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Alex Rance on Time On with Sam McClure (SEN)
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Time On - Alex Rance on Time On with Sam McClure ...



Rance reveals his future hopes for the AFL

8 March 2018

Star Richmond defender Alex Rance says unlike a number of players who have spoken out against continuous rule tweaks in recent years, he is a fan and says it’s up to players and clubs to adapt.

The four-time All-Australian told SEN’s Time On with Sam McClure, that within the next 10-20 years he would also love to see Women’s football reach the same amount of people as the men’s game, while he would love to see more games played for points in new markets overseas.

“I hope the standard of AFL women’s is at a level where crowds are comparable to males and they can have a full season,” he said.

“I see there will be a mid-season draft. I would like to see that. I’d see that we play more games internationally, I would love to see that.

“I also see that I think there’s going to be a big shift again in what the game styles look like.

“There’s only so long that the game can go before (there’s changes), and I think it’s a good thing that the AFL tinkers with little rules about protected area and last touch out of bunds, and things like that, which can change the game and start to start to move that, and the first time to adapt wins.”

Despite his admission that he expects to see game styles change in the future, Rance expects the reigning premier not to veer too far from what made them successful in 2017.

“I don’t think we’ll be different. The beauty of the game of AFL is it’s a game of mistakes,” he said.

“It’s who makes the least mistakes, it’s not about who can be the most brilliant a lot of the time, because there’s so many players that have different impacts on the game.

“We’ll be exactly the same, just trying to do it better.

“That’s the beauty of our game plan, it can adapt to different scenarios and different game styles, so it’s just a matter of us clicking nto gear and staying in gear as long as possible.”

After attending a recent function at the MCG, he admitted returning for the first time since their grand final victory was a powerful experience.

“When you actually step down to the ground, and you’re looking up, and you can play in your mind where people were sitting, different parts of the game, that’s when it starts to send a little bit of a shiver down your spine and the emotions of it come back again,” Rance said.