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Media articles and Stats: Power on against Tigers
« on: May 29, 2011, 01:28:46 AM »
Power on against Tigers
By Jason Phelan and Luke Holmesby
11:13 PM Sat 28 May, 2011

Richmond         1.2   4.9   7.10  10.14  (74)
Port Adelaide   1.4   3.6   9.9    13.11  (89)

Richmond: Riewoldt 3, King 2, Nahas, Grigg, Jackson, Martin, Vickery
Port Adelaide: Gray 4, Schulz 3, Boak, Broadbent, Jacobs, O'Shea, Phillips, Westhoff

Richmond: Houli, Foley, Jackson, Nahas, Grigg, Martin
Port Adelaide: Brogan, Gray, Westhoff, Boak, Broadbent, K Cornes, Pearce

Richmond: None
Port Adelaide: None
Richmond: Brad Miller replaced by Shane Tuck in the third quarter
Port Adelaide: Cameron Hitchcock replaced by Andrew Moore in the last quarter

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Farmer, Kamolins, Ryan

Official crowd: 11,506 at TIO Stadium


PORT ADELAIDE has ground out its second win of the season, defeating Richmond by 15 points in energy-sapping conditions at TIO Stadium in Darwin on Saturday night.

The Power trailed by nine points at half-time, but broke open the low-scoring game with six goals to three in the third quarter to set up the 13.11 (89) to 10.14 (74) win.
It wasn't raining in Darwin, but both teams played the match as if in the midst of a tropical downpour thanks to the dew brought on by the tropical humidity.

Kicks went astray, attempted marks hit the deck and handballs missed the target more often than not as each team managed a solitary goal in the first quarter.

The Power failed to capitalise on its early dominance and was left to rue several spurned opportunities when the Tigers took control in the second.

But just as Port failed to hit the scoreboard, so too did Richmond as five behinds ticked over before Jake King booted his team's second goal.

Jack Riewoldt was rarely sighted in the first half, but the Tiger spearhead took the first mark by any player on the ground inside 50 to goal with less than a minute left in the second term to give his team a nine-point lead at the main break.

But just when it appeared Richmond was poised to go away with the contest, the Power came out with renewed vigour and launched a withering burst of three goals to start the second half.

Their run and pressure had the Tigers on the back foot for most of the third quarter with a Shaun Grigg goal in the last minute required to bring the margin back to 11 points.

Damien Hardwick's men were still well in the hunt as the final term got underway, but Port quickly set about dashing their hopes of moving into the top eight with the first three goals of the quarter sealing the win.



Jack Riewoldt looked set to kick the first goal but gave away a free kick to Michael Pettigrew. Brad Miller looked a chance to kick the first goal moments later but the ball was stripped from his hands. Both teams had plenty of chances but it wasn't until Jay Schulz converted from a free kick at the 21-minute mark that the first goal went on the board. Moments before he provided one of the game's highlights with a towering pack mark. Tyrone Vickery pegged that back a minute later when a chance slipped to him out the back of the pack.
Brett Deledio was hard at it in the first quarter while Schulz was Port Adelaide's most dominant player.

Once again we had to wait a little while for the first goal of the quarter. This time, however, it was only eight minutes until Cameron O'Shea soccered one through from the goal square to give Port Adelaide a four point lead. The Tigers kicked three of the next four to go into the main break with a nine-point lead. Bachar Houli had 11 disposals and three rebounds from the defensive 50 for the quarter. The Darwin crowd that had come to watch the exciting Jack Riewoldt strut his stuff finally got a glimpse of his brilliance in the dying minutes of the half when he took a strong contested mark and kicked truly for his first goal.

The frustrations of the first half were quickly forgotten as skills lifted and a sense of contest swept over Marrara. Port Adelaide booted the first three goals to wrestle back the lead and finished with six in total for the quarter. The Tigers kept with them, booting three of their own but momentum took an obvious shift. Robbie Gray booted two goals and had a hand in two others as Port Adelaide took control of the game.
Travis Boak had nine disposals, five of which were contested possessions.
Dean Brogan kept on throwing himself into every ruck contest and working the ball to his midfielders' advantage.

A slog as both teams tired in the warm conditions. It didn't look like it was going to be much of a goal-fest until some easy goals came through at the end.
Port Adelaide kicked the first three goals of the final term to seal the win. Richmond pegged them back with three of the last four but the result was already decided. Richmond got the ball in its attacking territory but never looked dangerous until the game reached time-on and the Power had sealed it.

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Stats: Tigers vs Power
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Team Stats

Disposals             362 - 316
Efficiency%            68 - 66
Kicks                   199 - 217
Handballs             163 - 99    
Con. Marks               7 - 5
Uncon. Marks          60 - 62   
Tackles                   61 - 89
Clearances              45 - 42
Clangers                 54 - 54    
Frees                      16 - 29
Hitouts                   32 - 47 ......... (Browne 25, Vickery 4 // Brogan 36, Trengove 7, Westhoff 3)
Con. Possies          154 - 151
Uncon. Possies       203 - 152
Inside 50s               56 - 57
Assists                    12 - 16

Individual Stats

                 Disp.     K     H     G     B     SC   SCA   CM   UM   T   C   Clg   FF   FA    CP   UP  In50    A     Eff
N.Foley          34    15    19    0    1    145      93    0    1    9    4    2    1    1    14    20    5    0    68%
B.Houli          31    15    16    0    0    149      83    0    7    5    0    2    0    1      9    20    2    0    81%
D.Jackson      24    14    10    1    1      86      92    0    2    2    9    7    1    3    12    11    7    0    67%
B.Deledio       22    15      7    0    0      99    107    1    5    4    4    2    1    0      9    12    5    1    77%
S.Grigg          21    10    11    1    0      78      81    0    1    1    3    2    1    1    11      9    1    0    57%
R.Nahas         20    11      9    1    1      70      87    0    4    3    0    4    1    2      5    13    3    0    65%
D.Martin        18      9      9    1    1      93    103    1    1    2    3    1    0    1    11      9    3    0    56%
A.Rance        18    13      5    0    0      63      83    0    8    0    0    6    0    4      3    15    2    0    72%
T.Cotchin      17    11      6    0    3      66      99    0    2    3    6    2    1    1      9      8    2    0    47%
C.Newman    17    14      3    0    0    100    101    0    1    5    1    1    2    0      6    10    1    0    82%
M.Farmer      16      9      7    0    0      72      51    1    2    4    1    2    2    0    10      6    4    0    56%
S.Tuck          16      6    10    0    0      75      54    0    1    2    4    0    2    0    10      7    1    0    75%
T.Vickery       15      4    11    1    0      71      64    0    5    3    2    3    1    2      7      7    3    0    73%
J.King           14    11      3    2    0      66      68    0    6    1    0    3    0    3      2    12    5    2    86%
M.White        14      8      6    0    1      59      57    0    1    3    1    1    1    0      5      9    3    1    64%
J.Batchelor    12      5      7    0    0      49      57    0    2    2    0    0    0    0      5      6    0    0    75%
R.Conca        12      5      7    0    0      37      64    0    3    0    3    3    0    3      5      7    1    0    75%
B.Helbig        12    11      1    0    2      38      33    0    3    3    1    2    1    0      4      8    4    0    25%
A.Browne        9      2      7    0    0      62      60    1    0    3    3    4    1    2      6      4    1    0    78%
J.Riewoldt       9      7      2    3    1      63      83    1    2    2    0    3    0    2      6      2    2    0    67%
L.McGuane      7      2      5    0    0      46      57    1    1    2    0    1    0    1      4      4    0    0    86%
B.Miller           4      2      2    0    1      15      51    1    2    2    0    3    0    2      1      4    1    0    50%

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Richmond falls short on the road as Port Adelaide breaks Darwin hoodoo

    Zac Milbank
    From: Herald Sun
    May 29, 2011

PORT Adelaide's disaster in Darwin came crashing to a halt when it conjured a gutsy 15-point win against Richmond at TIO Stadium.

Seeking to end its run of four straight losses in the Top End, Port proved fitness is clearly not an issue when it ran over the top of a wasteful Richmond in a devastating second-half display.

The Power hadn't won at Marrara since Round 19, 2006, but it showed a far superior ability to handle the football in slippery and energy sapping conditions to claim its first victory since the Showdown on April 16.

In contrast, the Tigers - seeking to sneak into the top eight - had never played in Darwin and it clearly showed as Port players, in particular classy midfielder Travis Boak, handled the ball in much cleaner fashion.

Port put itself in a winning position with a strong premiership quarter, turning a nine-point halftime deficit into an 11-point lead at the final change.

Boak made all of his disposals count, including a nice goal from a clearance in the 26th minute. Before this, his forward line team-mates got themselves into the contest by working harder up the ground and at ground level.

Key forward Jay Schulz was bringing the ball to the feet of his crumbers, where goalsneak Robbie Gray sprang to life with two important goals in the third term.

Gray's second major, a nice snap after gathering a Dean Brogan kick into attack, was only soured by Tiger Shaun Grigg keeping his men in the game with a goal less than 60 seconds from the three-quarter time siren.

Richmond butchered early chances during the second term, booting four behinds in a row before first-year Power utility Cam O'Shea soccered truly off the ground in the goalsquare.

Both sides traded goals but Jack Riewoldt's first major ensured his side took a handy buffer into the main change.

Riewoldt - who was well held by Port full-back Alipate Carlile for most of the first half - was struggling to come to grips with the tricky conditions, choosing to mark on his chest rather than in his hands.

Both teams took their time to get any fluency in their movement during the first term with the first goal not coming until Schulz converted a free kick from 50m in the 21st minute.

But Port's hard work - which wasn't reflected on the scoreboard after the Power booted four behinds in a row to start the game - was soon undone when the Tigers snared their first through Tyrone Vickery just 60 seconds later.

Most players appeared to take longer than usual to get accustomed to the slippery conditions after a rushed warm-up due to two of the light towers going out at the northern end of the ground.

Despite both towers being re-booted and the game only starting a minute late, one of the lights went out again late in the first term before being switched back on early in the second stanza.


PORT ADELAIDE 1.4 3.6 9.9 13.11 (89)
RICHMOND 1.2 4.9 7.10 10.14 (74)

Goals: Port Adelaide: Gray 4, Schulz 3, Jacobs, O'Shea, Westhoff, Broadbent, Phillips, Boak. Richmond: Riewoldt 3, King 2, Jackson, Martin, Nahas, Grigg, Vickery.

Best: Port Adelaide: Boak, Brogan, Gray, Pearce, Westhoff, Carlile, Schulz. Richmond: Houli, Foley, Nahas, Jackson, King.

Umpires: Shaun Ryan, Chris Kamolins, Luke Farmer.
Official Crowd: 11,506 at TIO Stadium.

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Power off bottom as Tigers fall in NT (Age)
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Power off bottom as Tigers fall in NT
Sam Lienert and Lucy Buhr
May 29, 2011 - 12:49AM

Richmond will be ruing their decision to host Port Adelaide in Darwin after the Power upset them by 15 points to climb off the bottom of the AFL ladder and keep the Tigers out of the eight.

Regular Northern Territory visitors Port Adelaide won 13.11 (89) to 10.14 (74) in humid, slippery conditions on Saturday night, notching their first victory in six games.

Power forwards Jay Schulz (three goals) and Robbie Gray (four) did the scoreboard damage, while Dean Brogan starred in the ruck as Port were rewarded for four quarters of hard work, even if their skills did not always match their effort.

Port failed to capitalise on their dominance in general play early in the match and the contest seemed to be sliding the Tigers' way when they edged to a nine-point halftime lead.

But the Power stormed in front with a 6.3 to 3.1 third quarter, which gave them an 11-point lead at the last change.

Marks and goals early in the last quarter to Justin Westhoff and Schulz extended the lead to 24 points to ensure Port's drought-breaking win.

Brogan and midfielders Travis Boak and Danyle Pearce were key instigators of Port's second-half charge, while Westhoff provided an excellent roaming target across half-forward and was one of the few marking players to shine.

Schulz provided plenty of grunt work in attack to help set up goals for his side's little men, as well as his own majors, while goalsneak Gray capitalised on the slippery conditions, with his two third-term goals helping break Richmond's back.

The Tigers had entered the match as hot favourites after winning a blockbuster against Essendon in front of more than 80,000 at the MCG last weekend, their fourth win in five games.

But they failed to show the same sort of poise or endeavour in front of 11,506 fans at TIO Stadium.

Richmond midfielder Nathan Foley worked hard to win a heap of the ball, while Bachar Houli was a standout with his rebound from halfback.

Port fullback Alipate Carlile deserved credit for an excellent job on Jack Riewoldt, with two of the Tiger star forward's three goals coming late in the match when the contest was already decided.

Power coach Matthew Primus was not getting carried away with the win.

"It was only our second win of the year, but for the players it shows a bit of resilience, it has been a difficult six weeks," he said.

"We've been playing the footy we want to for halves and three quarters, but haven't been able to put it together.

"But I thought tonight, bar five minutes or so here or there, we were really competitive and that's what got us the result."

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Lights, Tigers go down (Age)
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Lights, Tigers go down
Michael Gleeson, Darwin
May 29, 2011

PORT ADELAIDE 1.4 3.6 9.9 13.11 (89)
RICHMOND 1.2 4.9 7.10 10.14 (74)

Port Adelaide: Gray 4, Schulz 3, Jacobs, O'Shea, J Westhoff, Broadbent, Phillips, Boak.
Richmond: Riewoldt 3, King 2, Jackson, Martin, Nahas, Grigg, Vickery.

Richmond: Houli, Foley, Jackson, Nahas, Newman, King.
Port Adelaide: Boak, Gray, Brogan, Schulz, Pearce, Westhoff, Carlisle

UMPIRES S Ryan, Kamolins, Farmer.
CROWD 11,506 at TIO Stadium.


THE lights went out 20 minutes before the game was due to start. The pity was they came back on and the Power switched on, too. Or maybe Richmond was just left in the dark.

This was a game that not only Richmond needed to win for thoughts of a top-eight place, but could have expected to. Power, however, is as reliable as the Darwin Oval's power supply and last night despite some early uncertainty they were on in full glare.
Advertisement: Story continues below

Ten minutes before the game was due to begin last night two of the four light towers suddenly blacked out, leaving the southern end of the ground in dull gloom, brightened only by the inebriated jeering of the understanding local crowd. The AFL was forced to hastily contemplate putting back the start of the match. With only minutes to go before the scheduled start power was returned to the light towers.

At least for half an hour - just on quarter time - one of the towers went out again. Such is life on football's frontier.

Gold Coast might be football's new city of, well, bright lights, but Darwin remains its frontier.

The blinking power was emblematic of a night of stuttery, jittery stops and starts. The first term was a worrying portent of the night. It was aggressive and dogged with both sides tackling devilishly but it was a mess and scoring was difficult for both.

A brutal 43 tackles were laid in just the first quarter - 25 by Port and 18 Richmond - which reflected the level of intensity but also the conditions. While the night was dry the humidity was high and with the sweat on hands (half the port side wore sweat bands) players were fumbling and double handling so the player with the ball took longer to gain possession - if he did end up with it - and therefore gave more close down time for opponents.

It made for a messy game. Chest marks were spilt, handballs slipped from hands, kicking was sloppy. It took 21 minutes for the first goal to be kicked - and then a second was kicked in a minute.

The Tigers, smashed in the clearances in the first quarter (5-10), looked better after the first break with Daniel Jackson and Trent Cotchin getting first hands on the ball and Bachar Houli sweeping behind play.

Richmond peppered the goals without success - booting five behinds before goaling. The misery was broken when Jake King collected a loose ball and snapped a goal then moments later Robin Nahas ran through the middle of the ground to goal from 50 after Reece Conca had cleverly ferreted out the ball with Brett Deledio from a mess of players on the wing.

Deledio had been Richmond's best in the first term but he faded from the game as Danyle Pearce had the better of him on a wing. Without the drive from all of their class midfielders Richmond battles and last night was a case in point.

The ball was being played in Richmond's territory but not necessarily on their terms. The only true highlight of the first half came when Jack Riewoldt, hitherto barely able to pick up the ball, flew for a high King kick to the goal square and dropped onto the pack in front took the ball on his chest. He at least converted. The delivery forward for Richmond had been dreadful.

Port had looked unconvincing going forward, needing to scrounge opportunistic goals in the second term.

Richmond's match was summed by the goal that ultimately proved to be the one to well, shut out the lights as it were, for the Tigers. A long ball was kicked forward to Jay Schulz and Alex Rance one out. Schulz fumbled the chest mark running with the ball's flight and Rance was able to gather it up, neatly sidestep and repel the advance. But the kick went awry and in a blink was back on Schulz's chest. This time he marked. And goaled. Late Richmond goals made things look better, but the lights had already gone out.


When the lights in half of the towers (two) suddenly went out at TIO Stadium with less than half an hour before the game was to start, the AFL contemplated delaying the match. Power was restored in time but one of the towers went out again just before quarter time. It was fixed before the second quarter started. Still, it raised the prosect of what might have happened had the lights not come back on.


It was a small moment but noteworthy. Dustin Martin, one-out in the forward line with the much bigger Troy Chaplin, completely embarrassed the bigger, taller Port defender to mark in the third quarter. And of course he kicked the goal. It was just another example of Martin's capacity to play tall and outpoint those he shouldn't, even if Chaplin does not enjoy being isolated one-out.


It always hurts the losing side that little bit more when it is a former player who kicks the goals against them. Jay Schulz last night was the man to put the Tigers to the sword, booting three goals. The last of his three hurt the most because it ended any glimmer the Tigers had in the last quarter. Still, at least David Rodan was not there as well.