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Media articles and stats: Tigers dig deeper to beat Melbourne
« on: August 21, 2011, 08:58:57 PM »
Tigers dig deeper
By Nat Edwards, with Jennifer Witham
7:17 PM Sun 21 Aug, 2011

Melbourne        4.0   7.1    14.2    17.8 (110)   
Richmond         6.2   10.9  11.12  17.15 (117)   

Melbourne: Sylvia 5, Jones 3, Jurrah 3, Trengove 2, Watts, Bennell, Green, Petterd
Richmond: Miller 3, Martin 3, Riewoldt 2, Foley 2, King, Graham, Jackson, Nahas, Webberley, Cotchin, Edwards

Melbourne: Sylvia, Jones, McKenzie, Bartram, Frawley
Richmond: Foley, Miller, Houli, Grigg, Tuck, Martin

Melbourne: Nil
Richmond: Nil

Melbourne: Howe substituted out for Green, midway through the third quarter
Richmond: Post substituted out for Webberley, early in the fourth quarter

Reports: TBA

Umpires: McBurney, Ryan, Hay

Official crowd: 36,321 at the MCG


PRIOR to this game, Richmond had only won three opening quarters for the year, so when the Tigers charged out of the blocks against Melbourne on Sunday afternoon, the result seemed a fait accompli.

And although this was the case with the Tigers winning by seven points, the Demons did their best to challenge the premature prophecy, grabbing the lead in the third term before eventually falling short.

The Tigers went into the final break eight points down after leading by 26-points at half-time, but showed maturity and composure in a tight final quarter kicking six goals to three, holding on to win 17.15 (117) to 17.8 (110).

The win was Richmond's seventh for the season, and its first over Melbourne since round 18, 2009.

A terrific first half from the Tigers set up the win, winning the contested possessions 78 to 69 at half-time, and dominating the inside 50 count 30 to 18.

But the Demons returned after the long break seemingly a rejuvenated side.

Melbourne caretaker coach Todd Viney made some structural changes, moving key-position player Jack Watts and a frustrated Aaron Davey, who had just the one kick to half-time, behind the ball.

But it was the Demons improved work rate and renewed attack on the ball that saw them head into the three-quarter time break eight-points up.

Melbourne won the contested possession 40 to 21 in the third term and increased their pressure, winning the tackle count 20 to 13.

Just as Melbourne lifted in the third term, the Tigers responded in the final term with midfielders Trent Cotchin and Daniel Jackson stepping up to help propel their side to victory.

Former Demon Brad Miller kicked three goals against his old club and Melbourne's Colin Sylvia booted four, was reported in the first term, and took a mark of the year contender in an eventful afternoon.

Up next
Richmond is on the road next week and will play the rejuvenated Adelaide at AAMI Stadium before finishing its season at Etihad Stadium against North Melbourne.

First quarter

Three goals in seven minutes to Richmond suggested a one-sided affair was looming, particularly given the Demons managed just one inside 50 as the Tigers raced to their 18-point lead. Trengove snared the Dees' first goal at the nine-minute mark after some nice work at a stoppage, before Sylvia  - who had been reported earlier - followed up two minutes later with their second. Former Demon Brad Miller was involved for the Tigers as was Nathan Foley.

Richmond by 14 points

Second quarter
Aaron Davey, in his 150th game, continued to be targeted by the Tigers with Bachar Houli keeping him on a tight leash. A frustrated Davey gave away a free kick at the 13-minute mark for carelessly shoving Houli, which halted the Demons' momentum. Davey ended the half with one possession and one tackle, and potentially in trouble for a crude elbow that felled Mitch Morton. Sylvia provided the highlight with a soaring grab over Matthew Dea, but after the Demons got within a straight kick twice, the wheels started to shake. The Tigers regained control and kicked three unanswered goals.

Richmond by 26 points

Third quarter
The Demons started the stanza with intent, and nailed two goals in four minutes.
The Tigers missed two opportunities before Jack Watts grabbed his first after a desperate lunge by Jordie McKenzie to keep the ball alive. Dustin Martin pegged one back but a snap from Nathan Jones finally gave the Demons the lead.

Melbourne by eight points

Fourth quarter
The first two goals went to Robbie Nahas and substitute Tiger Jeromey Webberley, who came on for Jayden Post at the five-minute mark. The second gave the Tigers the lead, but that was stolen back courtesy of a goal to Sylvia minutes later. Trent Cotchin broke free at the 17-minute mark to force the third lead change of the quarter and Jack Riewoldt and Shane Edwards kicked six pointers to give the Tigers a 15-point buffer.

Richmond wins by seven points

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Richmond's pleasant Sunday stroll pays dividends (Herald-Sun)
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Richmond's pleasant Sunday stroll pays dividends

    Michael Horan
    From: Herald Sun
    August 21, 2011 10:11PM

THERE was no top eight berth to play for, no September action to aspire to. This was round 22, Melbourne versus Richmond, 11th playing 13th.

With a crowd of just 36,321, clearly there were a legion of members or fans from either club who had better things to do on sunny August Sunday afternoon.

Yet this was a beauty. A contest with lashings of finals-like finals excitement, a see-sawing battle where desperation and commitment was the order of the day, where the prize was simply pride and hopefully the pleasure of winning a hell of a fight.

In the end it was, fittingly, Richmond by seven points.

The Tigers' dividend was the pleasure of relegating the Demons to 13th, elevating themselves to 12th but more importantly being reminded that they can dominate, then be challenged, reeled in, headed but then stay true to themselves and fight back to win.

And in defeat Melbourne, which has now lost five in a row after a month of inner turmoil, showed that its future is far from bleak.

Flushed with the success of a 43-point win over finals aspirant Sydney last weekend, the Tigers hit the ground running and looked like they might run the Dees off their legs under a warm sun and in perfect conditions.

Early in proceedings it was none other than the man Melbourne traded at the end of the last season - Brad Miller - who provided a focul point up forward early - a lively and productive alternative to the heavily guarded Jack Riewoldt.

The Tigers shot out to a 20-point lead and piled on 6.2 in the opening term, while the Demons accuracy of four straight goals from just 10 inside fifty entries kept the difference to just 14 points at the first change.

In an eventful opening term Demon mid-fielder Colin Sylvia had nine possessions, kicked two goals and was put on report after a heavy hit on Tiger Jayden Post.

By day's end he was clearly best afield with 29 disposals, five goals and did everthing possible to get his side over the line.

Melbourne's seemed to have withstood Richmond's early heat when they surged back to within three points by mid-way though the second term, but again the Tigers surged to put a 26-point gap by the long interval.

The Dees had by the pillar of efficiency when they did go forward, posting 7.1 by half-time.

When one thought that sort of conversion couldn't continue, they came out and doubled it in the third term - booting 7.1 to 2.3 to suddenly own an eight-point lead at the final change.

In a game that had been played at a cracking pace, it was fair to wonder if Richmond could find the legs to fight back. The answer was yes, and in spades.

A snapped goal from Robin Nahas at the five minute mark narrowed the deficit to a point.

Three minutes late Jeromey Webberley, after being subbed into the game four minutes earlier, drilled a superb running goal from the Members' flank to put the Tigers back in front.

Within Twenty minutes the lead would change four times before the Tigers finally broke Melbourne.

Riewoldt, held to a single goal all afternoon, produced a brilliant second effort to goal 21 minutes into the term to make it a nine-point game and a minute later Shane Edwards bombed one from 50 metres to ice the contest.

True to the day the Dees kept coming and got the last two goals - via their best two players Sylvia and Jones - but it wasn't enough to claim the prize.

Four Talking Points-  Matt Windley

1.The story of the game unfolded 90 minutes before the first bounce when Brad Green was named as Melbournes substitute.

He is the first captain to don the green vest and was reduced to warming up alongside the Auskick kids at half time.

He replaced Jeremy Howe at the 14 minute mark of the third quarter and made an immediate impact by kicking a goal within three minutes.

2. Aaron Davey had a 150th he would rather forget. He went statless in the first quarter and had only one kick to half time.

To make matters worse he gave a free kick away and will also come under scrutiny from the match review panel after collecting Tiger Mitch Morton with an elbow to the head late in the second term.

3. The Morton brothers -Cale and Mitch - will have much to discuss at the breakfast table this morning after being pitted as direct opponents for much of the first half.

Demon Cale had seven touches to quarter time, Mitch had two. It was 11-9 Cales way by half time before the pair went their separate ways for much of the second half.

4. Richmond forward Brad Miller made every kick count against his old side in the first half.

Miller went goalless when these two sides met in Round 14, yet by half time last night the 28-year-old was one of the most effective players on the ground with eight possessions, six marks and three goals.

Full-time scores:

RICHMOND 6.2 10.9 11.12 17.15 (117)
MELBOURNE 4.0 7.1 14.2 17.8 (110)

Goals: Richmond: B Miller 3, D Martin 3, J Riewoldt 2, N Foley 2, A Graham, D Jackson, J King, J Webberley, R Nahas, S Edwards, T Cotchin. Melbourne: C Sylvia 5, L Jurrah 3, N Jones 3, J Trengove 2, B Green, J Bennell, J Watts, R Petterd.

Best: Richmond: D Martin, N Foley, S Tuck, T Cotchin, S Grigg, S Edwards, B Deledio. Melbourne: C Sylvia, N Jones, J Garland, B Moloney, M Jamar, N Frawley.

Injuries: Nil.
Reports: Richmond: Nil. Melbourne: C Sylvia (Melbourne) for rough conduct against J Post (Richmond) in the first quarter.

Umpires: Stephen McBurney, Sam Hay, Heath Ryan.
Official Crowd: 36,321 at MCG.

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Stats: Tigers vs Demons
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Team Stats

Disposals                325 - 331
Efficiency%               74 - 71
Kicks                      176 - 194
Handballs               149 - 137
Con. Marks                 9 - 7
Uncon. Marks            51 - 70
Tackles                     78 - 73
Clearances                43 - 39
Clangers                   41 - 50
Frees                        19 - 20
Hitouts                    43 - 50 ......... ( Graham 20, Vickery 15, Foley 2, Cotchin 2 // Jamar 38, Martin 10 )
Con. Possies            143 - 145
Uncon. Possies         181 - 192
Inside 50s                 54 - 49
Marks inside 50         10 - 11
Rebound 50s             31 - 34
Assists                      14 - 12

Individual Stats

                      Disp.   K    H    G    B    SC   SCA    CM   UM   T   C   Cl   FF   FA   CP   UP  In50s  A   Eff% 

S.Tuck             28    14    14    0    0    124      85    0    3    7    9    4    1    0    19    11    4    0      64%
N.Foley            24    13    11    2    0    123      91    0    4    4    5    2    1    1    12    11    4    0      92%
S.Grigg            23    14      9    0    1      84      79    0    3    3    1    0    0    0      4    18    1    1      74%
B.Deledio         21      8    13    0    0      95    106    1    4    4    2    1    1    0      5    13    1    0      86%
D.Martin          21    11    10    3    1    115      97    0    0    5    6    1    3    1    11    11    7    0      81%
T.Cotchin         18    15      3    1    1      94    100    0    1    3    4    3    2    1      9    10    7    0      61%
S.Edwards       18    10      8    1    0      88      63    0    0    4    2    3    1    1      8    10    5    2      61%
M.Morton         17      9      8    0    0      75      56    1    2    3    1    1    0    0      5    11    4    1      88%
B.Miller            16      9      7    3    1      95      57    2    5    5    1    3    2    2      8    10    2    1      69%
J.Riewoldt        15    10      5    2    2    107      82    2    2    3    0    1    1    1    10      5    2    0      60%
D.Jackson        14    10      4    1    1      66      81    0    3    6    3    6    0    5      5      8    2    0      71%
T.Vickery         14      9      5    0    2      83      71    0    4    4    2    1    1    0      7      8    4    0      50%
J.King              12      5      7    1    0      74      64    1    3    4    1    3    2    2      5      7    3    1      92%
J.Post              12      5      7    0    0      59      48    1    3    1    0    0    1    0      4      8    0    0      75%
A.Rance           12      5      7    0    0      57      86    0    2    1    0    2    0    1      4      7    1    0      67%
A.Graham        11      4      7    1    0      85      77    0    2    6    3    0    1    0      6      4    1    0      64%
R.Nahas           11      6      5    1    2      65      85    1    2    5    1    3    0    2      6      5    2    1      55%
B.Houli            10      4      6    0    0      53      89    0    2    2    0    3    2    2      6      6    1    0      90%
M.Farmer          9      7      2    0    0      31      52    0    0    2    1    4    0    1      3      6    1    0      56%
W.Thursfield      9      4      5    0    0      50      63    0    3    1    0    0    0    0      1      7    1    0      89%
M.Dea               7      1      6    0    0      33      49    0    1    3    0    0    0    0      4      3    0    0    100%
J.Webberley       3      3      0    1    0      39      29    0    2    2    1    0    0    0      1      2    1    0    100%

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Tigers get to first base with narrow win (Age)
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Tigers get to first base with narrow win
Greg Baum
August 22, 2011

NOT so long ago, Richmond and Melbourne played a game that neither club wanted to win, implicitly and infamously revisited by Dean Bailey in his final media conference. Last night at the MCG, Tigers and Demons played one both wanted to win, desperately. Melbourne needed to break a run, Richmond to start one.

More than that, these are two clubs who are always coming and never arrive; each needs a foot on first base. That spirit informed a rousing and willing contest, one that both teams reasonably might have thought they had it won and feared they had lost. At length, the Tigers prevailed.

Richmond kicked the first three goals of the match, and so had the running. The Tigers effectively fenced the ball in their forward half, in the modern manner.

Damien Hardwick's tactical initiative was to post two men at the top of the goal square at kick-outs, denying James Frawley et al the possibility of playing on, forcing them to kick speculatively, and so screwing up the pressure. It worked.

Brad Miller, not wanted by Melbourne at the end of last season, kicked three first-half goals, as if to set the record straight, a familiar refrain.

Richmond almost doubled Melbourne for inside 50s and more than doubled its scoring chances, but was wasteful.

This is something of a forward press theme: teams that apply it deny defences time and room, but - axiomatically - leave little for their own forwards, who also must work in haste. Witness Collingwood's goalkicking.

Forced to play on the break, the Demons at least were efficient. Colin Syliva and Liam Jurrah, both put on weekend detention in the reserves two weeks ago, kicked three goals each. Sylvia, at his silvery best, would kick two more in the last quarter, for five.

His eventful afternoon included mark-of-the-day, climbing over Matt Dea, but also a report, for clattering into Jayden Post. He stands to become the first player suspended for hitting the post.

Aaron Davey, in his 150th game, also surely will find himself facing charges after collecting Mitch Morton with a flying elbow. An umpire, unsighted, did not so much as pay a free kick, prompting howls from Tiger fans.

The umpires can be forgiven: almost no one saw Davey yesterday. His fading season personifies his team's.

But there would be a fling this day. In the second half, Melbourne broke Richmond's all-areas stranglehold and began move the ball down the ground in great running, sweeping movements.

For once, statistics tell the tale: Melbourne won the inside 50 count marginally, 15-12, but outscored Richmond 7.1 to 1.3. In the first half, Richmond's forward line was Melbourne's Bermuda Triangle. Now it became a springboard.

This also is a characteristic of the forward press as all have come to understand it: if it doesn't hold, it leaves a team hopelessly outflanked. Richmond was reduced to blazing away.

There was a moment that appeared to be symbolic. Melbourne captain Brad Green began as substitute, also a reflection of the club's awry fate this season. Introduced mid-way through the third quarter, he immediately marked and goaled, and soon afterwards, the Demons took the lead. A mood was upon the game then.

But the last break was as inopportune for Melbourne as it was timely for Richmond. The Tigers regrouped, redoubled their efforts at stoppages, and took control of the game again. The lead changed three times, but always the momentum was building for Richmond. In a reversal of the pattern of the third quarter, the Tigers lost the inside-50 count 13-16, but won the scoring 6.3 to 3.6.

There were keepsake moments. The first was when Richmond sub Jeromey Webberley announced himself with a running goal from the wing, Peter Matera style. Brett Deledio intervened desperately, with two big tackles, then to smother Ricky Petterd on the goal line. Deledio, inconsequential in the first three quarters, was a matchwinnner in the last.

Then Jack Riewoldt, also marginalised this day, turned a sliver of a chance into a goal, in the manner of loaves and fishes.

But the last contained the moral of the match. The inimitable Dustin Martin was claimed by a tackle by Colin Garland, who was influential all day, but burst out of it to kick the sealing goal. It was - dare it be said - Barassi-like.

That other Richmond-Melbourne match was played at a time when the best thing an also-ran could do for itself was to lose.

The best thing an also-ran can do for itself now is to win. After a thumping contest, Richmond did.

Richmond: Tuck, Foley, Martin, Deledio, Rance, Edwards.
Melbourne: Sylvia, Garland, Jones, Bartram, Moloney, McKenzie.

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Discards contribute as Tigers build for the future (Australian)
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Discards contribute as Tigers build for the future

    Stephen Rielly
    From: The Australian
    August 22, 2011

PERHAPS, with the end to their seasons nigh, it was the thought of soon being without the game for six months. Or maybe it was the idea that from a good finish to one campaign a good start to the next can begin.

Richmond coach Damien Hardwick said only last week that a late-season surge from his Tigers would be just the encouragement for them to believe they are holding to the trajectory of another club he once had something to do with, the rebuilt Hawthorn of five years ago.

Whatever the reason, Richmond and Melbourne produced a superb 34-goal game at the MCG last night,

Richmond winning 17.15 (117) to 17.8 (110. It was a match that over its course ran in as many directions as any compass has and had to dumbfound anyone certain beforehand that it would not matter much to anyone concerned.

Both finished with 17 goals on the board, five of them kicked by the mercurial Demon Colin Sylvia, but the points, in every sense, finished with Richmond which won, 17.15 to 17.8.

The points of difference at the end looked for much of the second half as if they would count against the Tigers. Melbourne was in the game in the first half only in the sense that it shared the same MCG turf.

The Tigers, with 19 scoring shots to eight and a dozen more inside-50s, could only have been miffed with themselves for the fact their half-time lead was just 26 points. That and the ease with which the Demons scored on the rare occasions they did get within range. This relative comfort certainly helped Melbourne to post 7.1 in the first half and go to the final break with 14.2 on the board.

It said something about the state of the contest in the first 60 minutes that six of Melbourne's seven goals came from the boots of two players, Sylvia and Liam Jurrah, where Richmond's 10 goals were shared by seven.

The Tigers started the half brilliantly, with the first three goals of the game and a domination of territory through the likes of Dustin Martin and Shaun Grigg, and finished it with a similar burst.

It was possible to gather a sense of Richmond's ascendancy and the collective frustration in Melbourne's performance to the main break in the contrasting games of Nathan Foley and Aaron Davey.

Foley powered through the stoppages, almost creating momentum by a force of will. He had 11 touches to the half, six of them contested, and worked forward to kick two goals.

Davey, on the other hand, was lamentable in his 150th game for the red and the blue. He was kept to just one possession in the first half by Bachar Houli, on several occasions allowed himself to be distracted by Alex Rance's taunting and did nothing for his reputation by elbowing Mitch Morton in the head late in the second half.

Morton came from the ground and Davey can expect not to be on the ground next week, at least.

Then the order that had been established in the first half was completely upended by a seven-goal third term from the Demons that had them leading by eight points going into the final term. Where it had been impossible to foresee Melbourne coming back, it was suddenly difficult to believe the Tigers could.

They did so not once but twice.

Goals from Robin Nahas and Jeromey Webberley early in the final term put the yellow and blacks up but Sylvia, who looked like a man out to atone for a poor game the previous week, kicked his fourth to give the Demons fresh hope of claiming their first win in six weeks.

It was only a fortnight ago that Sylvia and Jurrah were running around in the Melbourne seconds, sent back by caretaker coach Todd Viney to remind them of their obligations to the team.