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NAB League U18s testing day results
« on: April 01, 2022, 02:00:28 PM »
Potential No.1 pick impresses at NAB League testing day

By Callum Twomey
1 April 2022

TALENTED Oakleigh Chargers midfielder and likely early draft pick George Wardlaw impressed at the recent NAB League testing, showing his power to add to his ball-winning prowess.

Wardlaw will play for the Chargers on Sunday in the opening round of the NAB League competition against the Sandringham Dragons and starts the campaign as a leading contender for the No.1 pick.

He enhanced his reputation during the pre-season testing day in March, coming in second in the running vertical jump (101cm) and standing vertical jump (83cm) tests.

Wardlaw impressed last season in Vic Metro's under-17s side and also in his appearances for the Chargers as a bottom-ager.

Calder Cannons prospect Rye Penny was a standout across the athletic testing, running a scintillating 2.83-second 20-metre sprint and also winning the standing and vertical jumps tests.

Potential top-10 picks Oliver Hollands and Harry Sheezel were amongst the best performers in the Yo-Yo endurance test, while another possible first-round selection Brayden George was inside the top-10 in the running vertical jump.

Max Dow, the younger brother of Carlton's Paddy and Richmond's Thomson, made his mark on the testing with top-10 results in the running vertical jump, standing vertical jump and agility tests.


20m sprint

Rye Penny (Calder) 2.83 seconds
Coby Burgiel (Gippsland) 2.85
Caleb Windsor (Eastern) 2.87
Brodie Hicks (Western) 2.87
Cooper Vickery (Gippsland) 2.88
Olli Hotton (Sandringham) 2.89
Matthew Payne (Western) 2.90
Levi Young (Murray) 2.90
Tyler Norton (Murray) 2.91
Cam Mackenzie (Sandringham) 2.91

Running vertical jump

Rye Penny (Calder) 109cm
George Wardlaw (Oakleigh) 101
Levi Young (Murray) 101
Sam Houghton (Gippsland) 101
Rhys Galvin (Gippsland) 97
Max Dow (Bendigo) 96
Thomas Hamilton (Gippsland) 96
Nicholas Watson (Eastern) 94
Elijah Tsatas (Oakleigh) 93
Brayden George (Murray) 93

Yo-yo endurance

Dillon Goss (Tasmania) level 22.3
Mitchell Rowe (Sandringham) 22.1
Brodie Hicks (Western) 22.1
Hugh Bond (GWV) 21.8
Josh Hamilton (Northern) 21.8
Jonathan Tomasiello (Northern) 21.8
Jaxon Binns (Dandenong) 21.8
Oliver Hollands (Murray) 21.8
Harry Sheezel (Sandringham) 21.7
Josh Weddle (Oakleigh) 21.7

Standing vertical jump

Rye Penny (Calder) 89cm
George Wardlaw (Oakleigh) 83
Harvey Gallagher (Bendigo) 81
Levi Young (Murray) 78
Harrison Hewitt (Murray) 78
Max Dow (Bendigo) 77
Shane Clough (Calder) 77
Brayden George (Murray) 76
Michael Ktona (Calder) 76
Olli Hotton (Sandringham) 75


Cameron Kizan (Western) 7.84 seconds
Hugo Nosiara (Dandenong) 7.87
Matthew Payne (Western)      7.90
Max Dow (Bendigo) 7.91
Connor Byrne (GWV) 7.95
Callum Verrell (Eastern) 7.96
Vinnie Caia (Gippsland) 8.02
Mason Helleran (Eastern) 8.02
Beau Tedcastle (GWV) 8.04
Caleb Windsor (Eastern) 8.05

George Wardlaw of the Oakleigh Chargers in action during the NAB League Boys Testing Day at Maribyrnong College on March 12, 2022 in Melbourne, Australia.

Murray Bushrangers' Oliver Hollands in action during the NAB League Boys Testing Day on March 12, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

Eastern Ranges' Kai Windsor in action during the NAB League Boys Testing Day on March 12, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

Murray Bushrangers' Connor O'Sullivan and teammates in action during the NAB League Boys Testing Day on March 12, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos