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AFL Draft Camp
« on: September 29, 2005, 02:32:50 AM »
Draft Camp Diary: Day 1
8:30:52 PM Wed 28 September, 2005
Matt Burgan in Canberra
Exclusive to


Wednesday, 28 September, 2005 - Day One
Thoughts from some of the attendees

7:30am - Breakfast

8:30am - Camp welcome
Outline of camp conducted by AFL National Talent Manager, Kevin Sheehan and Port Adelaide recruiting manager, Mick Moylan

Josh Kennedy - East Fremantle
"Kevin said: 'This is the official welcome of the draft camp' - and then it hits you and you feel it and here it goes. When Kevin said: 'Don't be late and don't stuff up' - that's one of the big things - because he was saying that it's really like a job interview and that's when it clicked and you think you've got to pull your head in a bit and you can't act too stupid around these people."

9:30-Noon - Fitness assessment: Height and weight, sit and reach, skinfolds, arm length and handspan

Shaun Grigg - North Ballarat
"They grab us into a group and take us into a few rooms and do the skinfolds' test, the sit and reach, the armspan and the handspan, so it's pretty basic. You just stand there and they measure you. I was around average, so I was pretty happy with that and everyone is pretty much the same."

12:15am - Lunch

1:15-5pm - Psychomotor tests: Reaction time, decision-making and peripheral awareness

Alan Obst - Central District
"It's interesting, because there are a lot of different questions. You can just tell that they're really looking for the whole package. They're coming in from a lot of different points of view, so a lot of the time, you're not really sure what to put down, but you just give an honest judgment by yourself and give it your best. You've got to be careful, because you don't know what anyone else is thinking and you've just got to give it your best shot. You do a lot of reaction time and decision-making and you've got to hit the right light and a lot of it is to do with your peripheral awareness. Then you get compared to the top athletes in Australia, so you see how that goes as well. I did a few in the South Australian academy this year, but nothing to this extent or depth, so it's interesting."

Medical/visual screening

Courtney Dempsey - Morningside
"The club physios checked us out and if you've got an injury, they checked it out, to see if it was still there and to see if it was getting better. They just said it was all good. I had osteitis pubis, so they tested me out on all of the movements, with my bones in the pubic area, to see if it was all good. I'm all over that now, so it's all good."

AFL club interview
Players are approached by AFL recruiting/coaching staff during the course of the day, when squad members are not participating in their allotted activities

James Wall - Calder Cannons
"It was really interesting to spend some time with those guys and it was a bit daunting, but you take a lot away from it and they're just normal blokes like me and you. You just need to be yourself and act as relaxed as you can. I've had two (interviews) so far and they were quite different. One was more full-on and quite intense and the other was more relaxed and quite informal. I tried to be myself in both of them and I stayed quite relaxed in both of them. They lasted a similar amount of time. I had the easier one first, so it got me into the groove a little bit and I knew what to expect, so it was good. I was a bit more relaxed by the second one and I'm sure that'll come as the camp goes on and I'll feel more relaxed by it all."

5:30-6:30pm - Dinner

6:30-10pm - Informal interviews conducted by AFL recruiting managers

Paul Bower - Peel Thunder
"I've got four interviews tonight and another six across the week. They just told us they're going to get to know us, so I just went in and told them about myself and was nice and relaxed - that's all you've got to do. They've (the questions) been a bit the same - mainly about your family and your strengths and weaknesses and how you would find moving (from Western Australia)."

Taped interviews

Beau Muston - Murray Bushrangers
"I reckon it's a bit harder (than interviews with the clubs), because you've got the camera in your face and you don't want to stuff up, but I found it was alright. The questions are a little bit harder than what the coaches will give you. I've had a few interviews today and found that I handled that better with the coaches.

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AFL draft camp diary - day 2
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2005, 02:45:09 AM »
Draft Camp Diary: Day 2
9:22:56 PM Thu 29 September, 2005
Matt Burgan in Canberra
Exclusive to


Thursday, 29 September, 2005 - Day Two
Thoughts from some of the attendees

7:30am - Breakfast

8:15-9am - TAIS Appraisal

Garrick Ibbotson - East Fremantle
"It was a long quiz - it took 35 minutes and they said it would take 10 seconds for each question. They were not very footy related - it's just about you and yourself personally. There are questions like: 'Do you think you're an angry person?' and it's just rated between always or never or rarely or frequently, so there are about five different answers you can give. But I've never really done a quiz like that and it's one of those things where your answer can't be wrong or right - it's just one of those things you think about yourself. So it's just an odd questionnaire. The questions are different, but at the beginning, they said: 'Don't think about it much or don't judge the question on your whole life'. You just have to think straight away about what comes to your head, that's why it takes about 10 seconds for each question, so you don't think your questions could be wrong or right."

9:15-11am - Fitness assessments - Sprint, agility and vertical jump

Matt Laidlaw - Oakleigh Chargers
"In the 20-metre sprint I got 2.83 (seconds), which was definitely a PB (personal best) for me and I wasn't expecting that. The last time I did it, it was 3.00 seconds. To get that was really, really good for me. I did (top) our group - medium midfielders. Kevin Sheehan had a quick word to me (to congratulate me), but that was about it. I was just hoping to go under three seconds, but to go that low was great. I think pressure - you have to perform here - and the training after the season and with the fitness coach at the club helped. The agility, it wasn't as good as what I was hoping for - I got 8.40 (seconds), but the jumping, I think I went pretty well. I don't know exactly what I got, but I think it was pretty good, so I was happy with that.

11:30am - Transition to the AFL: Panel featuring Kevin Sheehan (AFL), Matt Finnis (AFLPA) and two NAB AFL Rising Star Medal nominees from 2005 - Hawthorn's Jordan Lewis and Jarryd Roughead.

Tim Looby - Murray Bushrangers
"They (Lewis and Roughead) told us what it was like and they've been in our situation, so they're said what they did after the camp and how many people contacted them and then what happens when they first go to the club. It gives you a bit of an insight into what you might be getting into, if you get drafted, so it's good and you always listen, because they were in the same shoes as what we are now and what they were doing last year. They said: 'You're going to another level and you've got to step-up'. They went from the TAC Cup and then to the VFL for round one and then they went to the AFL for round three and they said it was even bigger, but if you listen to the older guys in the group, they'll look after you."

12:30-1:30pm - Lunch

1:30-4:30pm - Fitness assessment: Height and weight, sit and reach, skinfolds, arm length and handspan. Psychomotor tests: reaction time, decision-making and peripheral awareness

Dale Thomas - Gippsland Power
"You have your skinfolds, armspan, handspan and sit and reach done, so for a bloke like myself who wasn't too flexible, I was pretty happy to get away with a 10 on the sit and reach. It was a positive 10, so I know a couple of the boys have been in the negatives, so that's always good. The skinfolds are always the worrying thing, to see how much junk food you've been eating, but one of the blokes in my group got a 66, which is the worst of the camp so far, so he was a bit shattered. The psychomotor stuff is pretty different - testing reaction times. There is one in there where you hit the board as many times as you can in 30 seconds, so that's a bit different."

5pm - Fitness assessment: shuttle run, followed by recovery in the pool

Tom Rischbieth - Sturt
Rischbieth recorded a camp record of level 15.08 in the beep test
"I've got a bit of an athletics background and I've done a bit of athletics over the summer and I did a bit of middle distance running, so that helped me. I was really disappointed with my jumping and sprinting this morning - they weren't as good as they could've been, so I set myself for this afternoon. With the beep test, it's as much a physical endurance test as it's also mental a bit and that's one of the things that I can push myself well. I've always been able to do that, so that's one of my strengths. I was running next to James Wall, from Victoria and he was there next to me and we were running next to each other. He then dropped off and I lost track and then I was alone for a bit, so when you're running by yourself, that's when it's all up to you. The boys gave me a lot of support as well, by yelling out your name and giving you a bit of encouragement. That really pushed me and got me over those last few. My previous best was 15.2. I'm probably bigger and stronger since then and that was second beep test, I have ever done, so it was good and I'm happy."

6-7:30pm - Dinner for players, staff and clubs

7:30pm-10pm - Informal interviews conducted by AFL recruiting managers.

Andrew Swallow - East Fremantle
"You get a lot of clubs that are very similar and do the same things. They're pretty straightforward, but Port Adelaide… you sit back and go 'Whoa' - are they having a go at you and your personality? Most of the guys that you meet and the recruiting managers are very nice and quite easy to get along with. They encourage you a lot, which is good. That's one of the keys at getting drafted - letting them know who you are and that you're trying to show off your personality."

Taped interviews

Trent West - Gippsland Power
"It was pretty basic and pretty easy. There (were a few curly questions) and I'm a bit slow off the mark with some hard questions, so it takes me a couple seconds to go through my head, but it was pretty much not too bad. It was what I was expecting."

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Draft Camp - Josh Kennedy article
« Reply #3 on: September 30, 2005, 02:47:52 AM »
It's AFL, not NBL for Kennedy
5:20:33 PM Thu 29 September, 2005
Matt Burgan in Canberra
Exclusive to

East Fremantle's Josh Kennedy is shaping as one of the hottest young prospects in this year's NAB AFL Draft, but had he followed his parents' path he may have been pursuing his sporting career in the National Basketball League.

That's because his father Jamie Kennedy and his mother Jenny Peterson were elite NBL players with the Canberra Cannons and the Canberra Capitals respectively.

But for the 18-year-old, football was always his first option, despite being a fine basketballer himself.

"I loved my basketball and played all the way up until I made the under 16s for the state WA side and ever since then I've played football. I enjoy football a lot more," Kennedy said from the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, where he is attending the NAB AFL Draft Camp.

"Dad was the one that went further, he didn't make the Olympic team, but I think he was trying out for it."

After moving to Perth this year from Northampton - 500km north of the Western Australian capital and near Geraldton - to further his AFL dream, the draft camp provides a homecoming to Canberra, as he spent time with his family in the nation's capital.

"I also lived in Canberra, because my Mum and Dad played at the AIS. They were basketballers and we moved to Townsville and then to Perth and I came back to Perth this year," Kennedy said.

"I'd love to live anywhere else and I've had the experience of living in Perth and I was actually born in Melbourne, so it would be good to live there or anywhere."

Kennedy, a 193cm, 93kg key forward, is looming as a top 10 prospect this year in the NAB AFL Draft. But he said he was not paying much attention to the talk at this stage.

"I don't think about it. I'm not too fussed. Whatever happens, I'm not too fussed. I'm not really into the stuff I read in the newspapers and all of the talk. I don't get into it," Kennedy said.

"This year, I've been playing up forward - playing centre half-forward and on the half-forward line mainly - but back in under 10s and juniors, I was a ruck, because I was the tallest back in Northampton.

"I was always a ruckman until I got to the Colts. Until I moved down to Perth this year, they put me into centre half-forward, so it's been new, but it's been good."

But being a highly soughtafter player also means plenty of interviews at the camp, so how is he dealing with them?

"(I've been) a bit nervous, because you think it's like a job interview - if you want to put it that way - but when you start to think about it, you just get a little bit nervy and don't know what to say," Kennedy said.

"I don't know what the right answer is or whether it is the right answer or not.

"Most of the questions asked are just the ones that put you on the spot a bit, and you've just got to think - and I'm not really good at that," Kennedy said with a laugh.

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« Reply #4 on: September 30, 2005, 06:28:17 PM »
Draft Camp results
4:38:58 PM Fri 30 September, 2005
Matt Burgan
Exclusive to



Max Bailey (West Perth) - 205.8cm
Robert Warnock (Sandringham) - 204.5cm
Angus Graham (Calder Cannons) - 200.3cm
Andrew Banjamin (Geelong Falcons) - 200.0cm
James Wall (Calder Cannons) - 198.5cm
Trent West (Gippsland Power) - 198.2cm
Mitchell Clark (East Fremantle) - 198.1cm
Patrick Ryder (East Fremantle) - 195.7cm
Andrew Ainger (Oakleigh Chargers) - 195.7cm
Wayde Mills (Southport) - 195.1cm
Josh Kennedy (East Fremantle) - 195.1cm
Michael West (Redlands) - 195.1cm


Jesse White (Southport) - 98.5kg
Max Bailey (West Perth) - 93.0kg
Alipate Carlile (Murray Bushrangers) - 92.9kg
Angus Graham (Calder Cannons) - 92.6kg
Josh Kennedy (East Fremantle) - 92.3kg
Mitchell Clark (East Fremantle) - 91.3kg
Trent West (Gippsland Power) - 89.8kg
Austin Lucy (Suncoast Lions) - 89.7kg
Daniel Stanley (Geelong Falcons) - 89.5kg
Tim Looby (Murray Bushrangers) - 88.8kg


Jarred Oakley-Nicholls (East Perth) - 7.97
Courtney Dempsey (Morningside) - 7.99
Stephen Owen (North Ballarat) - 8.02
Todd Grima (Northern Bombers) - 8.11
Andrew Swallow (East Fremantle) - 8.12
Richard Douglas (Calder Cannons) - 8.17
Matt Riggio (Peel Thunder) - 8.18
Rhan Hooper (Mt Gravatt) - 8.19
Marc Murphy (Oakleigh Chargers) - 8.21
Nick Lower (Norwood) - 8.23

Vertical Jump - standing

Darren Pfeiffer (Norwood) - 72cm
Matt Laidlaw (Oakleigh Chargers) - 70cm
Wayde Mills (Southport) - 70cm
Garrick Ibbotson (East Fremantle) - 68cm
Nate Roffey (Mt Gravatt) - 68cm
Brad Kelleher (Eastern Ranges) - 67cm
Andrew Swallow (East Fremantle) - 66cm
Daniel Stanley (Geelong Falcons) - 66cm
Dale Thomas (Gippsland Power) - 66cm
Alan Toovey (Claremont) - 65cm
Austin Lucy (Suncoast Lions) - 65cm
Angus Graham (Calder Cannons) - 65cm

20-metre Sprint

Matt Laidlaw (Oakleigh Chargers) - 2.83sec
Jarred Oakley-Nicholls (East Perth) - 2.85sec
Nate Roffey (Mt Gravatt) - 2.92sec
Andrew Swallow (East Fremantle) - 2.92sec
Grant Birchall (Devonport) - 2.93sec
Nick Lower (Norwood) - 2.93sec
Dale Thomas (Gippsland Power) - 2.93sec
Sam Elliott (South Adelaide) - 2.94sec
Austin Lucy (Suncoast Lions) - 2.94sec
Alan Toovey (Claremont) - 2.94sec

Shuttle Run (Beep Test)

Tom Rischbieth (Sturt) - Level 15.8
Travis Casserley (Swan Districts) - 15.2
Robert Eddy (Gippsland Power) - 14.9
Sam Iles (Clarence) - 14.6
Kristin Thornton (Peel Thunder) - 14.6
Matt Riggio (Peel Thunder) - 14.6
Alan Toovey (Claremont) - 14.6
Ryan Jackson (Northern Knights) - 14.5
Wayde Mills (Southport) - 14.3
James Wall (Calder Cannons) - 14.3

3km time-trial

Tom Rischbieth (Sturt) - 9:30
Daniel Dzufer (Suncoast Lions) - 10:06
Wayde Mills (Southport) - 10:12
Robert Eddy (Gippsland Power) - 10:19
Matthew Thomas (Sandringham) - 10:22
Nathan Jones (Dandenong) - 10:31
Travis Casserley (Swan Districts) - 10:22
Ryan Jackson (Northern Knights) - 10:34
Haydyn Kiel (Southport) - 10:41
Sam Iles (Clarence) - 10:42

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Draft Camp records smashed (
« Reply #5 on: September 30, 2005, 06:31:28 PM »
Camp records smashed
4:54:18 PM Fri 30 September, 2005
Matt Burgan in Canberra
Exclusive to

Since its inception in 1994, the NAB AFL Draft Camp has recorded some outstanding records.

But in the shuttle run - widely known as the 'beep test' - no player had gone past level 15.06 and in the 3km time-trail, a run under 10 minutes had not been achieved… until now.

Sturt's Tom Rischbieth completed a super 2005 NAB AFL Draft Camp at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra on Friday.

As the final event of the 2005 NAB AFL Draft Camp at the Australian Institute of Sport drew to a close, Rischbieth had secured two camp records to eclipse the marks set by Sydney's Jarrad McVeigh.

In 2002, McVeigh notched up a beep test level of 15.06 (equalling the record set by Sydney team-mate David Spriggs in 1999) and a 3km time-trail of 10min 2secs.

This year, Rischbieth lifted the beep test mark to 15.08 and, on back of his shuttle run on Thursday, ran a blistering 9min 30secs to slash McVeigh's record.

But Rischbieth put his achievements into perspective.

"Records probably don't mean anything - I just really, really want to get drafted," Rischbieth told after he broke the 3km time-trial.

"It doesn't matter what times you run. I just want to play footy. I'd swap them today (the records to get drafted) with no hesitation, so that's what we're all aiming towards and if I've given myself a chance, then that's great."

Interestingly, Rischbieth said he gained more interviews after his beep test run on Thursday.

"That night Freo (Fremantle) asked for an interview. They said, 'we didn't realise you could run that well' - so that was a bit of a plus," Rischbieth said.

A fine all-round sportsman, Rischbieth's background includes athletics (1500m, 800m and 2km steeplechase), while he also played D-grade cricket for Kensington in South Australia's premier competition.

"I've run a few meets with the South Australian team. (Sturt teammate and fellow NAB AFL Draft Camp attendee) Jace Bode and I have run in the state team together, but he's more of a sprinter," Rischbieth said.

"Last year that was at under-18 level in Sydney - I had two years at under 18s - and the year before that I had my first year at athletics in the under 16s team.

"I actually played a lot more cricket as a junior and I did alright at the school sports' days and I was an OK runner, but nothing out of the ordinary."

"But then a mate from school asked me to do some training with him and athletics took off - I trained six to eight weeks with this bloke - and then all of a sudden I was in the state team.

"I played school cricket with the first XI, but last summer when I was out of school, it was the first year I hadn't played cricket and I just concentrated on athletics and footy and now footy is the one that I want to concentrate on, obviously. I think the athletics complements that."

South Australian under-18 coach Darren Trevena said he was not surprised to see Rischbieth, a forward, produce the results he did at the camp.

"I thought he'd do well because he's an athlete, but to break the records was a good challenge for him and considering the pressure they've had so far, like the interviews, it was a good get for him and it puts his name back up there again," Trevena said.

"But can he push into the midfield? He's got the engine to do it, but can he play the game a bit - that's what it is all about."

Trevena said Rischbieth's development, purely as a footballer, was the key area he now needed to focus on improving.

"He's played centre half-back and centre half-forward at junior level. His game development is the next part of his game, because he's definitely got the engine to play at AFL level," Trevena said.

"He's hard on himself and he sets high standards and goals, but he was disappointed in his carnival, so this is a good get for him, so most definitely (it'll lift his rating). He can run, so definitely some clubs will be interested in him."

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AFL Draft Camp Diary: Day 3
« Reply #6 on: September 30, 2005, 06:34:39 PM »
Draft Camp Diary: Day 3
4:33:31 PM Fri 30 September, 2005
Matt Burgan in Canberra
Sportal for


Friday, 30 September, 2005 - Day Three
Thoughts from some of the attendees

7-8am - Breakfast

8am - Checkout

9am - Buses to Manuka Oval

9:30-11am - Skills session with AIS-AFL High Performance coach Alan McConnell

Shaun Higgins - Geelong Falcons
"I was good. It was not as intense as the beep test and the other testing, so I think most of the boys enjoyed it a little bit more, being laid back. We had a recovery session yesterday after the beep test and I'm trying to get up for the 3km time-trial now. I think our enthusiasm was up and everyone was a little bit more laid back, so I think everyone did pretty well. The skills, when the coaches are watching, lift you an extra notch and the skills were pretty good today, (especially) with that extra class of players. It was not just TAC Cup players. I thought I was OK and there weren't too many mistakes, so it was good that way."

11:30am - Buses back to AIS

12:00-12:30pm - Lunch

12:30-2pm - AFL club informal interviews conducted by recruiting managers

Daniel Stanley - Geelong Falcons
"They've all been pretty good, but they've each got their different styles. Port Adelaide is very different and they put me under the pump a bit, but I didn't mind that. It was good and St Kilda (who I just had then) was pretty basic, down-to-earth guys. They just asked me the basic questions. Port Adelaide throw questions constantly at you and they see how you respond and also they put me in a few scenarios, to see what my reaction was to that, so it was a bit different to most, but it was good. It's obviously good preparation for the future - learning how to talk in front of people - so it's put me in good stead for the future. They last for usually around the 20-minute mark and they've all been pretty constant, because they've got to fit in a few boys, so they try and keep things moving."

2:30-3:30pm - Fitness assessments - 3km time-trail

Tom Rischbieth - Sturt
"That's the best I've done by a fair bit. My previous best was 9:57 minutes at a school sports day, but I think the track (at the AIS) definitely helps, because that school time was on grass. Everyone's in the same situation that comes through the camp, so it's not that much different, but I pulled up a bit sore before the beep test (on Thursday), so I just wanted to see how it went. I was a bit disappointed with the sprints and jump yesterday and this morning at the skills, I wasn't too flash, so it was my last opportunity in the camp and I really wanted to make it count.

4:15pm-onwards - Players depart from athletics track to airport

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Draft camp's even spread - 10 teens to keep an eye on (Herald-Sun)
« Reply #7 on: October 01, 2005, 03:58:12 AM »
Draft camp's even spread
01 October 2005   
Herald Sun
Rebecca Williams

THE talent among this year's draft crop remains extremely even, but Victorian midfielder Marc Murphy's decision to knock back the Brisbane Lions' father-son offer has shored up the order at the top.

That's the view of AFL recruiters after this week's three-day draft camp.

While this year's best candidates have emerged, the view is the talent at the top of the pecking order is very even.

Murphy, the son of Fitzroy great John, remains the favourite to be taken by Carlton at No. 1.

Gippsland left-footer Xavier Ellis, South Australian backman Shannon Hurn and West Australian talls Patrick Ryder and Josh Kennedy also shape as early picks.

But St Kilda recruiting manager John Beveridge said it was harder to pick the order in the top 10 this year.

"There's probably not an outstanding one, two and three," he said. "Last year you had young (Brett) Deledio, (Ryan) Griffen and (Jarryd) Roughead. This year is not as cut and dried as that.

"For the clubs that are picking early, it's probably a more difficult decision.

"The Marc Murphy situation probably eases that a little bit as to how it's all being rated, but I think there's still a fair bit of work to be done."

While the talent pool has been questioned, Western Bulldogs recruiting manager Scott Clayton was happy with the quality on offer.

"As much as everyone says that it's not a great group, I think it's all right," Clayton said. "It's one where you've got to be a bit creative, but I think it's a good one."

Clayton said there was a good selection of talls among the group, with Ryder, Kennedy and Victorian Beau Dowler among the best.

"In some drafts there hasn't been that spread of tall players, so that makes it pretty strong," he said.

One player who captured recruiters' attention at the camp was South Australian forward Tom Rischbieth.

Rischbieth set a camp record for the beep test on Thursday and backed it up with a record performance in the 3km time-trial yesterday afternoon.

In a further show of his athletic ability, the 18-year-old clocked 9min 30sec for the seven-lap run to better the previous record of 10min 2sec set by Sydney's Jarrad McVeigh in 2002.



Oakleigh, 178cm, 75kg

Talented midfielder who won the Larke Medal as best player in under-18 national titles and All-Australian honours. Rejected a father-son offer to join the Lions.


Gippsland, 187cm, 73kg

Classy left-footer who has drawn comparisons with Brisbane's Luke Power. Playing off half-back, Ellis earned All-Australian honours at under-18 national championships.


Central Dist, SA

188cm, 92kg

Powerfully built ball-winner, Hurn earned All-Australian honours. Did not attend draft camp because of SANFL grand final.


East Fremantle, WA

193cm, 93kg

Tall, marking forward who won All-Australian honours in the under-18 championships this year after graduating from the AIS/AFL Academy.


East Fremantle, WA

194cm, 89kg

Strong overhead mark and dangerous forward. Had an impressive debut season in the WAFL and earned All-Australian selection.


Oakleigh, 192cm, 82kg

Leading forward with strong hands and an accurate kick for goal. All-Australian and named in TAC Cup team of the year.


East Fremantle, WA

197cm, 90kg

Tall forward from a volleyball background who is strong overhead. Joint winner, with last year's No. 1 draft pick Brett Deledio, of Sheehan Medal as best player in 2002 under-16 national titles.


Murray, 190cm, 82kg

Key defender with neat disposal. All-Australian and in TAC Cup team of the year.


Morningside, Qld

186cm, 70kg

Talented indigenous forward with explosive pace. Likened to a young Nicky Winmar.


Gippsland, 182cm, 76kg

Smart and elusive forward who won All-Australian selection and was named in the TAC Cup team of the year. Best on ground with four goals in Saturday's TAC Cup grand final.,8033,16775333%255E19742,00.html


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Re: AFL Draft Camp
« Reply #8 on: October 01, 2005, 10:04:14 AM »
with the results of the draft camp...Rieschbeith must now come into 2nd round consideration for us. Not as a key forward but as a midfielder. At 190cm he has a huge engine. Looking back at Brisbane they had 4 or 5 huge midfielders all about 188cm+ at the moment we have Tuck and Deledio whilst others like Johnson Coughlan are around the mark. Rieschbieth showed good leadership during the carnival...Id be happy with a good kpp at 8- someone like Hughes, Clark, Dowler and happy to take Rieschbeith at 24 if he is still there.

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Re: AFL Draft Camp
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with the results of the draft camp...Rieschbeith must now come into 2nd round consideration for us. Not as a key forward but as a midfielder. At 190cm he has a huge engine. Looking back at Brisbane they had 4 or 5 huge midfielders all about 188cm+ at the moment we have Tuck and Deledio whilst others like Johnson Coughlan are around the mark. Rieschbieth showed good leadership during the carnival...Id be happy with a good kpp at 8- someone like Hughes, Clark, Dowler and happy to take Rieschbeith at 24 if he is still there.

That's true IMO. More and more 184-188cm tall players are playing in the midfield such as Judd, Dal Santo, Hayes, Cooney, Mitch Hahn, Daniel Cross as well as our own Tuck, Cogs, Johnson and Lids. The 175cm tall rovers appear to be a dying breed.

RT, what's your opinion of Austin Lucy (Hgt: 193cm Wgt: 91kg) and  Matthew Spangher (Hgt: 193cm Wgt: 84kg) as key defenders?
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Re: AFL Draft Camp
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To be fair, I havent seen lucy alot- so i dont know- what i did see i felt he was average. Spangher runs of half back well, good mobility but for me another reincarnation of Ray Hall. Im always have doubts however about young blokes who are full backs and centre half backs from junior days. Most recruiters feel like they should take key forwards and if it doesnt work out then they try them down back, and i think thats right as well. Therefore, i think we should look elsewhere, but we draft one of them...then well we have to support the kid. My view is also influenced by next years superdraft and the fact that we have a poo draw and we may end up near the bottom again- in that instance- the player i really want at Richmond if form stays true- is Mitchell Thorp from Tasmania. IMHO he is gonna be the next Steve Silvagni- Hell either be a terrific Key Forward or a champion Full Back- for the next 10 years.

In this draft- and i havent done a phantom draft, mainly coz i havent got access to all camp hoping we get

8) Clark, Hughes, Kennedy, Ryder, Dowler
24) Rieschbieth, Oakley-Nicholls, Muston, Varcoe (who may slip because people are still unsure)
40) Brennan Mills (who will hopefully be here which i doubt- would have gone top 10 before breaking his leg.

With these picks, we dont get a key defender, which is what people are screaming for...but what we do is we get 1 more key forward now...and we add 2 good midfielders into our mix (and im one person who believes we need to seriously improve this area to be any chance)

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Re: AFL Draft Camp
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Thanks for that RT  :cheers

Most recruiters feel like they should take key forwards and if it doesnt work out then they try them down back, and i think thats right as well.

Yeah I've heard that philosophy before. Almost one of the recruiters' commandments for some.

As long as we follow a policy of best avalaible at our turn then I'll be happy. If we end up with a surplus of one type of player down the track then at least we'll have something decent to trade with to score the type of player we need.

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