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2019 Draft Combine
« on: August 01, 2019, 04:09:12 AM »
2019 NAB AFL Draft Combine list


Liam Delahunty (GWS Academy)
Tom Green (GWS Academy)


Malcolm Rosas (NT Thunder)


Connor Budarick (Gold Coast Academy)
Noah Cumberland (Brisbane Lions Academy)
Will Martyn (Brisbane Lions Academy)


Will Day (West Adelaide)
Karl Finlay (North Adelaide)
Will Gould (Glenelg)
Dyson Hilder (North Adelaide)
Jackson Mead (Woodville-West Torrens)
Josh Morris (Woodville-West Torrens)
Callum Park (Glenelg)
Kysaiah Pickett (Woodville-West Torrens)
Harry Schoenberg (Woodville-West Torrens)
Josh Shute (Sturt)
Dylan Stephens (Norwood)
Cameron Taheny (Norwood)


Mitch O'Neill (Tasmania Devils)


Lachlan Ash (Murray Bushrangers)
Riley Baldi (Gippsland Power)
Ned Cahill (Dandenong Stingrays)
Darcy Chirgwin (Sandringham Dragons)
Jesse Clark (Geelong Falcons)
Charlie Comben (Gippsland Power)
Sam De Koning (Dandenong Stingrays)
Thomson Dow (Bendigo Pioneers)
Sam Flanders (Gippsland Power)
Brodie Kemp (Bendigo Pioneers)
Flynn Perez (Bendigo Pioneers)
Fraser Phillips (Gippsland Power)
Jay Rantall (GWV Rebels)
Brady Rowles (Bendigo Pioneers)
Caleb Serong (Gippsland Power)
Brock Smith (Gippsland Power)
Cooper Stephens (Geelong Falcons)
Isaac Wareham (GWV Rebels)
Cody Weightman (Dandenong Stingrays)
Lachlan Williams (Dandenong Stingrays)
Hayden Young (Dandenong Stingrays)


Noah Anderson (Oakleigh Chargers)
Jack Bell (Sandringham Dragons)
Miles Bergman (Sandringham Dragons)
Trent Bianco (Oakleigh Chargers)
Nick Bryan (Oakleigh Chargers)
Louis Butler (Sandringham Dragons)
Ryan Byrnes (Sandringham Dragons)
Darcy Cassar (Western Jets)
Josh Honey (Western Jets)
Emerson Jeka (Western Jets)
Harrison Jones (Calder Cannons)
Oscar Lewis (Sandringham Dragons)
Finn Maginness (Sandringham Dragons)
Jack Mahony (Sandringham Dragons)
Fischer McAsey (Sandringham Dragons)
Daniel Mott (Calder Cannons)
Sam Philp (Northern Knights)
Hugo Ralphsmith (Sandringham Dragons)
Matt Rowell (Oakleigh Chargers)
Cooper Sharman (Oakleigh Chargers)
Ryan Sturgess (Northern Knights)
Dylan Williams (Oakleigh Chargers)
Josh Worrell (Sandringham Dragons)


Riley Garcia (Swan Districts)
Mitch Georgiades (Subiaco)
Liam Henry (Claremont)
Jai Jackson (East Fremantle)
Luke Jackson (East Fremantle)
Callum Jamieson (Claremont)
Ben Johnson (West Perth)
Ronin O'Connor (Claremont)
Jake Pasini (Swan Districts)
Jaxon Prior (West Perth)
Trent Rivers (East Fremantle)
Deven Robertson (Perth)
Trey Ruscoe (East Fremantle)
Jeremy Sharp (East Fremantle)
Elijah Taylor (Perth)
Chad Warner (East Fremantle)

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Re: 2019 Draft Combine
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2019, 09:19:03 PM »
118 invited to state Combines
Callum Twomey
Aug 7, 2019

The Victorian state Combine, which will also see players from NSW-ACT, Tasmania, Queensland and the Northern Territory, will run over two days (October 4-5), with the 'Rookie Me' Combine also to run on Saturday, October 5.

The South Australian prospects will test on Saturday, October 12, while the West Australian hopefuls will test the following day on Sunday, October 13.

State NAB AFL Draft Combine list

Angus Baker, NSW/ACT Canberra Demons,
Hamish Ellem NSW/ACT Sydney Academy,
James Peatling NSW/ACT GWS Academy,

Nigel Lockyear NT NT Thunder,
Ben Jungfer NT NT Thunder/Woodville West Torrens,
Kieren Parnell NT NT Thunder,

Keidean Coleman QLD Brisbane Academy,
Matt Conroy QLD Gold Coast Academy,
Josh Gore QLD Gold Coast Academy,
Kobe Tozer QLD Brisbane Academy,

Matthew McGuinness TAS Tasmania,

Luke Beecken SA Woodville West Torrens,
Trent Burgoyne SA Woodville West Torrens,
Lachlan Burrows SA Sturt,
Brad Close SA Glenelg,
Jamie Coff SA Woodville West Torrens,
Henry Crauford SA Norwood,
Elliot Dunkin SA West Adelaide,
Jy Farrar SA Adelaide SANFL,
Damon Freitag SA South Adelaide,
Cole Gerloff SA Norwood,
Oliver Grivell SA Sturt,
Lachlan Hoile SA Woodville West Torrens,
Tom Hutchesson SA Adelaide SANFL,
Reid Kuller SA Glenelg,
Mihael Lochowiak SA Sturt,
Anzac Lochowiak SA Sturt,
Harrison Magor SA North Adelaide,
Jed McEntee SA Sturt,
Jordan Moore SA Glenelg,
Luke Partington SA Glenelg,
James Rowe SA Woodville West Torrens,

Frank Anderson VFL Northern Blues,
Alex Cincotta VFL Geelong VFL,
Lochlan Dickson VFL Coburg,
Sam Fisher VFL Northern Blues,
Sam Glover VFL Collingwood VFL,
Sam Lowson VFL Coburg,
Joel Ottavi VFL Williamstown,
Jake Riccardi VFL Werribee,

Liam Scott VIC Haileybury College,

Jimmy Boyer VIC COUNTRY Murray Bushrangers,
Will Christie VIC COUNTRY Murray Bushrangers,
Leo Connolly VIC COUNTRY Gippsland Power,
Sam Durham VIC COUNTRY Murray Bushrangers,
Ben Kelly VIC COUNTRY Murray Bushrangers,
Blake Kuipers VIC COUNTRY Dandenong Stingrays,
Toby Mahony VIC COUNTRY GWV Rebels,
Bigoa Nyuon VIC COUNTRY Dandenong Stingrays,
Harrison Pepper VIC COUNTRY Gippsland Power,
Josh Smith VIC COUNTRY Gippsland Power,
Ryan Sparkes VIC COUNTRY Gippsland Power,
Ben Worme VIC COUNTRY Bendigo Pioneers,

Curtis Brown VIC METRO Calder Cannons,
Adam Carafa VIC METRO Northern Knights,
Andrew Courtney VIC METRO Sandringham Dragons,
Jackson Davies VIC METRO Northern Knights,
Charlie Dean VIC METRO Sandringham Dragons,
Josh D'Intinosante VIC METRO Northern Knights,
Tyler Edwards VIC METRO Eastern Ranges,
Francis Evans VIC METRO Calder Cannons,
Ryan Gardner VIC METRO Northern Knights,
Lachlan Gawel VIC METRO Eastern Ranges,
Lachlan Gollant VIC METRO Calder Cannons,
Angus Hanrahan VIC METRO Sandringham Dragons,
Josh May VIC METRO Oakleigh Chargers,
Billy McCormack VIC METRO Eastern Ranges,
Mitch Mellis VIC METRO Eastern Ranges,
Brodie Newman VIC METRO Calder Cannons,
Jeremy O'Sullivan VIC METRO Calder Cannons,
Lachlan Potter VIC METRO Northern Knights,
Zak Pretty VIC METRO Eastern Ranges,
Sam Ramsay VIC METRO Calder Cannons,
Jamieson Rossiter VIC METRO Eastern Ranges,
Kaden Schreiber VIC METRO Oakleigh Chargers,
Lachlan Stapleton VIC METRO Eastern Ranges,
Nathan Stewart VIC METRO Calder Cannons,
Ayce Taylor VIC METRO Northern Knights,
Kyle Yorke VIC METRO Sandringham Dragons,

Ajang Ajang WA East Perth,
Cameron Anderson WA Claremont,
Ryan Bennell WA Peel Thunder,
Isaiah Butters WA Claremont,
Regan Clarke WA Perth,
Rhai Arn Cox WA East Perth,
Jeremy Goddard WA Claremont,
Nathan Ireland WA Swan Districts,
Nicholas Martin WA Subiaco,
Reuben McGuire WA East Fremantle,
Zak Patterson WA West Perth,
Noah Pegoraro WA West Perth,
Jarvis Pina WA Peel Thunder,
Ben Sokol WA Subiaco,
Harley Sparks WA East Perth,
Leno Thomas WA Claremont,
Tyrone Thorne WA Peel Thunder,
Anthony Treacy WA Claremont

Rookie Me Combine

Matt McGrory NSW/ACT GWS Academy,
Luke Parks NSW/ACT Sydney Academy,

Jared Dakin TAS Launceston,
Jake Steele TAS Tasmania,

Bior Malual VFL Werribee,
Louis Pinnuck VFL Werribee,
Callum Searle VFL Port Melbourne,

Charlie Furphy VIC Caulfield Grammar,

Jye Chalcraft VIC COUNTRY Murray Bushrangers,
William Chandler VIC COUNTRY Murray Bushrangers,
Liam Fiore VIC COUNTRY Murray Bushrangers,
Aaron Gundry VIC COUNTRY Bendigo Pioneers,
Mitch Martin VIC COUNTRY GWV Rebels,
James Schischka VIC COUNTRY Bendigo Pioneers,
Cameron Wild VIC COUNTRY Murray Bushrangers,

Daly Andrews VIC METRO Western Jets,
Jesse Castan VIC METRO Sandringham Dragons,
Lachlan Johnson VIC METRO Oakleigh Chargers,
Harry Loughnan VIC METRO Sandringham Dragons,
Riley Smith VIC METRO Eastern Ranges,
Corey Watts VIC METRO Sandringham Dragons

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Re: 2019 Draft Combine
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2019, 10:23:13 PM »
We shouldn't draft Prior, the umps will just ping us for having him..... :shh
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Re: 2019 Draft Combine
« Reply #3 on: October 03, 2019, 06:57:15 PM »
Draft Combine results: Speedy mid boosts stocks with scorching time
Callum Twomey
Oct 3, 2019 5:43PM

BALL-WINNER Sam Philp has boosted his stocks by claiming top honours in the speed test at the NAB AFL Draft Combine.

The midfielder, who was overlooked for Vic Metro selection at this year's under-18 carnival, completed the 20-metre sprint in 2.867 seconds on Thursday.

It followed a consistent season for Philp, who has pushed himself into draft contention after averaging 19 disposals in the NAB League this season.

He beat out West Australian rebounder Ben Johnson (2.885 seconds) and Northern Territory talent Malcolm Rosas (2.924 seconds).

Johnson also placed in the top three of the standing vertical jump test, which was won by Vic Metro flyer Miles Bergman (77cm).

Bergman, now considered a top-20 chance on draft night, edged out Brady Rowles (73cm), but Rowles turned the tables in the running vertical jump. Rowles leapt 98cm just short of the all-time record of 103cm while Bergman was in second place with 90cm.

Likely top-five selection Hayden Young won the agility test as the only player who broke the eight-second barrier.

The Dandenong Stingrays half-back completed the test in 7.940 seconds, ahead of West Australian forward Elijah Taylor (8.005 seconds) and Victorian midfielder Thomson Dow (8.061 seconds).

A pair of Vic Country midfielders shared top billing in the Yo-Yo running test. The aerobic measure saw Jay Rantall and Cooper Stephens both reach level 21.8, with Gold Coast Academy prospect behind them at 21.6.

Rantall, a former high level basketballer at junior level, performed consistently this year as a midfielder for the Greater Western Victoria Rebels, while for Stephens it was an important showing having missed all of the season after his broken leg in April.

Some clubs view Stephens as a top-25 player in this year's crop despite the contested midfielder's long absence through injury.

NAB AFL Draft Combine results day three

Vertical jump (cm)

Miles Bergman         77
Brady Rowles            73
Ben Johnson             70
Daniel Mott               70
Cody Weightman     69
Sam Flanders            69
Lachlan Williams     69
Sam Philp                  69
Nick Bryan                69

Combine record: Jordan Gallucci (89cm, 2016), Aiden Bonar (89cm, 2017)

Agility (seconds)

Hayden Young          7.940
Elijah Taylor             8.005
Thomson Dow          8.061
Trent Rivers              8.100
Oisin Gallen              8.197
Chad Warner            8.203
Sam Flanders            8.206
Noah Cumberland    8.208
Connor Budarick      8.242
Dylan Stephens        8.245

Combine record: Stephen Hill (7.77 seconds, 2008)

20m sprint (seconds)

Sam Philp           2.867
Ben Johnson        2.885
Malcolm Rosas     2.924
Mitch Georgiades    2.925
Noah Cumberland    2.931
Finn Maginness      2.957
Harrison Jones      2.963
Jeremy Sharp        2.966
Brady Rowles        2.968
Dylan Stephens      2.972

Combine record: Joel Wilkinson (2.75 seconds, 2010)

Running vertical jump (cm)

Brady Rowles            98
Miles Bergman         90
Sam Flanders            88
Cian McBride            87
Lachlan Williams     86
Hugo Ralphsmith     86
Jaxon Prior               85
Nick Bryan                85
Oscar Lewis              83
Kysaiah Pickett        83
Cody Weightman     83
Will Day                  83
Brady Rowles            83
Cooper Stephens      83
Harrison Jones         83

Combine record: Kyron Hayden (103cm, 2017)

Yo-Yo test (level)

Jay Rantall                21.8
Cooper Stephens      21.8
Connor Budarick      21.6
Chad Warner            21.6
Oscar Lewis              21.5
Sam Philp                  21.5
Lachlan Ash              21.4
Harrison Jones         21.4
Finn Maginness        21.4
Trey Ruscoe              21.4
Riley Baldi                 21.3
Sam Flanders            21.3
Matt Rowell              21.3
Jeremy Sharp            21.3

Combine record: Andrew Brayshaw (level 22.4, 2017)

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Re: 2019 Draft Combine
« Reply #4 on: October 04, 2019, 03:53:45 PM »
Former basketballer smashes 2km time trial record by 14 seconds
Callum Twomey
Oct 4, 2019

FORMER basketballer Jay Rantall has set a new record at the NAB AFL Draft Combine in the 2km time trial.

The midfielder, who also shared the top honours in Thursday's Yo-Yo test, once again highlighted his elite endurance with the Combine-closing time trial.

He smashed the all-time record by competing the test in 5:50 minutes, well clear of the previous best of 6:04, which was set by Jacob Kennerley at last year's Combine.

Rantall was formerly a member of the Australian Institute of Sport's under-18 basketball team before focusing on his football with the Greater Western Victoria Rebels this year.

The AFL staggered the runners in groups based on their Yo-Yo results, with the final race including Rantall and also Finn Maginness, with the pair going head-to-head.

Maginness finished one second behind Rantall to complete a brilliant week of testing in front of recruiters.

He was one of three players to break the record, with South Australian runner Dylan Stephens also clocking a time of 6:01 minutes.

The midfielder, who has drawn comparisons to West Coast star Andrew Gaff, combined his elite aerobic time with a 20-metre sprint of 2.97 seconds to also boost his stocks at November's draft.

Stephens is a possible top-10 selection, with the left-footer enjoying a strong end to the year with Norwood.

The time trial was the final test of this year's national Combine and was run at Collingwood's Holden Centre in front of scouts from every club.

2km time trial results (min:sec)

Jay Rantall                5:50 minutes
Finn Maginness        5:51
Dylan Stephens        6:01
Louis Butler              6:09
Hugo Ralphsmith     6:12
Jeremy Sharp           6:12
Connor Budarick      6:15
Jai Jackson               6:15
Will Martyn               6:16
Ned Cahill                 6:17
Matt Rowell              6:17
Noah Anderson        6:17
Cooper Stephens      6:17
Cian McBride            6:17

Previous Combine record: Jacob Kennerley (6:04 minutes, 2018)