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Remember when: Round 19, 1981
« on: February 23, 2020, 04:19:10 AM »
Late the following season [1981], an event occurred that was unique in the gameís history: the umpires went on strike. Matches in round 19 were officiated by young men-in-white from junior leagues. And guess where the roundís only one-kick result played out?

You got it Ö Saints v Tigers at Moorabbin!

I was broadcasting that day with former umpire, the late Ian Cleland, and as we made our way from
the presidentís lunch towards our commentary position, "Clelo" paid an impromptu visit to the umpiresí room. I recall feeling the proverbial hair stand up on the back of the neck as an old umpy popped in to wish a couple of kids well. Their names were Glenn McKeeman and Bob Blythe.

The wind howled towards the southern end that day to such an extent that by three-quarter-time 13 goals had been kicked with it and not one against it. Coming home with it, the Saints hit the front early in the last term and it seemed Richmond were toast. But the Tigers dug in. They kicked a couple of goals "up the hill" to stay alive, then, in the dying moments, mounted one last attack.

Showing rare character under extraordinary circumstances, McKeeman paid a free kick to Richmondís Paul Sarah who slotted it through, and the Tigers won by a goal.

   Round: 19 Venue: Moorabbin Oval Date: Sat, 8-Aug-1981 2:10 PM Attendance: 15943

St Kilda      0.1.1    6.8.44   6.9.45   9.11.65
Richmond   5.4.34   5.4.34   7.8.50   10.11.71

Goals: Sarah 5, Bartlett 2, Lee, Roach, Tempany.

Disposals: Raines 24, Sarah 23, Smith 18, Tempany 18, Bartlett 17, Jess 16, Landy 16.