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2015 Draft Combine/Camp
« on: August 27, 2015, 12:28:00 PM »
The AFL today announced the first group of players that will attend the 2015 NAB AFL Draft Combine at Etihad Stadium in October.

The Medium Midfielder group comprises of 23 players at National Combine level; four were included in the NAB AFL Under-18 All-Australian teams of the last two years and eight are graduates of the NAB AFL Academy.

2015 NAB AFL Draft Combine – National - Medium Midfielders


Jacob Hopper
North Ballarat Rebels/Leeton-Whitton 6/02/1997 Height: 186cm Weight: 82
Medium midfielder with an excellent work ethic who has the ability to win the footy both on the inside and outside. Shows excellent composure with the ball in hand , making smart decisions and executing well. A boarder at St Patrick’s College in Ballarat, he is also a member of the GWS Giants Academy. He won the NSW/ACT MVP. Member of NAB AFL Academy. Averaged 26.7 disposals (16.3 contested), 6 inside 50s and 8.7 clearances a game during the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships winning All-Australian honours.

Callum Mills
North Shore 2/04/1997 Height: 186cm Weight: 80
Outstanding medium midfielder who's season has been ruined by shin and foot injuries. An All-Australian at Under-18 level in 2014 he is a prolific ball winner, courageous, strong overhead and a good ball user. Member of the Swans Academy and NAB AFL Academy.


Harley Balic
Sandringham Dragons/Parkdale 15/01/1997 Height: 186cm Weight: 80kg
Medium forward/midfielder who is strong in the air and is very good one-on-one. Is an extremely agile and elusive player who has clean hands and is an excellent decision-maker. Strong bodied player who is composed with the football in his hands and looks to have time when the ball is in his possession .All Australian at Under 18s level this year.

Ryan Clarke
Eastern Ranges/Knox 17/06/1997 Height: 180cm Weight 77kg
Medium midfielder who has a thirst for the contest. A prolific ball winner with elite endurance. Thrives with his contested ball winning ability, and can also find it out in space due to a terrific work rate. Averaged 19 disposals (10 contested), 3.8 clearances and 3.2 tackles in five games at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships.

Rhys Mathieson
Geelong Falcons/Bell Park 10/01/1997 Height: 185cm Weight: 79kg
Extremely tough and competitive medium midfielder who plays a physical brand of football. Possesses excellent game sense and football smarts while reading the ball very well in flight off the boot. A great extractor of the football out of tight situations using his clean hands to great effect. Is now a back-to-back Under-18 All-Australian. Averaged 20 disposals, five clearances and four inside 50s at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. Member of NAB AFL Academy.

Nash Holmes
Gippsland Power/Sale 13/03/1997 Height: 180cm Weight: 74
Hard working medium midfielder whose contested ball winning ability as well as his tackling pressure are features of his game. Very smart around goals, generally being first to move using his footy smarts. Averaged 16 possessions and 3.8 inside 50s in six matches at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships.

James Parsons
Eastern Ranges/Norwood 12/04/1997 Height: 189cm Weight: 75kg
NAB AFL Academy member who has elite speed and his long kicking is a real feature of his game. His performance against Vic Country in game 1 was the highlight of his five games at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. Averaged 12.8 possessions at 73.4 percent efficiency.

Thomas Glen
Dandenong Stingrays/Beaconsfield 7/5/1997 Height: 187cm Weight: 72kg
Versatile medium midfielder who can also play as a rebounding defender. Has good speed and uses the ball extremely well by hand and foot. Represented Vic Country at this year's NAB AFL Under-18 Championships showing his ability to read the play well and make good decisions under pressure. Had excellent year with the Stingrays, averaging 19 possessions at an impressive 77 percent efficiency.

Liam Jeffs
Eastern Ranges/East Ringwood 30/3/1997 Height: 192cm Weight: 78kg
Tall midfielder who uses his height to his advantage at stoppages and distributes the ball effectively, especially by hand. Had injury interrupted year but has returned in last month with his best performance at TAC Cup level vs Geelong Falcons, gaining 19 possessions with four clearances and four tackles. Member NAB AFL Academy.

Thomas Jok
Dandenong Stingrays/Beaconsfield 1/1/1997 Height: 190cm Weight: 72
Tall midfielder with excellent combination of pace and endurance. Sudanese born youngster who missed the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships due to injury but has returned to play some exciting football at TAC Cup level, averaging 17 possessions and 6.5 tackles. Kicked five goals in the AGS vs APS College representative game this month, highlighting his potential.

Kurt Mutimer
Dandenong Stingrays/Narre Warren 11/3/1997 Height: 185cm Weight: 81kg
Left footed medium midfielder who is a penetrating kick, is strong overhead and has good natural pace. Important player of Victoria Country Championship winning team, averaging 15 possessions. Had excellent season with Stingrays, averaging 22 possessions (11 contested), 5 tackles and 4.5 clearances.

Clayton Oliver
Murray Bushrangers/Mooroopna 22/7/1997 Height: 187cm Weight: 86kg
Strong bodied medium midfielder who has been a revelation in the TAC Cup this year, averaging 25 possessions (including 15 contested). Stoppage star who excels one-on-one and uses the ball effectively, particularly by hand. Averaged six clearances and six tackles for the Bushrangers this year and kicked 10 goals in his 12 matches to date.

Josh Dunkley
Gippsland Power/Sale 9/1/1997 Height: 189cm Weight: 82kg
Medium midfielder who is a prolific ball winner and a smart user of the ball. Is a very good mark overhead and can play in many roles within his team. Is a natural leader who regularly lifts his team mates within games. Is eligible under the father/son rule for the Sydney Swans, where his father Andrew was a star. Was recovering from injury and missed early part of the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships before playing two games and averaged 12 possessions in limited game time. Member of NAB AFL Academy.

Braden Fiorini
Northern Knights/Greensborough 22/8/1997 Height: 186cm Weight: 75kg
Classy medium midfielder or defender who uses the ball very well on his preferred left foot. Solid performer for Victoria Metro in NAB AFL Under-18 Championships, averaging 15 possessions in three matches but has starred for Knights in the TAC Cup, averaging 30 possessions at 76 percent efficiency across 11 matches this season.

David Cuningham
Oakleigh Chargers/Boroondara Hawks 30/3/1997 Height: 183cm Weight: 79kg
Extremely quick medium midfielder who represented Vic Metro in the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships this year and also plays for Melbourne Grammar. Has great step through traffic and reads the ball well off hands. Been impressive for the Chargers in six matches this year, averaging 20 possessions and five clearances.

Western Australia

Greg Clark
Subiaco/Sorrento-Duncraig 24/05/1997 Height: 193cm Weight: 82kg
Captained WA at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. Versatile player who has great running ability for a player of his size, regularly out working his opponent during a game. Has good hands and uses the ball effectively Averaged 17.2 possessions and 4.3 marks in six games at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. Member of NAB AFL Academy.

Josh Schoenfeld
Peel Thunder/Rockingham 3/07/1997 Height: 186cm Weight: 75kg
Hard working midfielder with elite endurance who prides himself on working to countless contests due to his ability to spread and cover the ground. Uses the ball effectively by foot often finding the short targets to maintain possession, however also gets forward and impacts the scoreboard. Played in four games for Western Australia during the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships.

Brayden Hackett
Swan Districts/Guildford Grammar 1/2/1997 Height: 183cm Weight: 69kg
Prolific ball winning medium midfielder with excellent footy smarts and efficient user of the ball. Impressed for WA in the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships, averaging 15 possessions at 73 percent efficiency. Averages 20 possessions at Colts level with Swan Districts along with four tackles and four clearances.

Declan Mountford
Claremont/North Albany 13/2/1997 Height: 183cm Weight: 70kg
Medium midfielder who can break the lines with his pace. Strong overhead and aggressive in the contest. Consistent performer for WA in the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships, averaging 14 possessions in five matches and has been a prolific ball winner at Colts level, averaging 24 possessions in 10 matches with six clearances and five tackles. Also handled step up to Reserves level, averaging 22 possessions in his two matches.


Mitchell Hibberd
Clarence 23/9/1996 Height: 191cm Weight: 85kg
Tall midfielder or defender who has overcome significant knee and shoulder injuries to play some exciting football this year for Tasmania. Very good athletically and a sound decision maker. Averaged 23.3 possessions (71.8 percent efficiency), eight handball receives and 4.7 rebound 50s in three games at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships.

2015 NAB AFL Draft Combine – State - Medium Midfielders

Charlie Bance
Wagga Tigers/GWS NSW 6.11.1997 Height: 183cm Weight: 84kg

Bryce Batty
Eastern Rangers VIC M 16.1.1997 Height: 183cm Weight: 80kg

Thomas Cameron
Sandringham Dragons VIC M 2.7.1997 Height: 187cm Weight: 70kg

Mitchell Cox
Dandenong Stingrays VIC C 24.3.1997 Height: 180cm Weight: 78kg

Matthew Debruin
Gippsland Power VIC C 14.1.1996 Height: 187cm Weight: 72kg

James El Moussalli
Northern Knights VIC M 18.6.1997 Height: 186cm Weight: 83kg

Jake Florenca
South Fremantle WA 15.5.1997 Height: 184cm Weight: 78kg

Brydon Hodgson
Eastlake ACT 16.9.1996 Height: 186cm Weight: 81kg

Marty Hore Bendigo
Pioneers VIC C 5.3.1996 Height: 186cm Weight: 76kg

Matthew Jackson
Oakleigh Chargers VIC M 15.1.1996 Height: 189cm Weight: 80kg

Jake Lovett
Dandenong Stingrays VIC C 9.1.1997 Height: 182cm Weight: 81kg

Dylan McDonald
Murray Bushrangers NSW 17.1.1997 Height: 183cm Weight: 69kg

Sam Menegola
Subiaco WA 7.3.1992 Height: 188cm Weight: 90kg

Matthew Perry
Nothern Knights VIC M 30.4.1997 Height: 187cm Weight: 73kg

Tom Phillips
Oakleigh Chargers VIC M 7.5.1996 Height: 184cm Weight: 74kg

Levi Ridley
Swan Districts WA 17.2.1997 Height: 183cm Weight: 74kg

Tom Templeton
North Ballarat Rebels VIC C 11.4.1996 Height: 183cms Weight: 88kg

Jacob Wheelahan
North Ballarat Rebels VIC C 1.8.1997 Height: 185cm Weight: 79kg

Bailey Williams
Glenelg SA 10.10.1997 Height: 185cm Weight: 80kg

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Re: 2015 Draft Combine/Camp
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2015, 11:23:52 PM »
2015 NAB AFL Draft Combine – National - Medium Defenders


Thomas Cole             
Sandhurst/Bendigo Pioneers    28/05/1997      Height: 185cm            Weight: 76kg
Classy medium defender/midfielder who is highly skilled with his ball use by either hand or foot. Can play in a range of roles for his team and thrives in contested situations. Averaged 14.3 possessions and 4.2 tackles in six games at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. Member of NAB AFL Academy. Has impressed also with step up to VFL level in three matches with Geelong. Averaged 25 disposals with the Pioneers in 2015.

Benjamin Crocker   
Oakleigh Chargers/Kew Comets   19/02/1997          Height: 185cm        Weight: 81kg
Medium defender/forward who is a fierce competitor. Outstanding overhead both as a lead up player when forward and in contested situations. Is a versatile player who can go into the midfield to make an impact. Averaged 15.4 possessions, 6.6 handball receives and four marks in five games at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. Member of the NAB AFL Academy. Impressed when progressed to play two matches at VFL level with Port Melbourne this year.

Thomas Doedee         
Geelong Falcons/St Joseph’s    1/03/1997            Height: 187cm        Weight: 80kg
Medium defender who excels one-on-one, is strong overhead and clean below his knees. Solid performer for Vic Country in four matches in NAB AFL Under-18 Championships this year after representing his state in basketball at Under-18 level last season. Team orientated player who averaged 12 disposals in 11 matches with the Falcons this year. Capable of playing on taller or smaller players in defence.

Tyrone Leonardis     
Northern Knights/North Heidelberg     22/02/1997          Height: 182cm        Weight: 78kg
Medium defender/midfielder who possesses a terrific step through traffic when in possession. Disposes of the ball neatly on his preferred left foot and is prepared to take the game on. Averaged 13 possessions and three tackles in five games at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. At TAC Cup level, has averaged 17.6 disposals at 75 percent efficiency in 12 matches this year.

Alex Morgan             
Oakleigh Chargers/Forest Hill     28/01/1996          Height: 180cm        Weight: 80kg
Dashing medium defender with damaging foot skills on both sides and also creative with his hands. Has good step through traffic and was impressive for Vic Metro in the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships, playing four matches and averaging 17 disposals. 19-year-old who has also averaged 20 disposals in his matches with the Chargers this year.

Bailey Rice                 
Beaconsfield/ Dandenong Stingrays     10/02/1997       Height: 184cm           Weight: 81kg
Medium midfielder/defender with excellent speed and power, regularly on display when bursting from the stoppages or defensive 50. Is a versatile player, being able to play in various roles within the team. Son of former Carlton premiership player Dean Rice and is eligible for Carlton or St Kilda under the father-son rule. Averaged 22 disposals (75 percent efficiency) and 4.5 rebound 50s in 11 games with the Stingrays and represented Vic Country in the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships this year.

Darcy Tucker           
Horsham Saints/North Ballarat Rebels     23/01/1997                  Height: 184cm             Weight: 78kg
Left footed medium midfielder who loves to run and carry when distributing the ball. Very good with his hands in contested situations, regularly disposing the ball effectively via hand to his team mates.  Averaged 17.5 possessions, 9.8 handball received and 2.7 inside 50s in six games at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. All-Australian at Under-18 level in 2014. Member of NAB AFL Academy. Has averaged 24 disposals with the Rebels this year.

Brandon White         
Beaconsfield/Dandenong Stingrays      13/01/1997          Height: 188cm        Weight: 77kg
Well rounded medium midfielder/defender with excellent closing speed. He makes very good decisions and distributes the ball well on his preferred foot. Quality mark overhead for a player of his size. Averaged 15.3 disposals (72 percent efficiency) and 2.2 tackles for the Stingrays this year and impressed in three games for Vic Country in the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships.

South Australia

Cameron Hewett                   
North Adelaide/Broughton Mundoora    26/02/1997          Height: 189cm        Weight: 76kg
Very clever defender/midfielder with good football smarts and game sense. Rarely loses his feet in the contest and also spreads hard to create opportunities for his team mates. Excels at the stoppages where he uses his body to ensure he gets first opportunity to extract the ball. Played two games for South Australia at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships, averaging 19 disposals and 4.5 clearances. Brother of Sydney Swan George Hewett.

Stephen Tahana                   
North Adelaide/Gaza         2/02/1997            Height: 183cm        Weight: 78kg
Medium midfielder/defender who has excellent speed and agility, regularly displayed when rebounding from defence. Shows great ability with his clean hands in the contest and has a team first attitude with his work in defence. Averaged 12.3 possessions and three tackles over sixgames at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. Member of NAB AFL Academy, he won South Australia's MVP at Under-16 level in 2013. Already played six matches at senior level in North Adelaide over the last two years.


Reuben William
Wilston Grange/Zillmere          7/10/1997            Height: 182cm        Weight: 74kg
Born in South Sudan, moved to Queensland at five years of age. Showed lighting speed and good ball use from defence in the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships averaging 17 possessions and eight handball receives. Instructive player who also tackles strongly. Member of Brisbane Lions Academy. Also played five matches in TAC Cup for Queensland with his 28 disposals against top side North Ballarat an outstanding performance.

2015 NAB AFL Draft Combine – State - Medium Defenders

Jack Agostino             
West Adelaide            SA    11.6.1997        Height: 182cm                   Weight: 77kg

Tom Anderson           
Oakleigh Chargers      VIC    3.9.1997          Height: 189cm                   Weight: 68kg

Daniel Beddison         
Oakleigh Chargers      VIC   18.8.1997        Height: 189cm                   Weight: 80kg

Anthony Brolic           
Eastern Ranges           VIC   12.9.1996        Height: 183cm                Weight: 86kg

Thomas Faul               
NSW/ACT Rams        ACT    24.1.1996        Height: 186cm               Weight: 85kg

James Harrold             
East Fremantle            WA   6.2.1997          Height: 183cm             Weight: 79kg

Jack Irvine       
NSW/ACT Rams                    NSW       2.11.1997        Height: 188cm            Weight: 80kg

Chris Jansen   
Central District                       SA        12.7.1995        Height: 189cm            Weight: 83kg

Ben Long       
NT Thunder/St Marys             NT       21.8.1997        Height: 180cm            Weight: 60kg

Brad Lynch     
Swan Districts            WA        11.7.1997        Height: 187cm            Weight: 70kg

Jake Marshall             
Murray Bushrangers    VIC       13.2.1997        Height: 180cm            Weight: 75kg

Ben  McCarthy           
Geelong Falcons         VIC        16.10.1997      Height: 185cm            Weight: 76kg

David Mennen           
Murray Bushrangers    VIC       16.12.1996      Height: 186cm            Weight: 80kg

Marlon Pickett           
South Fremantle          WA       6.1.1992          Height: 187cm            Weight: 83kg

Bailey Rogers             
Claremont       WA         22.3.1997        Height: 184cm            Weight: 80kg

Ben Simpson   
North Ballarat Rebels VIC         14.11.1997      Height: 185cm            Weight: 75kg

Andrew Tashevski-Beckwith
Sandringham Dragons            VIC      18.5.1997        Height: 183cm            Weight: 83kg

Matthew Taylor         
Perth                WA         27.3.1997        Height: 187cm           Weight: 86kg

Theo Thompson         
Sandringham Dragons            VIC       25.7.1997        Height: 185cm            Weight: 81kg

Josh Wagner               
Aspley             QLD        24.6.1994        Height: 189cm            Weight: 81kg

Lachlan Walker           
Oakleigh Chargers      VIC        5.6.1997          Height: 187cm            Weight: 80kg         

Francis Watson           
Claremont       QLD         29.9.1995        Height: 186cm            Weight: 79kg

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Re: 2015 Draft Combine/Camp
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Sudan-born ruck equals Nic Nat record
October 11, 2015

RUCKMAN Gach Nyuon has equalled a benchmark set by West Coast star Nic Naitanui, matching his absolute running vertical jumping record on day three of this year's NAB AFL Draft Combine.

Nyuon, named ruck in this year's under-18 All Australian team, jumped 94cm in the relative running vertical jump, which was behind midfielder Lachlan Tiziani (97cm) as the best at the combine.

But his leap matched Naitanui's absolute jumping record of 362cm, which was set in 2008 before the Eagles took the ruckman with pick two in that year's national draft.

A player's absolute jump refers to the highest point he can reach when jumping off the ground (measuring the distance from the ground to the highest point the prospect can reach with his arm).

A player's relative jump measures the height off the ground he has jumped (the distance between the player's feet and the ground).

The Sudan-born Nyuon also proved his athleticism in the 20m sprint test, running 2.95 seconds.

But it wasn't enough to displace Alex Morgan and Kurt Mutimer from the joint first position in the highly anticipated event, with the Victorian pair recording the best time for the combine at 2.88 seconds. 

They beat Eastern Ranges utility Liam Jeffs and Northern Territory speedster Daniel Rioli, who both ran 2.89 seconds for the sprint.

Rioli, whose father is a cousin of Hawthorn premiership star Cyril Rioli, has enhanced his draft position in the past week after performing well for the Allies in the Grand Final morning curtain-raiser.

The 18-year-old won the repeat sprint test on Saturday, running 24.15 seconds for the six back-to-back 30m sprints.

Tasmanian midfielder Kieran Lovell claimed the honours in the agility test, running 7.90 seconds on the purpose-built floor at Etihad Stadium. An agility run under eight seconds puts him in elite company in combine history.

The final event of Saturday was the beep test, when hard-working West Australian midfielder Josh Schoenfeld reached level 16.2.

The 18-year-old's effort places him as the second best beep test in more than 20 years of combine testing behind Billy Hartung's record. Hartung ran level 16.6 in the beep test in 2013.

The national combine concludes on Sunday with the three-kilometre time trial. 


Absolute standing vertical jump (cm)
Mabior Chol - 334cm
Gach Nyuon - 330
Jacob Weitering - 327
Andre Parrella - 325
Mitch King - 324
Jesse Glass-McCasker - 323
Jack Firns - 322
Matthew Flynn - 321
Callum Moore - 319
Eric Hipwood - 318

Absolute running vertical jump (cm)
Gach Nyuon - 362cm
Mabior Chol - 357
Jacob Weitering - 344
Andre Parrella - 342
Jesse Glass-McCasker - 340
Callum Moore - 340
Matthew Flynn - 339
Eric Hipwood - 338
Liam Jeffs - 338
Harry McKay - 337
Lachlan Tiziani - 337

Relative vertical jump (cm)
Jordan Snaddenv - 75cm
Alex Morgan - 71
Mitch King - 70
David Cuningham - 70
Lachlan Tiziani - 69
Oleg Markov - 69
Stephen Tahana - 69
Daniel Rioli - 69
Tom Doedee - 68
Jack Firns - 68
Matthew Kennedy - 68
Darcy Tucker - 68

Relative running vertical jump (cm)
Lachlan Tiziani - 97cm
Gach Nyuon - 94
Matthew Kennedy - 91
Mabior Chol -  90
Liam Jeffs - 90
Jordan Snadden - 90
Darcy MacPherson - 89
Blake Hardwick - 86
Hisham Kerbatieh - 86
Callum Moore - 86
Stephen Tahana - 86

20m sprint
Alex Morgan - 2.88 seconds
Kurt Mutimer - 2.88
Liam Jeffs - 2.89
Daniel Rioli - 2.89
Thomas Glen - 2.90
Declan Moutford - 2.90
Callum Moore - 2.91
David Cuningham - 2.91
Hisham Kerbatieh - 2.94
Jordan Snadden - 2.94

30m repeat sprints
Daniel Rioli - 24.15 seconds
Mabior Chol - 24.30
Oleg Markov - 24.32
Thomas Glen - 24.46
David Cuningham - 24.51
Jordan Snadden - 24.54
Wayne Milera - 24.61
Will Snelling - 24.64
Liam Jeffs - 24.74
Luke Partington - 24.76


Kieran Lovell - 7.90 seconds
Alex Morgan - 8.07
Clayton Oliver - 8.11
Aidyn Johnson - 8.15
Tom Doedee - 8.19
Jesse Glass-McCasker - 8.22
Oleg Markov - 8.23
Will Snelling - 8.24
Darcy MacPherson - 8.24
Ben Crocker - 8.25

Shuttle run (beep test level)
Joshua Schoenfeld -16.2 level
Mitchell Hibberd - 15.4
Darcy Tucker - 15.3
Declan Mountford -15.2
Jacob Weitering - 15.1
Matthew Kennedy - 14.12
Kieran Lovell - 14.10
Will Snelling - 14.10
Tom Cole - 14.10
Oleg Markov - 14.8
Darcy MacPherson - 14.8

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Re: 2015 Draft Combine/Camp
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Three-kilometre time trial

Joshua Schoenfeld - 9:15 minutes

Thomas Jok - 9:47

Mitchell Hibberd - 10:02

Declan Mountford - 10:04
Brayden Hackett - 10:06

Ben Keays - 10:09

Daniel Rioli - 10:09

Will Snelling - 10:10

Mason Redman - 10:12

Nash Holmes - 10:16