Author Topic: Controversial topic #2 - Flag debate  (Read 5698 times)

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Re: Controversial topic #2 - Flag debate
« Reply #60 on: January 26, 2018, 11:05:22 PM »

Turnbull reckons we won't ever change the flag.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, once a campaigner for a new Australian flag, says it unlikely to ever shift from the current design.
Mr Turnbull predicted the flag, which was first flown in 1901, would be flying over Parliament House "long after all of us have shuffled off the stage of history" and said younger people regarded it as an Australian symbol without focusing on the Union Jack in the upper left corner.
Says the puppet PM who has sold out on virtually everything he once stood for so his conservative backbench doesn't knife him out of the Lodge and put Abbott back in :whistle.

The current flag is a 'defaced' British ensign flag. A bit hard not to focus on the Union Jack unless you're totally clueless as to why it's there in the canton :wallywink. Then again this current 'debate' about Jan 26 has shown up how many people are totally clueless about Australian history. Especially those that abuse you for pointing out our nation actually began on Jan 1, 1901 :help. We had the leader of those far-right idiots post on twitter that today was the anniversary of when Australia was discovered (yeah you're a real patriot, moron :lol) and of course the other day we had Cook's statue splashed/vandalised with pink paint :facepalm followed by the Herald-Sun online claiming Cook was responsible for the first settlement at Sydney Cove :facepalm. Ummm .... Cook had nothing to do with Jan 26, 1778. He was killed 9 years earlier and even if we stick with the (false) old school 'discovery' of Australia version, he did so in April 1770 (sighted land on the 19th and landed at Botany Bay on the 29th).
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