illusions.

So what happened? Both teams won and lost the match twice over. Richmond won the first half by seven goals, North the second half by seven. In a frenetic final 10 minutes of an unexpectedly entertaining match, Tigers and Roos each won it again and lost it again. With 22 seconds remaining, North's David Hale took the mark that would surely lead to the winning score, only to be penalised for holding onto Richmond's Jarrod Silvester. Typifying the confounding nature of this contest, the clincher came from an umpire.

If either side was anything less than whole-hearted about this contest, it disguised its intentions well. When Richmond was rampant in the first half, oft-maligned Jake King laid bone-shaking tackles on Adam Simpson and Liam Anthony in the one play, leading to a goal for Tom Hislop. When North was on the charge in the last quarter, Brent Harvey had the ball 10 times, kicked two goals and celebrated both as if winning Tattslotto. These were scarcely acts of equivocation.

As the pitch rose, so did the crowd's roar. Richmond's fans howled at the umpiring throughout, North's fans even louder in their anguish when the rub of the green turned against them at the end. Individuals might be able to fake it, but crowds cannot: all 30,000 at the MCG yesterday were desperate for their team to win.

The trouble with the concept of strategic surrender is that it has the look, feel and impact of defeat. Repeated often enough, it has an insidious impact on a club. Not long ago, Melbourne appeared to fall for the trap of thinking that near enough was perhaps better than good enough, rewarding it with high draft picks. Three successive thrashings changed its mind and outlook.

Planning for obsolescence on the field is fraught in many ways. So many out there yesterday were playing for their futures and so were unlikely to hold back; hence King's kamikaze vigour. The coaches, too, were coaching for their futures. "Go and win some games of footy," Rawlings was told when he was appointed. Not in any way can that be read as an instruction to lose.

The outcome yesterday was a game that was at times as intense as a final, if not as polished, memorable not for high marks and freak goals, but rugged tackling, desperate smothers and heroic lunges. Even Jordan McMahon, not renown for valorous interventions, threw himself at an opponent in the goal square, yielding a point but saving a goal; how crucial that would prove.

Rawlings thought the Tigers' mistake might have been not to dare themselves enough, for fear of making a mistake, which shows only that victory meant everything to them. North's Darren Crocker arched his back a little when asked what the Roos were playing for now. The question, he said, was too flippant. Every player had his pride, and so did the coach.

The most instructive lesson was at the final siren. When it sounded, a hush fell over the ground. There was no theme song, no rapturous communion of players and fans. Rawlings said his Tigers were as flat as he had seen them, "devastated". Crocker said it felt like a loss for his team, too, "a pretty empty feeling".

In neither change room was there any sense of satisfaction. Rawlings said he felt as Australia must have at the end of the first Test in Cardiff: not beaten, technically, but hardly victorious. In all hearts, the sense was the same: not only is there no alibi for defeat, there is no substitute for victory, not even half a victory.

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Tigers-Roos clash a draw (Herald-Sun)
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Tigers-Roos clash a draw
Sam Edmund and AAP | July 19, 2009 05:12pm

RICHMOND and North Melbourne have played out an extraordinary draw today at the MCG - the first draw of the season.

The Kangaroos recovered from 42 points down early in the second half and the scores were tied at 12.13 (85).

The umpiring cruelled Richmond, with the free-kick count 18-14 in North's favour, but Richmond only kicked two goals in the second half and should have had the game won at half-time.

David Hale's goal at 22 minutes put North ahead for the first time since early in the opening term, but Richard Tambling hit the post moments later to tie the scores.

After Leigh Harding's goal gave the lead back to North by six points, Richmond won the next centre bounce and Mitch Morton soccered through the last score of the match.

Hale took a mark within 50m in the last minute of the game, but the umpire controversially gave a free kick against him and Richmond were trying to clear the ball out of defence when the siren sounded.

Richard Tambling was outstanding for Richmond with 27 disposals and Harvey had 31 possessions for the Kangaroos.

Jack Riewoldt kicked three goals for the Tigers and Harding also put through three for the 'Roos.

The match was referred to as the "Nathan Buckley Cup", with the two clubs in the process of selecting permanent coaches beyond this season and the former Collingwood star one of the prime candidates.

North looked gone at half time, but they kicked the first goal of the third term and steadily worked their way back into the game.

The Tigers suffered a double-blow before the game when Ben Cousins and Trent Cotchin were ruled out because of illness.

Nathan Foley is also out of the side through injury, meaning Richmond were without three of their top onballers.

North looked the better side early and kicked the first goal when Lachie Hansen capitalised on a bad error from Daniel Jackson.

But the Tigers kicked the next four goals, including two to in-form small forward Robin Nahas.

Brady Rawlings, the brother of Richmond caretaker coach Jade, was tagging Nahas heavily, but the first-year Richmond player held his ground.

He dodged around Rawlings to kick his second goal and then let the veteran Kangaroos know all about it.

Richmond should have been further in front at quarter-time than 20 points, blowing several scoring chances.

But Riewoldt kicked the first goal of the second term inside a minute.

While Richmond were on the wrong side of the free-kick count, they were controlling play and kicked the last two goals of the half for a commanding 43-point lead at the long break.,26576,25804591-19742,00.html

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Tigers, Roos waste chances (Herald-Sun)
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Tigers, Roos waste chances
Michael Horan | July 20, 2009

WHEN two teams are as starved for success as Richmond and North Melbourne, a draw just doesn't cut it.

For so long the Tigers looked as if they would defy recent form, late withdrawals, the betting markets and their own consistently self-styled misfortune to seize their fourth win of a wretched season.

The Roos were pre-game favourites and when Richmond announced Ben Cousins and Trent Cotchin had pulled out of the team, there was absolutely nothing to suggest the Tigers could fashion a win for their caretaker coach Jade Rawlings.

Roll forward to the eight-minute mark of the third quarter and the Tigers were 43 points up - a more than fair return for some inspired passion and a will to taste their first win since beating the West Coast Eagles a month ago.

Given that to that point the ineffectual, floundering Roos had managed just three goals, it was almost folly to think they could come from seven goals down to go into the final five minutes of the game looking likely winners.

But that's what they did before they, too, failed to get over the line in what turned into a gripping affair that produced the first draw of the season.

After halftime, Richmond was outscored by nine goals to two. Its seemingly unassailable lead was wiped out 22 1/2 minutes into the final term, after David Hale marked 50m out and kicked straight to put the Roos in front for the first time in the game - by a point.

Jack Riewoldt had spilled a regulation chest mark 40m out from goal with less than five minutes to go, allowing the ball to be swept forward for Hale's goal, and few of the 30,604 crowd felt the Tigers had any luck or legs left to run their way.

Those who believed in momentum would have felt the Tigers were as good as dead.

North had piled on 5.5 to 1.3 in the third term and, to that point, 4.2 to 0.3 in the last quarter.

Yet inside the last two minutes, Richard Tambling, arguably Richmond's best player, marked 35m out and, although off the boot it looked like he'd snatched the lead back for Richmond, the ball grazed the inside of the goal post to register only a behind, levelling the scores.

Just 26 seconds later North Melbourne again swept down the ground, allowing Leigh Harding to latch on to the end of a long bomb and run into an open goal.

For the Tigers, suddenly a goal down and again, fate was proving ever so cruel.

It has to be said that through the game Richmond clearly appeared to get the rough end of the 50-50 umpiring decisions, as their howling faithful nosily expressed all afternoon.

But footy is a great leveller and never was it more apparent than in the last minute of this fascinating contest.

With 58 seconds left, Tiger forward Mitch Morton somehow got enough space from the closing Drew Petrie to stab a left-foot snap from the edge of the goalsquare that slid through for a goal to again level the scores.

Then with only 22 seconds to play, Hale did well to work his way to the front of a one-on-one contest with Jarrod Sylvester to mark 45m out, only for a brutally hard call to go against him for holding.

When the siren sounded the reaction on both sides of the fence was shared, muffled disappointment.

No roar from the crowd, with the players from both teams slumping to the ground exhausted and unfulfilled.

Between them, the clubs have won just seven of 32 games this season.

Yesterday each, in turn, had victory in their grasp before walking away empty-handed.,26576,25806063-19742,00.html