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Media articles and Stats: Tigers tumble in Bomber burst
« on: July 09, 2011, 10:54:58 PM »
Tigers tumble in Bomber burst
By Jason Phelan
9:55 PM Sat 09 Jul, 2011

Essendon       3.5  5.9  8.12  15.15 (105)
Richmond      5.1  7.6   9.9     9.12 (66)

Essendon: Crameri 3, Monfries 3, Davey, Heppell, Hille, Hocking, Jetta, McVeigh, Ryder, Stanton, Zaharakis
Richmond: Foley 2, Martin 2, Cotchin, Deledio, Griffiths, Riewoldt, Vickery

Essendon: Stanton, Zaharakis, Crameri, Prismall, Heppell, Monfries, Hurley
Richmond: Cotchin, Edwards, Batchelor, Foley, Vickery, Rance

Essendon: Hurley (ribs), Colyer (concussion)
Richmond: Nil

Essendon: Dyson subbed on for Colyer (concussion) in the third quarter.
Richmond: Hislop subbed on for Griffths in the fourth quarter.

Reports: Nil


RICHMOND has conceded 10 unanswered goals from late in the third quarter in going down to Essendon by 39 points at the MCG on Saturday night.

The Tigers mounted a spirited challenge until midway through the third term, but went missing as the Bombers rattled home to seal the 15.15 (105) to 9.12 (66) win.

The Tigers elected to make just two changes to the team that was hammered into submission by Carlton, bringing in Reece Conca and Luke McGuane while losing Andrew Browne to a hip injury and dropping Mitch Farmer.

But Damien Hardwick promised last week's 103-point drubbing would be instantly consigned to history, never to be spoken of at Punt Road again, and his team played like it was out for redemption early.   

The Tigers had won just one opening quarter from 14 games leading into Saturday night's clash, but they booted five goals to Essendon's three to get off to a rare good start.

The discipline and work rate evident during the Bombers' upset of the ladder-leading Cats wasn't nearly as prevalent during the first two-and-a-half quarters.

But 23 points down 16 minutes into the third quarter, James Hird's men mustered a telling resurgence.

They pulled that margin back to three points at the last change after Stewart Crameri caught Bachar Houli napping deep in defence to boot his third of the match.

As encouraging as the Tigers had been after last week's disappointment, the memory of that early endeavour was completely obliterated by a goalless last quarter.

David Zaharakis' goal less than a minute in gave the Bombers back the lead and six more goals followed as Richmond capitulated to allow Essendon its first win at the MCG since they defeated Richmond in the Dreamtime at the 'G in round nine of last season.

In an entertaining first term, it was Richmond who took the advantage with an eight-point lead at quarter-time. It was only the second time Richmond has won a first quarter this season. The last time was in round nine, when it beat the Bombers. The Tigers, with six scoring shots to eight, were more efficient than Essendon, as Nathan Foley booted two goals for the quarter. An after-the-siren scuffle on the boundary line resulted in Patrick Ryder and Jake Melksham having to replace their torn jumpers, but the Bombers had bigger concerns, particularly with a Richmond midfield looking strong.

It was two goals apiece in the second quarter, but the term saw a number of swings in momentum. Richmond looked likely to break away but the Bombers hit back with consecutive goals, the second coming after a long line-breaking kick by Kyle Reimers put Stewart Crameri into space. Crameri's goal gave the Bombers a two-point lead, but it didn't last long. Jack Riewoldt gained a fortunate holding-the-ball decision
25m from goal and kicked his first of the night. When big man Ben Griffiths outbodied Dustin Fletcher to mark and goal from point-blank range it gave the Tigers a nine-point lead.

In a similar vein to the last time these sides met in round nine, Richmond broke away in the third term to lead by 23 points at the 15-minute mark of the quarter. However, this time, as distinct from in round nine, the Bombers hit back and ended the quarter trailing by only three points. The comeback was sparked when Angus Monfries intercepted a Chris Newman rebound to slot a long shot at goal. Crameri missed two simple set shots at goal while the Bombers were running hot, but a mistake by Bachar Houli in the forward pocket saw the former Bomber cough up the ball and hand an easy goal - and all the momentum - Essendon's way.

A long goal in the opening minute by David Zaharakis, who had lifted his output in the third term, gave the Bombers the lead and it was immediately followed by a quick snap by Alwyn Davey to give Essendon its fifth straight goal. Essendon's dominance in the centre clearances was crucial and led to a third goal for the last quarter, this time to Leroy Jetta. The Bombers kicked seven goals to Richmond's nil in the last quarter, as they ran all over their opponents to consolidated their place in the top eight.

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Stats: Tigers vs Bomber
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2011, 04:44:26 AM »
Team Stats

Disposals          339 - 334
Efficiency%         72 - 74
Kicks                199 -   191
Handballs          140 - 143
Con. Marks         18 - 14
Uncon. Marks      86 - 78
Tackles               62 -   89
Clearances          38 - 40
Clangers             44 - 46
Frees                  25 - 22
Hitouts                27 - 52 ..... ( Vickery 18, Post 8 // Ryder 25, Hille 24 )
Con. Possies      130 -    121
Uncon. Possies   210 - 216
Inside 50s           42 - 47
Assists                  7 - 14

Individual Stats

                         D    K    H     G    B     SC   SCA   CM   UM   T   C   Cl    FF   FA   CP   UP    In50   A    Eff%    

T.Cotchin           27    22      5    1    0      94    100    0    9      3    5    4    1    1    7    21    7    0      52%
J.Batchelor         22    11    11    0    0      83      60    0    6      2    1    1    1    0    3    19    3    0      91%
S.Edwards          22    13      9    0    1      79      59    1    7      1    2    2    1    0    8    14    2    0      77%
C.Newman         22    19      3    0    0    116      99    1    7      5    0    3    2    1    9    13    1    0      73%
N.Foley              19      7    12    2    0    112      93    0    2    10    6    6    0    4    9      9    1    0      79%
B.Deledio           18      6    12    1    0      71    103    0    3      5    2    2    0    1    5    13    2    0      67%
B.Houli              18    12      6    0    0      69      86    0    5      1    0    3    2    2    4    15    2    0      78%
R.Conca             17    11      6    0    0      51      60    0    5      1    4    3    2    1    7    11    1    0      71%
R.Nahas             17      5    12    0    0      73      87    0    5      2    1    1    1    0    5    12    0    0      71%
A.Rance             17    12      5    0    0      62      82    1    3      2    0    4    2    4    4    13    0    0      88%
T.Vickery           17      6    11    1    0    102      71    1    4      4    6    3    2    0    9      8    2    1      65%
S.Grigg             16    10      6    0    2      61      79    4    3      2    1    1    1    1    9      7    4    0      56%
B.Helbig            16      9      7    0    0      77      37    0    6      2    0    0    0    0    2    14    1    0      94%
D.Jackson         15      9      6    0    3      70      88    0    1      4    4    1    2    1    7      8    4    0      67%
D.Martin           14      9      5    2    0      67    100    1    5      1    2    3    1    1    6      7    1    0      71%
W.Thursfield      13      8      5    0    0      80      65    1    5      3    0    0    1    0    6      7    1    0      77%
L.McGuane        12      5      7    0    0      62      56    0    5      1    1    1    1    1    5      7    1    0    100%
J.Riewoldt         10      8      2    1    1      59      79    1    3      3    0    1    1    0    5      5    2    0      40%
J.King                9      5      4    0    0      49      65    2    0      3    2    1    2    0    9      1    2    0      56%
B.Griffiths          7      5      2    1    1      63      41    4    0      2    1    1    1    1    6      0    1    1      57%
J.Post                7      6      1    0    0      49      45    1    2      4    0    3    1    3    3      4    3    0      57%
T.Hislop             4      1      3    0    0      13      29    0    0      1    0    0    0    0    2      2    1    0      75%

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Bombers start to soar (Age)
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Bombers start to soar
Emma Quayle
July 10, 2011

ESSENDON 3.5 5.9 8.12 15.15 (105)
RICHMOND 5.1 7.6 9.9 9.12 (66)

Essendon: Monfries 3, Crameri 3, Davey, Stanton, Heppell, Hille, Zaharakis, Hocking, Jetta, McVeigh, Ryder.
Richmond: Martin 2, Foley 2, Deledio, Griffiths, Riewoldt, Cotchin, Vickery.

Essendon: Crameri, Hurley, Stanton, Zaharakis, Ryder, Heppell.
Richmond: Cotchin, Foley, Vickery, Newman, Houli, Deledio.

INJURIES Essendon: Hocking (glute), Colyer (head knock).
UMPIRES Stevic, McInerney, Armstrong.
CROWD 55,442 at MCG.


IT WAS against Richmond in round nine that it all began unravelling for Essendon. Rounds seven and eight were not games to record and watch later either, but it was on a Saturday night in the Dreamtime match that the Bombers allowed an opponent to script a game from go to whoa, got well and truly trampled through the middle and, despite persisting with their long, hopeful kicks into the forward line, had to realise it wasn't working as it had.

The curiosities of the draw brought Essendon back to the MCG again last night. A swift rematch; a chance after last week's unexpected, emotional defeat of Geelong to notch a solid win against a side that is seeking the same sort of consistent effort, and was coming off a loss to Carlton that was just as emotional, albeit for horrible reasons. Jobe Watson was still missing, a fresh hamstring injury keeping him in his suit and tie, but Heath Hocking was back in the middle. Cale Hooker was absent too, but Tayte Pears was back, lining up alongside Michael Hurley in defence again.
Advertisement: Story continues below

This was a more accomplished, more settled outfit, no doubt. But two questions had emerged by the middle of the first quarter. One: would they, with an obvious new approach to finding goals, kick more of them? And two, after holding in from first bounce to last against Geelong just one week earlier, what would their emotional energy - or alternatively, their belief in what they knew they should do - be like should things start to go against them for a while?

James Hird owes royalties to whoever invented the word ''improvement'', the Essendon coach has used it so many times this year, but it has been a theme of the Bombers' year not just tied to players. Hurley took yet another big step last night with his aggressive, focused job on Jack Riewoldt and others - David Zaharakis, Kyle Reimers, Stewart Crameri, Leroy Jetta and Pears, to start with - all did some meaningful things when the game was busy, and someone needed to do something. The Bombers are learning to share the load in all parts of the ground, but it was in the forward line that they found a new way last night.

Having scored through their half-forwards against the Cats, the Bombers began in a more unpredictable way than they did last time around. Zaharakis started in the goal square, with Brad Helbig (who had a really good game) alongside. At times, Reimers, Davey, Travis Colyer were his accompanying half-forward lines, starting right up near the edge of the centre square. By the second term, they were mixing things up. Both Paddy Ryder and David Hille were pushing down there. Twice, they cleared out their forward 50 altogether, and two times Reimers kicked beautifully into the path of Crameri, who turned and bolted into open goals.

The challenge came in the third term, a flat one in which Richmond kicked the first two goals and Essendon's energy seemed to ebb as it found it harder and harder to score. Helbig was playing well; so was Jake Batchelor. Most notably, Chris Newman had figured out what the Bombers were doing down there, and finding ways to get himself into space and get the Tigers moving. Nine weeks ago, Essendon might have crumbled, or kept doing things that weren't working, over and over. When Crameri missed two gettable set shots just into time-on, their belief may have shrivelled up entirely.

Instead, the game changed. It seemed to happen suddenly, appearing in the form of two late goals. It appeared in the form of three goals late in the third term, and four in the first four minutes of the last term. But it was also gradual, in the sense that Essendon readjusted slightly, and didn't stop. One of those third-quarter goals came when Crameri, having missed those shots, hassled Bachar Houli into a corner in deep defence, tackling him when he tripped, grabbing the ball and sprinting to the goal line. Another came when the tables turned and Angus Monfries read Newman's kick in, taking a mark, taking off and scoring on the run.

It was the persistent Zaharakis, Davey, Jetta and Hocking, after climbing up onto Brett Deledio's shoulders, who kicked the final-term goals, a variety of snaps, marks and free kicks from tackles giving them the chance. And it was Hurley and Pears - the latter back on the ground after taking a heavy hit in the ribs during the third quarter - who helped keep things steady at the other end. Essendon's road gets tougher from here, with games against Carlton, Collingwood, West Coast and others on the way. The Bombers are a work in progress, but are starting to look a more layered side.


You got the feeling very early that, after folding against Carlton last weekend, the Richmond players wanted to put in a more physical performance. Three times in the first term, Essendon players escorting the ball over the boundary line were met with heavy bumps, and poor old Angus Monfries was twice on the receiving end. The first bump came from Shaun Grigg, and sent him into the fence; the second, from Tyrone Vickery just after the quarter-time siren, caught him more unawares and kick-started a scuffle that will see the Richmond ruckman occupy some of the match review panel's time tomorrow.


Patrick Ryder was first in to defend Monfries, with Jake Melksham and a group of others behind them, and at the end of it all there was only one thing to wonder: what are Essendon's guernseys made out of? Both Ryder and Melksham had theirs torn from them.


Ben Griffiths had shoulder surgery before he was drafted by Richmond, and he's had even more since. The forward played just his seventh match last night, but keeps showing some signs he will be the man to help Jack Riewoldt out. His most impressive moment last night? When he caught Dustin Fletcher in a one-on-one at the top of the Tigers' goal square, he out-bodied him, leant to his left and with that arm outstretched, hauled the ball in. Having almost goaled from 55 metres out earlier, he wasn't going to miss.

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Re: Media articles and Stats: Tigers tumble in Bomber burst
« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2011, 04:50:36 AM »
Dons sound right reply
Michael Gleeson
July 10, 2011

IT WAS always going to be a game of responses if not one that gives answers. How both sides reacted to their wildly different weeks would be a reply, but no answer. One side coming from its most sheepishly pathetic effort of the year, the other its bragging best.

The reply from Richmond was in some ways always going to be easiest to give, for it did not necessarily require victory. The thing with playing so insipidly one week is that there is a ready answer the next. Damien Hardwick didn't have to do much in the way of tweaking game plans after the Carlton match, he just had to advise chastened players that making an effort and laying a tackle would make a bright contrast. And it did. And it worked for them for 2 quarters.

For that period, when they led Essendon by 23 points, the Tigers looked purposeful and diligent. More consistent in their effort and more focused in keeping the ball about their forward line.

The change in complexion to the game that was to become dramatic, occurred subtly and began about the time the Tigers stretched to their biggest lead. It was about this time Paddy Ryder moved into the ruck and David Zaharakis began to shark the ruckman's work.

In the first half of the third quarter, as Richmond navigated out to its lead, the Tigers handed the ball among themselves, teasing Essendon. But the switch of ruck and the more earnest work around the ball by Zaharakis and Brent Stanton contrived to get possession back in the Bombers' hands and with it they began to plug away at the margin.

Two other moments were helpful, in hindsight. The first seemed innocuous at the time: Richmond's Chris Newman floated a ball long that missed its mark and Bomber Angus Monfries lifted it and goaled. Soon after Tiger Bachar Houli was passed a ball in defence and, looking up, suffered not from indecision but the fact there was simply no right decision to be made, for every man was covered and he had nowhere to go. So he retreated and retreated until under pressure to kick he lost his footing. Stewart Crameri had hounded him to the line and was there to skim the cream. That goal literally, and figuratively, illustrated Richmond being upended. It scored just three more behinds for the night as Essendon romped.

Ryder's influence in the second half was likely due to the fact that Richmond's Ty Vickery had been asked to move into the first ruck again after teammate Andrew Browne's injury. Vickery had done well as a centre half-forward and handled himself well in the ruck for the first half, but the toll of essentially working one out against capable rucks told on him.

With Vickery up the ground Ben Griffiths and Jayden Post played as second and third tall forwards and both had their moments to excite some hope for another day, but for last night they simply did not do enough to affect the result. Richmond needed more from full-forward Jack Riewoldt but he was well beaten by Michael Hurley.

Hurley's switch back to defence seems to further build the case that playing behind the ball agrees with him. He beat the Coleman Medal leading goalkicker last night and, regardless of a blow to the ribs, returned to hold his side's defence together even while Richmond was finding ways to goal without its primary goal kicker.

The decision to keep Hurley back is something Essendon stuck with after last week's victory. Coach James Hird said afterwards he maintains that Hurley is a ''fantastic forward'' but he might still be a better back.

What was clear in the second half, if not the first, was that Essendon's forward line functioned better when cleared of tall forwards.

Ryder and David Hille rotated there but both played relatively high up the field. For large parts of the game the Dons played with smalls running from the goal square, or with the forward line emptied out altogether, because they were folding so many numbers deep into the Tigers' territory.

The only player to present as a danger throughout the match was Crameri, who covered vast amounts of ground and exploited with his leg speed.

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Hardwick turns red (Herald-Sun)
« Reply #4 on: July 10, 2011, 04:53:22 AM »
Essendon's second-half onslaught results in big win

    Mark Stevens
    From: Herald Sun
    July 09, 2011 8:38PM

DAMIEN Hardwick's face turned a darker shade of red with every goal.

Last week against Carlton, Hardwick might have been embarrassed. This time, it was sheer anger.

It is fortunate the usually mild-mannered Richmond coach was in the box and not on the bench, for he might have said something he regretted.

Coming off a 103-point loss to Carlton, the Tigers were good enough to lead Essendon by 23 points in the third term.

Then, inexplicably, the Richmond of seven days earlier returned as the Bombers cruised to their first win on the MCG since Round 9 last year.

From the moment Dustin Martin kicked a snap goal from 40m 12 minutes into the third, Essendon kicked 10.6 to Richmond's 0.5.

Undermanned in the ruck, Richmond lost control at the centre bounces as Paddy Ryder sniffed blood and dominated in the centre square.

The Bombers hit the front in the opening minute of the final term through David Zaharakis, Alwyn Davey snapped a left-foot goal two minutes in and Leroy Jetta casually slotted a set shot four minutes in.

From there, the Tigers never looked like it as Essendon kicked another four to win by 39 points.

It was party time when Heath Hocking soared for a mark of the year contender on the edge of the goalsquare.

Essendon's tackling intensity, so evident in the upset win against Geelong, returned and Richmond's kicking efficiency fell away.

The Tigers, who had lost the tackle count by 18 in the two matches leading in, last night lost it by 30.

Richmond is one of the cleanest teams by foot when up and going, and at times last night its ball movement from end to end was spectacular. But, clearly, tackling remains an issue.

The Tigers won the contested ball count and broke even in the clearances, but Essendon was far cleaner when it counted.

With Jack Riewoldt held to one goal by Michael Hurley, the Tigers had to rely on midfielders for goals.

Trent Cotchin had 27 disposals, kicked a goal and had seven forward 50 entries, but was asked to do too much.

Martin only had two disposals in the second half, Brett Deledio started well but faded to have only 18 disposals and Robin Nahas was kept in check by Mark McVeigh.

Essendon had the best forward on the ground in Stewart Crameri, who was a constant threat. He kicked three goals and could have finished with five. After hitting a form trough he is back. Clearly, he's a Bomber barometer.

Neither team seized the initiative in a first half.

It was obvious early the Tigers had an energy and intent missing against against the Blues and Essendon looked a little flat and complacent.

After an arm wrestle early in the third, the Tigers seized the momentum after a controversial call against Bomber Ricky Dyson.

Dyson had waited all year for a game and minutes after being subbed on was tackled running back towards the Richmond goal.

He handballed away legally, but inexplicably he was pinged for holding the ball.

Essendon fans erupted in disgust when the replay was shown to cap an ordinary night for the whistle-blowers.

Tyrone Vickery made the most of the lucky free kick, slotting a goal from 35m and Richmond led by 16 nine minutes into the term.

When Martin made a snap from a pack from 40m look ridiculously easy, the Tigers led by 22 and looked primed.

But Essendon, running out of ideas with five goals on the board, somehow found a way to get back into the contest.

It was not pretty, but Angus Monfries, David Hille and Crameri goaled.

The major to Crameri 31 minutes in cut the Tigers' lead to three points on the stroke of three-quarter time and was a big team-lifter.

You sensed it would provide the launching pad for an Essendon win, but nobody saw the last quarter capitulation coming.

Hardwick, so stunned he remained in the box longer than usual to discuss the fallout with his assistance, clearly didn't.

Essendon: Crameri, Stanton, Hurley, Zaharakis, Hocking, Ryder.
Richmond: Cotchin, Newman, Foley, Edwards, Batchelor, Houli.