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Chatroom Times
« on: June 12, 2004, 04:08:44 AM »
By popular demand ;D the main night for the OER chatroom with be on Mondays.

There'll be two sessions to choose from although they might blend into one for some  ;):

* 8pm for those who have to get to bed early and go to work.
* 11pm for the night-owls  8).

The chatroom is set-up that it is only accessible by OER members. So you need to be logged on. Click on the chat button to enter. No password is required but you may register your nic in the chatroom with a password if you want to.

To see who is in the chatroom check Chat Stats near the bottom of the main forum page. The names and number of people in the chatroom are listed there.

The chatroom is always open so if you ever feel like a chat anytime then feel free to post a message on the forum.