Author Topic: Richmond's best kickers - short, long, under pressure & in front of goal (ESPN)  (Read 224 times)

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Your club's best kickers - short, long, under pressure and in front of goal

Jake Michaels
30 July 2021[/i

We've discovered your team's best short and long kicks, kicks under pressure and in front of goal.

To determine the best kicks, we're looking at Champion Data's 'Kick Rating' which takes into account how often a player hits the target compared to the league average across the past 12 years. It's based on the location of a kick, the pressure received on disposal, intention of kick and location of target.

Each category has the following qualifier:

Best short kick: Minimum 30 kicks
Best long kick: Minimum 25 kicks
Best kick under pressure: Minimum 15 kicks
Best kick for goal: Minimum 8 kicks
Best overall kicking efficiency: Minimum 30 kicks


Most kicks: Jayden Short (345)

Best short kick: Shane Edwards (+13.9%)

Best long kick: Kane Lambert (+12.5%)

Best kick under pressure: Nathan Broad (+30.6%)

Best kick for goal: Jack Graham (+24.4%)

Best overall kicking efficiency: Nick Vlastuin (+10%)

The eye test says Dustin Martin is one of the competition's best kicks, but he doesn't top any category at the Tigers in 2021.

Another real surprise. Broad is the AFL's best kick under pressure while Graham sits in the top five for kicks at goal.