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AFL Draft Combine 2021
« on: October 04, 2021, 06:47:21 PM »

SAM BUTLER impressed at the Vic Country NAB AFL Draft Combine last week, finishing in the top-two in all bar one test.

The state-based Combine saw regional-based prospects test at Bendigo last week, with potential first-round pick Butler a standout.

The younger brother of St Kilda forward and 2017 Richmond premiership player Dan claimed the best 20-metre sprint time with a run of 2.97 seconds, was second in the standing vertical jump test (71cm) and second in the running vertical jump (87cm).

Bendigo prospect Cooper Hamilton won the 2km time trial with a run of 5:48 minutes ahead of Hamish Sinnott and Mitchell Knevitt and Tom Brown, the son of former Geelong player Paul, claimed the standing vertical jump with a leap of 72cm.

Possible top-10 pick Josh Gibcus took out the running vertical jump but his result of 89cm was shorter than he jumped due to the circumstances of the testing outdoors under COVID-safe protocols.

Due to the inclement weather the jumps had to be conducted under an awning, with Gibcus jumping higher than the awning device. The flying defender's personal best is 95cm, which was recorded at the NAB League testing day earlier this year.
 Callum Twomey

20m sprint
Sam Butler (GWV Rebels)                    2.970 seconds
Tom Brown (Murray Bushrangers)        2.983
Kai Lohmann (GWV Rebels)                 2.986

2km time trial
Cooper Hamilton (Bendigo Pioneers)    5:48 minutes
Hamish Sinnott (GWV Rebels)             5:58
Mitchell Knevitt (Geelong Falcons)       6:18

Standing vertical jump
Tom Brown (Murray Bushrangers)       72cm
Sam Butler (GWV Rebels)                   71
Josh Gibcus (GWV Rebels)                  68

Running vertical jump
Josh Gibcus* (GWV Rebels)         89cm
Sam Butler (GWV Rebels)            87
Jai Serong (GWV Rebels)             86

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Re: AFL Draft Combine 2021
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2021, 12:59:08 AM »
2021 SA AFL Combine Wrap

Zac Milbank
October 16, 2021

Central District’s Leek Alleer has showed off his incredible athleticism, setting a national record in the Running Vertical Jump at SA’s AFL Combine on Saturday.

The Bulldogs’ intercepting defender registered a staggering 107cm while leaping off his left foot at the University of SA’s Mawson Lakes Campus.

This surpassed the previous record of 103cm set by North Melbourne’s Kyron Hayden in 2017 and 102cm set by West Coast’s Nic Naitanui in 2008.

Alleer has regularly found himself on SANFL’s highlight reels due to his aerial exploits this season and there was no exception as he placed first in all three Vertical Jump categories.

Measuring in at 196cm, the 20-year-old registered jumps of 90cm from his right foot and 70cm from a standing start.

South Adelaide’s Jason Horne-Francis, almost certain to be picked by North Melbourne at No.1 in the AFL Draft, placed in the top five in two of the Vertical Jump categories as he continued to manage his workload by sitting out the running examinations.

North Adelaide’s Harvey Harrison displayed his versatility in terms of running power, winning the 20m Sprint in a time of 2.845 seconds before placing fourth in the 2km event with a time of 6.37 minutes.

Central’s Luca Whitelum tested along similar lines after placing fourth in the 20m Sprint and second in the 2km Time Trial while Norwood’s Alastair Lord was impressive in being the only player to break eight seconds in the Agility Test before placing 5th in the 2km Time Trial.

Glenelg’s U18 McCallum Tomkins Medallist Hugh Stagg was top five in two events, placing second in the 20m Sprint and fifth in the Agility Test.

Bulldog Shay Linke turned heads at Salisbury’s Bridgestone Athletics Centre with his aerobic capacity, winning the 2km Time Trial in 6.22 minutes, ahead of teammate Whitelum 6.26 and Woodville-West Torrens premiership defender Luke Beecken in 6.34.


20m Sprint

Harvey Harrison   North   2.845
Hugh Stagg   Glenelg   2.910
Jordan Lukac   Eagles   2.980 ..........
Luca Whitelum   Central   3.007
Morgan Ferres   Sturt   3.015

Agility Test

Alastair Lord   Norwood   7.94
Cooper Beecken   Glenelg   8.07
Ronald Fejo   West   8.08
Cooper Murley   Norwood   8.20
Hugh Stagg   Glenelg   8.24

2km Time Trial

Shay Linke   Central   6.22
Luca Whitelum   Central   6.26
Luke Beecken   Eagles   6.34
Harvey Harrison   North   6.37
Alastair Lord   Norwood   6.48

Running Vertical Jump - Left Foot

Leek Alleer   Central   107cm (combine record) ....
Morgan Ferres   Sturt   85cm
Jase Burgoyne   Eagles   85cm
Cooper Murley   Norwood   82cm
Jason Horne-Francis   South   82cm

Running Vertical Jump - Right Foot

Leek Alleer   Central   90cm
Cooper Murley   Norwood   77cm
Zac Becker   Sturt   77cm
Blayne O'Loughlin   North   75cm
Andy Moniz-Wakefield   NT   73cm

Standing Vertical Jump

Leek Alleer   Central   75cm
Ronald Fejo   West   70cm
Harvey Harrison   North   70cm
Jason Horne-Francis   South   66cm
Jordan Lukac   Eagles   66cm

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Re: AFL Draft Combine 2021
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2021, 08:20:43 AM »
That jump is ridiculous wtf

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Re: AFL Draft Combine 2021
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2021, 03:20:32 PM »
Dunno if I'd want a "Leek" in the backline and "Amiss" up forward... :shh

*ahem* anyway....

Glenelg’s U18 McCallum Tomkins Medallist Hugh Stagg was top five in two events, placing second in the 20m Sprint and fifth in the Agility Test.

 :shh :shh
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Re: AFL Draft Combine 2021
« Reply #4 on: October 18, 2021, 06:36:39 AM »
WA combine:

Top performers:
2km TT - Corey Warner - 6.20 min
Agility - Bryce Watson - 8.00 sec
20m sprint - Taj Woewodin - 2.89 sec

Pics & vids here:

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Re: AFL Draft Combine 2021
« Reply #5 on: October 19, 2021, 02:51:31 PM »
COMBINE CRUSHERS: Woewodin blitzes, Swan's bro flies, record smashed

By Callum Twomey
19 October 2021

A RISING father-son prospect and a brother of an emerging gun have been able to boost their draft stocks with excellent NAB AFL Draft Combines.

Taj Woewodin, the son of 2000 Brownlow medallist and former Demon and Magpie Shane, blitzed in Sunday's West Australian Draft Combine by running 2.898 seconds in the 20-metre sprint.

It placed the consistent midfielder second overall in the national pool of results, which has been compiled by the AFL after state-based Combines took place involving prospects from around the country (except for Vic Metro after their testing was cancelled due to COVID-19).

Woewodin, who is tipped to join Melbourne as a father-son selection, placed second behind South Australia's Harvey Harrison in the overall standings, with Harrison running 2.845 seconds.

Corey Warner, the younger brother of Sydney midfielder Chad, capped an impressive season by coming out on top in the standing vertical jumps test with a leap of 76cm.

But he was overshadowed in the running vertical jump – where he came second overall – to Central District's Leek Alleer, who set a new NAB AFL Draft Combine record with a staggering jump of 107cm.

The talented intercept defender's jump broke the previous record of 103cm by North Melbourne's Kyron Hayden in 2017 and 102cm set by West Coast's Nic Naitanui in 2008.

Norwood talent Alastair Lord topped the agility test with a run of 7.94 seconds, with the teenager the only prospect nationally to crack the eight-second barrier, while Vic Country's Cooper Hamilton was the best in the 2km time trial with a run of 5:48.

For Victorian and New South Wales players unable to compete in staged Combines, the players submitted 2km time trial runs via the athletic app Strava. Northern Knights midfielder Josh Ward topped that group with a time of 5:57 minutes, while Greater Western Sydney Academy defender Josh Fahey ran 5:59.


Vertical jump (cm)

Corey Warner (WA) 76
William Bella (QLD) 75
Leek Alleer (SA) 75
Noah Pegoraro (WA) 75
Lochlan Paton (WA) 73

Running vertical jump (cm)

Leek Alleer (SA) 107
Corey Warner (WA) 100
Josh Gibcus (VIC) 95
Jahmal Stretch (WA) 93
Noah Pegoraro (WA) 92

20m sprint (sec)

Harvey Harrison (SA) 2.845
Taj Woewodin (WA) 2.898
Luke Polson (WA) 2.900
Hugh Stagg (SA) 2.910
Noah Pegoraro (WA) 2.926

Agility (sec)

Alastair Lord (SA) 7.940
Bryce Watson (WA) 8.006
Matt Johnson (WA) 8.061
Cooper Beecken (SA) 8.070
Ronald Fejo jnr (NT) 8.080

2km time trial (minutes:seconds)

Cooper Hamilton (VIC) 5:48
Hamish Sinnott (VIC) 5:58
Mitchell Knevitt (VIC) 6:18
Kai Lohmann (VIC) 6:19
Jamieson Ballantyne (VIC) 6:19

2km Time Trial on Strava - an app where athletes track runs and rides (minutes:seconds)

Josh Ward (VIC) 5:57
Josh Fahey (NSW) 5:59
Ned Long (VIC) 6:05
Karl Worner (VIC) 6:07
Blake Howes (VIC) 6:08
Connor MacDonald (VIC) 6:08

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Re: AFL Draft Combine 2021
« Reply #6 on: October 20, 2021, 02:18:42 PM »
2km Time-Trial

1. Cooper Hamilton (Bendigo Pioneers/Vic Country) – 5:48

2. Hamish Sinnott (GWV Rebels/Vic Country) – 5:58

3. Mitchell Knevitt (Geelong Falcons/Vic Country) – 6:18

=4. Jamieson Ballantyne (GWV Rebels/Vic Country), Kai Lohmann (GWV Rebels/Vic Country) – 6:19

6. Corey Warner (East Fremantle) – 6:20

7. Shay Linke (Central District/SA) – 6:22

8. Sam Butler (GWV Rebels) – 6:23

9. Jai Serong (Gippsland Power/Vic Country) – 6:24

10. Luca Whitelum (Central District/SA) – 6:26

2km Time-Trial (Vic Metro and NSW/ACT only – run tracked via Strava app)

1. Josh Ward (Northern Knights/Vic Metro) – 5:57

2. Josh Fahey (GWS Giants Academy) – 5:59

3. Ned Long (Northern Knights/Vic Metro) – 6:05

4. Karl Worner (Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro) – 6:07

=5. Blake Howes (Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro), Connor MacDonald (Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Metro) – 6:08

7. Finn Callaghan (Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro) – 6:10

8. Charlie Dean (Williamstown VFL) – 6:11

9. Jed Rule (Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro) – 6:13

10. Angus Anderson (Sydney Swans Academy) – 6:14


1. Alastair Lord (Norwood/SA) – 7.940 seconds

2. Bryce Watson (Swan Districts/WA) – 8.006 seconds

3. Matt Johnson (West Perth/WA) – 8.061 seconds

4. Jesse Motlop (South Fremantle/WA) – 8.063 seconds

5. Cooper Beecken (Glenelg/SA) – 8.070 seconds

6. Ronald Fejo Jnr (West Adelaide/NT) – 8.080 seconds

7. Arthur Jones (Claremont/WA) – 8.189 seconds

8. Cooper Murley (Norwood/SA) – 8.200 seconds

9. Toby Triffett (Brisbane Lions Academy/QLD) – 8.226 seconds

10. Judd Mcvee (East Fremantle/WA) – 8.238 seconds

20m Sprint

1. Harvey Harrison (North Adelaide/SA) – 2.845 seconds

2. Taj Woewodin (East Fremantle/WA) – 2.898 seconds

3. Luke Polson (Peel Thunder/WA) – 2.900 seconds

4. Hugh Stagg (Glenelg/SA) – 2.910 seconds

5. Noah Pegoraro (West Perth/WA) – 2.926 seconds

6. Bryce Watson (Swan Districts/WA) – 2.951 seconds

7. Brad Hough (Peel Thunder/WA) – 2.960 seconds

8. Corey Warner (East Fremantle/WA) – 2.969 seconds

9. Sam Butler (GWV Rebels/Vic Country) – 2.974 seconds

10. Mitchell Knevitt (Geelong Falcons/Vic Country) – 2.976 seconds

Standing Vertical Jump

1. Corey Warner (East Fremantle/WA) – 76cm

=2. William Bella (Gold Coast Academy/QLD), Leek Alleer (Central District/SA), Noah Pegoraro (West Perth/WA) – 75cm

5. Lochlan Paton (West Pert//WA) – 73cm

=6. Tom Brown (West Perth/WA), Matt Johnson (West Perth/WA), Luke Polson (Peel Thunder/WA) – 72cm

=9. Sam Butler (GWV Rebels/Vic Country), Richard Farmer (Subiaco/WA), Brady Hough (Peel Thunder/WA) – 71cm

Running Vertical Jump

1. Leek Alleer (Central District/SA) – 107cm

2. Corey Warner (East Fremantle/WA) – 100cm

3. Josh Gibcus (GWV Rebels/Vic Country) – 95cm

4. Jahmal Stretch (Claremont/WA) – 93cm

5. Noah Pegoraro (West Perth/WA) – 92cm

6. Tyler McGinniss (North Hobart/TAS) – 91cm

7. Matt Johnson (West Perth/WA) – 89cm

=8. Kai Lohmann (GWV Rebels/Vic Country), Luke Polson (Peel Thunder/WA) – 88cm

10. Sam Butler (GWV Rebels/Vic Country) – 87cm