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Brave Tigers fall by 17 points
By Scott Beveridge 9:47 PM Sat 04 July, 2009

RICHMOND has staged a brave final-quarter surge but gone down to Adelaide by 17 points in their match at Gold Coast Stadium, 15.12 (102) to 13.7 (85).

The Tigers booted five goals to one in a crowd-lifting final quarter, cutting a 46-point deficit in the opening minutes of the term.

Playing their first premiership game on the Gold Coast for 18 years, the Tigers fought out the game well but paid the price for too many skill errors and handballs which got them into trouble.

Robin Nahas (four goals) was damaging with his skill and pace, proving a potent attacking weapon through the midfield and up forward.

Shane Tuck (33 disposals), Ben Cousins (30) and Brett Deledio (31) won plenty of the ball while Mitch Morton, with eight marks, provided a strong marking target up forward.

But Adelaide’s superior pressure and ability to capitalise on turnovers proved the difference. Kurt Tippett’s bag of five goals was also handy.

Jack Riewoldt switched between full-back and full-forward but failed to have a major impact until the final quarter when he booted a goal and took a screamer.

The Crows capitalised on Richmond’s indecision in the first quarter, booting five goals before the Tigers managed to get their first through Tom Hislop in the 22nd minute.

Richmond tried to be too cute, over handballing, trying to break tackles when they should have kicked and passing the ball directly to opposition players on several occasions.

Free kicks in defence resulted in goals to Tippett and Chris Knights early on.

Nahas missed a goal in the first minute but made up for it 25 minutes later, baulking and goaling to keep the Tigers within 20 points at the first change.

Tuck drove the engine room for Richmond, racking up 18 first-half disposals.

Deledio went missing in action early as he took on more of a tagging role but found his feet in the second term, cutting loose and winning the ball more consistently.

For Adelaide, Scott Stevens and Tippett provided great marking targets, only inaccurate kicking preventing the game from being an early blowout.

At the other end, Riewoldt wasn’t getting the same silver service, taking just two marks for the first half and missing set shots early in the third and again in the fourth quarter.

He started finding the ball when he switched to full-back late in the second term as the Tigers created two loose men in defence to try to stem the tide.

The tactic worked in patches, with Nahas and Deledio combining to set up Daniel Jackson,  who booted his first goal for the year.

Nahas also had a hand in Richard Tambling’s second-quarter goal and was shaping as the Tigers' most damaging midfielder.

Morton got his name on the scoreboard just before half time after a great darting run and pass by Shane Edwards, but his missed set shot after the half time siren was a blow.

The Tigers came out with enthusiasm in the third term, but Riewoldt’s missed shot at one end was quickly followed by an elegant running goal from the boundary by Jason Porplyzia.

When Stevens booted his second a minute later, Richmond were 39 points down and their race seemed all but run, yet Nahas gave them hope when he booted two quick goals in succession in the third term.

Deledio’s long bomb left them just 21 points behind, but it was an obsession with handballing that proved their undoing again as McLeod pounced on an error, bagging his first goal.

Nathan Foley was playing injured and limped off late in the third term just before David Mackay snapped his second major to give Adelaide a 34-point lead.

The margin was 40 points by the final change, but goals to Angus Graham, Riewoldt, Morton and Nahas and Daniel Jackson in the final term added some respectability to the scoreline.

Adelaide       5.3  9.6  14.9  15.12.102
Richmond    2.1  5.3   8.5    13.7.85

Adelaide: Tippett 5, Mackay 2, Stevens 2, Knights 2, Thompson, Douglas, Porplyzia, McLeod
Richmond: Nahas 4, Jackson 2, Morton 2, Hislop, Tambling, Deledio, Graham, Riewoldt

Adelaide: McLeod, Johncock, Tippett, Edwards, Stevens, Thompson, Bock
Richmond: Nahas, Tuck, Cousins, Jackson,  Hislop, Deledio, Tambling

Adelaide: Nil
Richmond: Nathan Foley (hamstring)

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Sully, Wenn, Pannell

Official crowd: 11,174 at Gold Coast Stadium

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Stats: Tigers -v- Crows
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Team Stats

Disposals:          393 - 387
Efficiency%:         76 - 82
Kicks:                158 - 208
Handballs:          235 - 179
Con. Marks:         11 - 13
Uncon. Marks:      67 - 108
Tackles:               45 - 69
Clearances:          28 - 31
Clangers:             46 - 34
Hitouts:               18 - 39   (Graham 8, Vickery 7 // Maric 26, Sellar 7 )
Frees:                  16 - 21
Con. Possies:      128 - 105   
Uncon.Possies:    266 - 285
Inside 50s:           35 - 49
Assists:               18 - 20

Individual Stats

player               D   EFF%  K     H     G     B     CM     UM     T     CL     C     

Tuck, S             33    70    13    20    0    0    0    4    6    10    3    
Deledio, B          31    81    10    21    1    1    1    1    3    2    2    
Tambling, R       31    74    14    17    1    1    0    5    3    3    3    
Cousins, B         30    77    10    20    0    0    0    2    4    3    1    
Newman, C        27    78    11    16    0    0    0    3    3    2    0    
Jackson, D         26    69    18    8    2    0    1    4    3    2    5
Cotchin, T         19    74    4    15    0    0    0    4    2    1    2    
Hislop, T            19    89    5    14    1    0    1    2    1    0    5
Nahas, R           19    63    11    8    4    1    0    5    2    0    3    
Polo, D              18    89    3    15    0    0    0    1    1    1    2    
Morton, M          17    76    9    8    2    1    2    6    3    0    2    
Riewoldt, J         16    56    9    7    1    2    2    3    2    0    0    
Edwards, S        15    60    3    12    0    0    0    1    0    0    5
Post, J               12    58    7    5    0    0    0    6    1    0    4    
Vickery, T          12    100    3    9    0    0    1    3    2    1    1    
Collins, A           11    100    2    9    0    0    0    0    2    0    0    
Graham, A         11    55    3    8    1    0    0    2    3    1    4    
Moore, K           11    91    6    5    0    0    0    4    1    0    0
Silvester, J         11    91    8    3    0    0    1    4    1    0    2
Thursfield, W     10    90    4    6    0    0    2    2    1    0    1    
Foley, N              7    57    2    5    0    0    0    1    1    1    0    
McGuane, L         7    71    3    4    0    0    0    4    0    1    1   

player     FF     FA     CP     UP     I50     A            
Tuck, S             2    1    14    19    5    1                
Deledio, B          1    0    7    24    5    3               
Tambling, R       1    0    9    22    3    1                
Cousins, B         2    1    11    21    1    0               
Newman, C        2    0    4    20    1    1               
Jackson, D         0    3    5    22    2    1               
Cotchin, T          2    1    7    12    2    2               
Hislop, T            0    4    7    13    1    1                
Nahas, R            1    0    4    15    4    1                
Polo, D              2    2    8    10    1    0                
Morton, M          1    1    8    9    4    4                
Riewoldt, J         0    0    7    9    0    1               
Edwards, S        0    1    7    9    1    1                
Post, J               0    0    2    10    1    0                
Vickery, T          0    1    4    7    0    0               
Collins, A           0    0    3    8    1    0                
Graham, A         2    2    5    6    0    0                
Moore, K           0    0    3    8    1    0                
Silvester, J         0    2    4    6    1    0                
Thursfield, W     0    1    3    7    0    0                
Foley, N             0    0    3    4    1    1             
McGuane, L        0    1    3    5    0    0

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Kurt Tippett homecoming foils Richmond Tiger (Herald-Sun)
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Kurt Tippett homecoming foils Richmond Tigers
Zac Milbank | July 04, 2009

ADELAIDE coach Neil Craig had said there was no reason to detect any complacency in his young squad.

And his men backed up their wily mentor's observation by showing anything but -- for the first three quarters -- in cruising past an error-ridden Richmond by 17 points at the Gold Coast Stadium last night.

Forget the holiday atmosphere, Adelaide meant business right from the start as it continually punished the woeful Tigers on the turnover en route to its sixth straight win.

But it wasn't without a late scare from the Tigers, who kicked the last five goals of the game.

With dual Norm Smith medallist Andrew McLeod turning back the clock to produce his best game of the year, the efficient Crows used the corridor to good effect in finding five-goal forward Kurt Tippett, Scott Stevens and debutant Shaun McKernan as the beacons in attack.

Hometown boy Tippett was the star up forward though, his four first-half goals helping set up Adelaide's 11th win against the Tigers in 12 starts and fourth in a row at the carnival-like Queensland venue.

The Southport Sharks product was not only dangerous on the lead but also one-on-one, using his 100kg body to positive effect in regularly edging the inexperienced Jarrod Silvester under the ball.

And the 22-year-old's work ethic was best displayed when he worked as high as the middle of the ground to tackle Tigers bigman Tyrone Vickery in order to cause a turnover, which resulted in another shot at goal.

Whenever handball-happy Richmond did surge forward, its attacking thrusts were regularly repelled by All-Australian pair Nathan Bock and Ben Rutten, who continually streamed out of defence, while Graham Johncock -- buoyed by signing a new contract during the week -- was also clean with rebound.

Aside from the final-term flurry, the Tigers only major highlight for the night was a huge screamer taken by Jack Riewoldt over the back of Crow Brad Symes.

Earlier, when Tigers speedster Richard Tambling goaled four minutes into the second term, the margin was just 16 points until Tippett thrust his imposing frame into the contest.

The 201cm giant nailed a checkside goal from a tight angle after taking a nice mark running back with the flight of the ball.

He then snared his fourth for the night just eight minutes later.

The Tigers, hurting themselves with costly turnovers, edged closer when Mitch Morton kicked his first for the night 25 minutes into the second term.

But just as Richmond thought it was back in the contest, the Crows took under 50 seconds to reply. Andrew McLeod's unselfish handball found David Mackay 20m in the clear to put the Crows up by 27 points at the main break.

Early on it took Richmond just 60 seconds to land on the scoreboard through a Robin Nahas behind but from there, the Tigers were ambushed by the Crows in an impressive first quarter.

Veterans Tyson Edwards and McLeod were running riot through the midfield while Tippett's two opening-term goals were sandwiched between goals to Scott Thompson and Chris Knights.,26576,25733897-19742,00.html

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Tigers hand crows win (Age)
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Tigers hand crows win
Andrew Stafford | July 5, 2009

FOR ALL Ron Barassi has done for football, he also has much to answer for. Handball, as we know, destroyed Collingwood in the 1970 grand final. It helped destroy Richmond yesterday, but the Tigers did it to themselves, eventually going down to Adelaide by 17 points after conceding a five-goal start and losing Nathan Foley in the first quarter to a calf injury.

It is a little distressing to see a player as gifted as Trent Cotchin kick the ball a mere four times in a game while racking up 15 disposals by hand. Ben Cousins managed 10 out of 30; Brett Deledio 10 out of 31; Shane Tuck 13 from 33. The sole Richmond player to buck the trend was Daniel Jackson, hardly his team's best player by foot.

Not that the Crows don't deserve plenty of credit. For all the extra attacking flair since Neil Craig remodelled his side's game plan earlier in the season, Adelaide has not forgotten how to pile on the pressure.

And like the side the Crows are locked in combat with for fourth place, Collingwood, they know how to hurt on the rebound.

The main beneficiary was Kurt Tippett, who put through five goals for the Crows, destroying an inexperienced opponent in Jarrod Silvester with a hand in four of Adelaide's five goals for the first quarter — all in the first 17 minutes before Richmond had time to draw breath.

The Tigers did well to make a contest of the match from there, with lively former Port Melbourne rover Robin Nahas one of the few players prepared to break the lines and Richard Tambling another to exert an influence.

Both players combined for Richmond's first goal for the second quarter, but two more goals to Tippett and another to Richard Douglas set the Tigers back on their haunches once more. Tippett was far too strong for Silvester, forcing coach Jade Rawlings to briefly push Jack Riewoldt into the back line to assist.

It might have helped Mitch Morton, who found enough space to keep the Tigers in touch with his first major, but David Mackay had the quick reply for the Crows.

Morton then blew the chance to give his side the momentum heading into the main break after missing a set shot on the stroke of half-time.

By then, Foley was back on the ground but hobbling, Cousins had been caught with the ball on a disturbing number of occasions, and even with Riewoldt repatriated into attack, it was hard to see how Richmond was going to find a clear avenue to goal.

Those goals the Tigers did kick came from chains of handball that zigzagged wildly across the ground as Adelaide zoned back in defence. Inevitably, the Tigers would come unstuck, either through poor skills — Jackson being particularly culpable — or lack of strength against the hardened bodies of the Crows.

Not that anyone told the tiny Nahas. After goals to Jason Porplyzia and Scott Stevens looked to seal the result for the Crows, Nahas almost gave the Tigers a sniff with two third-quarter goals, while another to Brett Deledio reduced the margin to 21 points.

But another turnover under pressure gifted a major to a running Andrew McLeod, Mackay snapped another around his body and Tippett kicked his fifth to finish the match going into the final term.

Any doubt about that was erased by another to Chris Knights early in the last quarter, and the Crows coasted from there, perhaps letting slip a chance to build their percentage, which is likely to prove vital in the battle for fourth spot.

ADELAIDE 5.3 9.6 14.9 15.12 (102)
RICHMOND 2.1 5.3 8.5 13.7 (85)

Adelaide: Tippett 5, Knights 2, Mackay 2, Stevens 2, McLeod, Porplyzia, Douglas, Thompson.
Richmond: Nahas 4, Jackson 2, Morton 2, Graham, Deledio, Riewoldt, Tambling, Hislop.

Adelaide: Edwards, Bock, Tippett, Johncock, McLeod, Thompson.
Richmond: Tambling, Tuck, Nahas, Cousins, Deledio.

INJURIES Richmond: Foley (calf).
UMPIRES: Wenn, Pannell, Sully.
CROWD: 11,174 at Gold Coast Stadium.

Kurt Tippett has faced tougher opponents than second-gamer Jarrod Silvester this year, but he continues to prove he is a genuine emerging full-forward. He was clearly the dominant attacking player on the ground, fed by the usual Crows suspects of McLeod, Johncock and Edwards.

This was a match the Crows were in control of from the outset, but it was always going to be difficult for the Tigers to match Adelaide's fleet of runners once Nathan Foley went off with a calf injury early in the first quarter. Foley reappeared to help keep his side afloat, but was obviously restricted and eventually was forced off for good.

As with Collingwood, the Crows have won six in a row, and only percentage keeps the Magpies in fourth place as the battle for the last double chance intensifies. The distracted Tigers will take few positives from the match, other than a game performance by Robin Nahas, and are back in the hunt for the wooden spoon.


NEIL CRAIG (Adelaide)
"They (the Tigers) didn't play like a side that had won just three games — that was a high-quality game."

"I spoke to the group at three-quarter-time, asked them in the face of adversity what sort of performance they could put out. I was extremely pleased with how they ran it out."

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Re: Media articles & Stats: Brave Tigers fall by 17 points to Crows
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One minute they are saying Foley did a hammy, then a calf.  For us it looked more like an ankle.