Author Topic: Neil Balme on SEN 8-3-18  (Read 212 times)

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Neil Balme on SEN 8-3-18
« on: March 08, 2018, 07:23:36 PM »
Neil Balme on SEN with KB and the Doc this arvo:


* The players get the next 4 days off before they return to prepare for round 1. We won't be playing another scratch match before then as the players are well-conditioned already. Normally, people say the premiers are 4 weeks behind other teams in terms of preparation but what we found was the extra 4 weeks of finals actually kept the boys well-conditioned for longer. The residual fitness plus the boys keeping themselves in good shape over the off-season break meant they came back with a better fitness base than we expected. KB added that we look two weeks ahead of other teams instead of being weeks behind as everyone usually expects from the premiers.

* Dimma was too honest about Tom Lynch. All he was asked was would he be interested in Lynch if he became a free agent. Like all other 17 clubs, of course, who wouldn't! That was blown up into 'Hardwick & Richmond chasing Lynch'. He should have said that we don't comment on opposition players but instead what he did was give an honest answer. There was no apology made.