Author Topic: The Tigers are looking at a five-peat: KB (SEN)  (Read 148 times)

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The Tigers are looking at a five-peat: KB (SEN)
« on: February 26, 2018, 10:35:07 PM »

The Tigers are looking at a five-peat: Bartlett

Stephen Marson
26 Feb 2018

Richmond legend Kevin Bartlett was one of the Tigersí biggest fans in 2017, constantly professing his love for the club on SEN, and occasionally making an outlandish statement or two.

Heís back at it again in 2018, and despite it only being the pre-season, he may have made his biggest call of the year already.

On Monday, KBís Take looked at the four JLT Community Series matches over the weekend, with Bartlett quickly reviewing the first three before getting to Richmondís resounding win over Essendon.

ďAnd Richmond, my God how scary were they in destroying a much hyped up Essendon by 87 points and never got out of first gear,Ē Bartlett began.

ďNo premiership hangover for the Tigers who looked a class above any of the teams that played on the weekend.

ďAs you know we never get ahead of ourselves at Tigerland but surely after watching them be so clinical, aggressive and hungry it seems everyone else is playing for second in 2018.

ďThe Tigers are looking at a five-peat, something the game has never seen before.

ďIím KB, thatís my take.Ē

I think itís fair to say heís having a bit of fun with this one, but you canít blame the guy for showing his passion!