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Our worst nightmare?
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Just reading some of the history of the club and came across this; our worst mightmare which almost happened...

In The Beginning 1885-1907

Formed on February 20th, 1885 at a public meeting at the Royal Hotel, Richmond adopted an all-blue guernsey paired with a yellow and black striped cap. Richmond's first VFA match was a defeat to Williamstown. In 1888 Richmond adopted a yellow and black striped guernsey.
By 1890 clubs were having to fight off poaching attempts by opposition clubs, betting on matches was big business, and there were allegations of match-fixing financed by bookmakers. Geelong and Essendon met in defiance of the VFA, and proposed a two division league. By 1891 professionalism had entered the game and Richmond's insistence on remaining amateur cost it a number of players.

1892 saw Richmond introduce a tactical innovation which involved playing through the center and long kicking. This was a departure from intricate passing and criss-crossing from flank to flank, the 'short route' as it was called was attacked by critics. In 1894 Essendon wanted to form a breakaway league, and the MCC, Geelong and Fitzroy were in favour. A Collingwood - Richmond merger was proposed but rejected.