Author Topic: 1908 article about Richmond joining the VFL (the Australasian)  (Read 5952 times)

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1908 article about Richmond joining the VFL (the Australasian)
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The Australasian
25 April, 1908

... Richmond's coming in has balanced matters for the League, and has obviated the necessity which would otherwise have arisen of having a team disengaged on each playing day throughout the season. It was not, however, only to do away with byes that Richmond has been admitted to the charmed League circle. On form, for many years the club has proved itself the pick of the Association, both financially and in efficiency in the field, and the League were justified in offering the vacant position to them, rather than to combined West and North Melbourne.

The Richmond club has a big united district at its back, and a very strong and enthusiastic following, and its team has been strengthened since last year. It is to be regretted that the club's modest request to be permitted to take in on the south side a few perches of ground at present unused was not granted, for the little addition to the playing area would have given players elbow room enough to play the game comfortably. Why the parks and gardens committee refused the trifling, concession is in explicable.

In losing Richmond, the V.F.A. have encountered a financial set-back that will be felt, I fear, for years; ....

Full article here:
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Re: 1908 article about Richmond joining the VFL (the Australasian)
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We were shafting Norf even back then.